Martha Argerich Solo Recital, Carnegie Hall

March 25, 2000 After-Recital photos, Page One

Carnegie bows, March 25, 2000Click on photos for larger ones

Carnegie bows, March 25, 2000

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At end of reception benefit, March 25, 2000 Camera folks rush down to take photos of the bows for the historic event.

Carnegie bows, March 25, 2000

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At the left, a thoughtful Argerich, still youthful and, with incredible stamina at 58, answers yet another question at the end of a very long evening at the benefit-reception that followed the recital.. The photo was taken at a distance of about 18 feet at 12:20am as she was leaving the reception, 2 hours after the basic recital program ended.
    At the right, bows before the final encore played for a vociferously appreciative crowd at Carnegie Hall.

    It should be noted that this first major solo-recital in 19 years was a benefit for the John Wayne Cancer Institute (ph: 310-315-6111), as she and the other musicians donated their time, receiving no payment for the momentous concert followed by the benefit-reception.

Photos: Copyright 2000 Andrys Basten   (with Canon Elph 2, shown in large photo on Jeff Friedman's site)

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