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50th Anniversary Concert
Ricci, Argerich / Audio CD / Released 1991, on Etcetera
(Franck, Prokofiev, Bach, Paganini, Ysa˙e, et al)
    Review - Gramophone complaining about live sound
Must-Have for Franck sonata fanciers. Ricci, past his prime here, still has a sense of urgency and when 'on' (he has some lapses, including a memory one), hones in on the notes to give them more life than most violinists. Argerich does a Franck that has more presence and a bit more freedom than on the cds with Maisky and, certainly, Galway (who seems to hold her back). The Prokofiev D can't compare to the one with Kremer, however. This is still a must for me, due to the piano in the Franck.
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Re-Released June 2000, on DG
Martha Argerich's Bach has surprised many. See user-reviews a Amazon.
    Review - Gramophone, 12/88
    Review - Gramophone, Yr 2000
    Review - Gramophone, 10/97, re "Martha Argerich Collection"
Bach: Cello Sonatas / Mischa Maisky, Martha Argerich
Johann Sebastian Bach(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1987, on DG
    Review - Gramophone, 1/86
The Bach will not be to purists' ears, but is certainly musical.

Bartók, Liszt, Prokofiev / Martha Argerich, Collins, et al
Music from Saratoga Chamber Music (Aug '98)
    1. Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Sz 111 - Bartok (Argerich, Collins, Juillet)
    2. Concerto pathétique - Liszt (Argerich, Freire)
    3. Quintet for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Double Bass in G minor, Opus 39 -
    Prokofiev   (Collins, Juillet, Robinson, Woodhams, van Keulen)
    Review - Gramophone, Yr 1999 Awards
    Review - The Guardian, 7/23/99
    Review - Edward Reichel, for Deseret News, 12/19/99
    Review - Bangkok Post   - a very detailed review
Also found at CD Universe
and at Amazon

Bartok:  See Duo Piano and Piano Concertos sections.
Beethoven: Cellosonaten Op 69, 102 & 105, etc / Maisky, Argerich
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1993, on DG

    Review - Gramophone - 12/93
    Review - Fanfare (11/94)
This also includes Op.102, no. 2., Twelve Variations on a Theme from Handel's "Judas Maccabeus,'
    These two musicians have the complete set of cello sonatas out as well.
The Full Set, 2 CDs is relatively inexpensive; Click on "Full Set" to see the listing.
Beethoven: Cellosonaten Op 5, Variationen / Maisky, Argerich
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1992 - out of stock at Amazon, and not listed at CDnow.
    Review - Gramophone, 2/92
See Full Set (2 CDs) to get this another way. (Label Out Of Stock)
[Beethoven] Complete Beethoven Edition Vol 8 - Cello Sonatas
~ also listed at CDnow 5/15/99 and elsewhere
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio 2-CD Set/ Released 1997

    Review - Gramophone, 2/95
    Review - Gramophone, Yr 97 Awards
    Review - Fanfare (11/94, re first CD of two)
The first CD of two here often costs $15 alone.
Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 / Argerich, Sinopoli ~
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995, on DG
Also, available sooner at Crotchet
    Review - Gramophone: (odd review re women pianists and Beethoven)
    Review - Gramophone (from full 11-CD Argerich set)
    Review - Daily Telegraph
Wonderful performances. After hearing these and the now hard-to-find (in U.S.) No. 2 on EMI (but I found it in Europe, see below), I just wish Argerich would record the entire series with someone.
Beethoven/Haydn: Piano Concertos (2 / 11) / Argerich, EMI, 1983.   ALTERNATE
Martha Argerich conducts the London Sinfonietta from the piano. This is the original album sold. The link is to Amazon-Germany, with HUGE shipping charge to the U.S.  If you buy several recordings at once, then shipping cost is more doable. And it is likely out of stock there.
    Note this and JPC are the only places I could find (Oct 2002) this excellent recording directed by Argerich.
    8/28/05 update - under an RCA release now.
    And, for you European residents especially, they have a large stock of her recordings

***ALTERNATE***: At Amazon-US, the 2-CD set that includes this CD material along with the excellent solo Schumann Fantasie in C and Fantasiestucke and also violin sonatas recorded earlier with Ivry Gitlis.

    ( See shipping charges for many stores and a Currency Converter. )

A Must-Hear. The musical mind of Argerich in control, as she plays while directing the London Sinfonietta in the Piano Concerto No. 11 in D by Joseph Haydn and the Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, in a recording not available in the U.S. now. She produces an especially lilting performance with an almost early music zest. Really delightful rendition.
RARE, not available in the U.S. or UK anymore
Beethoven: Violin Sonatas nos. 1-3 / Kremer, Argerich
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1987
Rare availability of single-CD, at MyMusic - Canada (URL above)
    Review - Gramophone, 7/85
    Review - Fanfare (re full set), 3/99
See Full Set also.
Amazon (linked above)
Beethoven: Violin Sonatas nos. 4 & 5 / Kremer, Argerich
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1988
    Review - Gramophone, 3/88
    Brief Review - Fanfare (re full set), 3/99
See Full Set also.
Beethoven: Violinsonaten nos. 6-8 / Kremer, Argerich
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95
    Review - Fanfare (1/96)
    Review - Fanfare (re full set) 3/99
They really play with this music and the results are electric.
See Full Set.

Also available at MyMusic-Canada and at Amazon
Beethoven: Violin Sonatas nos 9 & 10 / Kremer, Argerich
Also available at CD Universe and at MyMusic-Canada
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95
    Review - Fanfare (re full set) 3/99
An absolute Must-Have. Searing, tender readings
See Full Set.
Complete Beethoven Edition Vol 7 - Violin Sonatas - best price
Also, at Tower, CDnow, CD Universe, and Amazon
Ludwig van Beethoven(Composer), et al / Audio 4-CD set/ This version released 1997(?)
    Review - Gramophone, 1/96 - Full set, DG 447 058-2GH3
    Review - Gramophone, 1997 Awards - Full set, DG 453 743-2GCB4
    The less-expensive Musical Heritage Society set seems to have been discontinued.
This set has Argerich/Kremer for Sonatas 1 through 10, but other players for other works.
Brahms: Haydn Variations, etc / Argerich, Rabinovitch
Johannes Brahms(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1994
Also at MyMusic-Canada, Amazon.
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95
    Review - Fanfare (7/95)
Gramophone points out:
"The prime interest here is Brahms's Op. 34, originally conceived as a string quintet, finally blossoming into the masterly F minor Piano Quintet, but in between transformed into a sonata for two pianos."
Centenary Edition Vol 10 (1988-1997)
Various composers / Audio CD / Released 1997
Argerich's contribution to this set is the Schumann Quintet for Piano and Strings in E flat major, Opus 44:3rd movement, Scherzo.   The Quintet can be found, whole, on her 2-CD Schumann chamber music box-set of concerts in Holland.
Chopin Compact Edition- Preludes, Etc / Martha Argerich
Crotchet has the new DG Originals version, released Yr 2002, and the DG CD that has the preludes and the Chopin PC #2 with Rostropovich.
The Compact Edition is available for under $8 at MyMusic-Canada and for more at CD Now.
Frédéric Chopin(Composer), Martha Argerich (Performer) / Audio CD / Released 1991
    Review - Gramophone - comparison review, 4/88
    Review - Gramophone: (as part of full set, more detail than first review), 10/97
A Must-Have, but some will prefer a mellower approach in some spots.
Chopin Compact Edition- Sonata for Cello and Piano, etc
Frédéric Chopin(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1991, with Rostropovich
Really beautiful playing. Why haven't they made another one together? This disc also includes two ballades played by Richter.
Chopin: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 - Martha Argerich, with Charles Dutoit conducting the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, on EMI   -   Also at MyMusic-Canada
Gramophone Concerto Recording of the Year - 10/19/99
    Gramophone Editor's Choice for April 1999
    Review - Gramophone, April '99
    Review - of 1999 concert and recorded versions in an excellent article
                    by New Statesman's Dermot Clinch, April 2, 1999
    Review of Barbican concert 3/26/99 - Chopin PC 1 (Telegraph/Norris - good read, but Gone)
    Review excerpts, several - collected by EMI Classics
    Review - Phila.Inquirer, 7/99
    Reviews - by Amazon customers
    Review - Toronto Star
    Review - ClassicsToday
    Review - Robert Stumpf for Maestrino and Classical Net
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot
These are songful performances, slightly more reflective than the earlier ones.  The slow movement of the 2nd concerto is so mesmerizingly beautiful to me that I've found myself unable to do anything but listen when it's playing.

Chopin, Liszt: Piano Concertos / Argerich, Abbado, London SO
Amazon user reviews

Frédéric Chopin(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review (unappreciative as reviewer MH is) - Gramophone
    Review - Daily Telegraph (7/19/97?)
Beautiful, improvisatory-like playing. The Chopin is as good as you'll ever hear, though I now somewhat prefer the more expansive new version, with Dutoit, just released. Of course, those who'd prefer a more metronomic approach and less spontaneity should look elsewhere. The Liszt has gorgeous moments as well. This shouldn't be missed.
Amazon (linked above)
Chopin: Great Chopin Performers
Recordings from Chopin Competitions through the years. [ No longer findable ]
    (Placed in the Multi-artist section of this site.)
Debussy:  See Duo Piano section or Cello Sonatas section.
Duo Piano Extravaganza - Martha Argerich and Friends
Amazon user reviews

Bartok, Ravel, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Lutoslawski, Saint-Saens, Mozart / Audio CD set (2)/ Released 1995
    Review - Gramophone, 12/86 (orig'l Bartok Concerto for 2 pianos with Freire
            - doesn't like romanticizing of lyrical themes
    Review - Gramophone, 10/94 (Bartok Sonata, 2 pianos & percussion with Freire) / Ravel
    Review - Gramophone (orig'l Rachmaninoff/Ravel/Lutoslawski disc) - 10/83
    Review - Gramophone re CD, 2/84
    Review - Gramophone, 1/87 (orig'l Bartok/Debussy/Mozart with Kovacevich)
        Bartok Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion; Debussy En blanc et noir;
          Mozart, Andante & Variations, K501

    A description of an Argerich-Freire event - Le Monde, Feb 19, 1999
Great stuff here for those attuned to modern sounds. Also, I prefer the Rachmaninoff Suite #2 with Freire, over the later available one with Rabinovich, for its straightforward zest.
Falla: Noches en los Jardines de Espańa; et al / Barenboim
Manuel de Falla(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1991
(For Franck, also see Ricci.)

Franck, Debussy: Cello Sonatas, etc / Maisky, Argerich
    Also, Live in Japan performances.
Not findable easily at Amazon with a search because they don't name Argerich and Maisky. But it's the same album with the same ASIN number and is available.
Also at MyMusic-Canada. Also there is the Live in Japan performances.

César Franck(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1990
    Review - Gramophone, 4/83 - JC doesn't appreciate A's "excitable urges."
    Review - Grumpophone, 2/91 - CH is, as ever, unhappy with Argerich's approach.

Interesting to hear the Franck on the cello. The Debussy can also be heard on a VHS tape that is now and then made available, on the Kultur label, but that is presently out of stock at most places again

Franck, Prokofiev, Reinecke: Flute Sonatas / James Galway
César Franck(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1997
These are a bit too relaxed for my own taste. It's interesting to hear these played on flute, however, and I'm always interested in Argerich's subtle modifications of 'accompaniment' style to suit the soloist.

Read more about this title...
Great Pianists of the 20th Century - Martha Argerich Vol I, 2-CD set, on Philips
10/02 - One available at CD Universe Amazon user reviews

Various composers / Audio CD / Released 1998 (2 CDs)
    Review - Gramophone, 10/98
    Review - Fanfare, 3/99
    Article  - Scena Musical, 10/98. Translated, w/ photo of Tom Deacon and Alfred Brendel
    Review - Lionel Choi
    Review - from Amazon's Favorite 15 of the series (Thomas May)
Argerich's best-selling concerto recordings, plus Bach's Partita #2 and her dazzling Ravel Sonatine, which I don't see available on single CD anymore, as well as the crystalline Gaspard de la nuit.
Great Pianists of the 20th Century - Martha Argerich Vol 2
Solo works of Chopin, Schumann, Liszt - Philips #456703 / 7/20/99
    Review - ClassicsToday

Great Pianists of the 20th Century - Complete Guide, Sampler, Limited Edition, Philips, 2-CD set
Various composers and performers / Audio CD / Released 1998 (2 CDs)
    Article on this series - NandoTimes and AP - Verena Dobnik
    Review of series - $$$Forbes, 4/19/99$$$
    Review of 15 favorite sets from series - Amazon
    Interview of Tom Deacon by Matthew Rye - The Daily Telegraph, 5/1/99
This is a beautifully packaged sampler and is a good way to hear a bit from each recording in this much-discussed series. The first link is to Amazon because of their additional user reviews. Both links here (CDnow has taken over MusicBlvd) give good track details and have audio samples
    The Argerich selection is from Chopin's Preludes(24) for Piano, Op. 28 - no. 16 in b flat minor.

(For "Haydn" see Shostakovich/Haydn" CD.)

Kreisler: Liebeslied, with Gidon Kremer
Philips 432252-2 (2 CDs) by "Gidon Kremer & Friends"
    The Liebeslied they did is beautiful but apparently out of print now.
The EMI "Legendary 1965 Recording" was released 5/18/99. It contains material similar to an out-of-release (in U.S.) DG solo recording from the '60s.
Amazon user feedback.
    Reviewed in a colorful column by New Statesman's Dermot Clinch
    Review - Edward Reichel, for Deseret News, 12/19/99
    Review - The Bergen Record, 8/12/99
    Review - ClassicsToday
    Entertaining story from EMI's PR dept.
    Review - Thomas May, for Amazon
    Reviews (several) - by Amazon customers
    Review - Gramophone (negative review, but buyers liked the CD
    Review - The Guardian (text below)
    Review - by Deryk Barker, for (excerpts below)
"Recorded in 1965 but not released until this year for contractual reasons, Argerich's studio recital immediately takes its place as one of the most extraordinary displays of keyboard command in the catalogue, with music-making of breathtaking virtuosity and electrifying power. Her genius is to make every bar of the most familiar music seem newly invented, and to give every detail its own colour and inflection; the sweep and range of her vision are huge. Chopin has rarely sounded so revolutionary, on disc or in the concert hall." -   Andrew Clements, for The Guardian, 12/3/99

" Argerich is ... capable of bringing forth huge sounds form the instrument, yet without the tone ever coarsening. Her tonal palette is also remarkable, as is her control over detailed and difficult passages ... Rubato is one of the most important aspects of Chopin playing, and Argerich's is so natural as to be almost indiscernible. The group of Mazurkas ... is a delight -- fresh, spontaneous and totally idiomatic ...     In short, this is one of the most distinguished Chopin recital discs it has ever been my pleasure to hear . . . Argerich is one of our century's great pianists, and this disc represents her at the very pinnacle of her astonishing powers." -   Deryk Barker, for SoundStage.Com, 8/99

(For Liszt, see Ricci and Liszt with Abbado.)
Martha Argerich - Début Recital
Chopin, Liszt, Brahms (Composers), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review - Donald Manildi, for American Record Guide
    Review - Jeffrey S. Lehman (entertaining review)
    Review - Steve Schwartz, for Classical Net
    Review - David Hurwitz, for Amazon
A Must-Hear. Just a stunning flight of colors and dancing sounds when Argerich was only 19 (1960-61). Added from 1972 is a truly demonic Liszt "Sonata in b minor," with intervals of unusual tenderness.

Martha Argerich Collection - 11 CD set
Martha Argerich / Audio CD / Released 1997, DG #453566
Canada -  My Music, Canada, states: "This selection is available for a limited time as a special import. It received a 1998 "Critic's Choice" award from Gramophone magazine."
   (Out of Stock in U.S.)   See alternatives to Canada below.
    Review - Gramophone, 9/89
    Review - Lionel Choi
    Review - Daily Telegraph, 7/19/97
    Eleven CDs. This contains recordings hard to get in single-CD format these days. Among those are several Ravel works: Scarbo; Rapsodie espagnole; Malaguena
    To get complete contents of this set, see the Gramophone review for the above.
Amazon may have it but at a higher price.
Tower (1/01).
A little known place is Zweitausendeins, which carries this set for about $60 U.S., 7 weeks ground shipping about $7, air about $15. Drawback? You have to navigate it in German for now though I do have an English-version for Zweitausendeins on my European page I have no affiliation with them.
Mendelssohn: Violin and Piano Concerto in D Minor, etc
~ With Gidon Kremer and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.
Felix Mendelssohn(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1989

    Review - Gramophone
Gramophone describes the 14-yr old Mendelssohn's imaginative energy and technical skill as "dazzling" and the piece, when played with the exuberance heard here, "enormously enjoyable."
Mozart: Piano Concertos no 10, 19 & 20 , with Rabinovich and Faerber, released on Teldec
Argerich plays Conc. No. 20 in d, K.466; and
    piano II to Rabinovich's piano I in the Conc. No. 10 in Eb, K. 365.
    Rabinovich plays and conducts the Conc. No. 19 in F, K. 459.
    Review - Gramophone, 6/99
    Review - Robert Levine, for Amazon
    Review - Dallas Morning News, 7/6/99
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpont    
800.Com (linked above).
Amazon  CD Now and Tower don't not have this anymore.
The dark, Don Giovanni like, Concerto 20, is the draw of this CD.
The (superbly played) Mozart Piano Concerto 25, K.503 is on the newer-recordings page.

Mozart: Sonatas / Martha Argerich, Alexandre Rabinovitch
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1994
    Review - Fanfare (7/95)
    Review of their concert, April 15, 1999 in Croatia
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot    
    Photo from that concert in April.
    Review - Lawson Taitte for Dallas Morning News
Very sprightly with lots of color and verve. There are, for my own taste, too many sudden ritards in the Sonata in D Major for 2 pianos (I'm also especially fond of the Lupu/Perahia interpretation) and the music can seem a bit pushed and pulled (Rabinovitch's influence?), but this seems to happen mainly in the D Major, and I enjoy the other tracks. It could be I'm just used to a more straight approach for Mozart and will listen again.

Multi-artist recordings that include Argerich (for track-ID mainly, as they're mass-market music-candy for the most part, though not the Brilliant Classics 5-CD set of "Great Pianists") are on another page.
(For Prokofiev, also see Ricci and Saratoga Chamber Music.)

Piano Concertos: Prokofiev (#1, #3) / Bartok (#3) / Argerich, Dutoit, Amazon
Bartok/Prokofiev / Audio CD / Released Oct. 1998 , 2-CD set, EMI Classics #56654
    Gramophone Editor's Choice for Oct 1998
    Review - Gramophone
    Review - The Times, London (free registration might be needed)
    Review - Detroit Metro Times
    Review - Lionel Choi
    Review - Robert J. Sullivan, for Classical Net
    Reviews - Amazon customers
    Review - Igor Kipnis for Music & Vision, 8/20/99
    Review - Michael Kennedy for The Sunday Telegraph, 12/6/98

These were recorded after concerts played in NY and Montreal, 1997.   I've heard that the Prokofiev 3rd was taken at a slower pace chosen by Dutoit and not Argerich's preference.  There is more detail brought out though. The Prokofiev 1st is wonderfully intense.
    The Bartok has not been recorded previously by Argerich, and the slow movement was described by a musician friend* (who played it at Cornell recently) as 'transcendent,' slower than is often heard, 'introspective while maintaining continuity and structure.'   I can confirm that the combination of the beautiful piano playing and supporting instumentalists whose notes often seem to suddenly exist out of nowhere is gorgeous as recorded here.

* Dennis Chang  - Piano/Pre-Med Double-Major Graduate, June '99, and selected Recipient of the 1999-2000 Student Award for Distinction in the Arts at Cornell University.  Now a grad student on scholarship at Indiana U. - Go, Dennis!.

Amazon: (linked above)
Prokofiev, Ravel: Piano Concerti / Argerich, Abbado (BPO), et al
Prokofiev, Ravel (Composers), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review - Gramophone
    Review - The Times, London (free registration might be needed)
A Basic CD.   Every Ravel concerto in G I've heard her play has a first movement that's unusually propulsive , with a spirit that is Jazz itself.  Astounding playing in that first movement. The slow movement has less pedal than I've heard in her live performances but it's probably hall acoustics. "Gaspard de la Nuit" is included also.

Gramophone on the Gaspard:
Embarras de richesses indeed, now that DG have added Argerich's Gaspard to the original LP coupling. Here is a version of Ravel's devilish triptych which is unusually faithful to his subdued dynamic markings, quite apart from its breathtaking agility. The results ring poetically true at the same time as defying criticism in pianistic terms. DJF"
    My own favorite from her recorded performances of the Prokofiev 3rd piano concerto was released on an Italian live-performance CD, under the baton of Richard Chailly (Berlin Philarmonic).   It's on Artists Live, FED 049, and very hard to find, but Allegro Music may carry it.
    Argerich's live performances, in which she seems to thrive on risk-taking, tend to be a bit more urgent in thrust while even more expressive than in studio sessions. Although this studio recording with Abbado is inevitably less electric than any live ones I've heard, this was the 2nd of two recordings I heard on the radio that convinced me Argerich is the most powerfully expressive player I've heard in decades and which sent me on a hunt for more of that sound and that temperament.

(Also see Tchaikovsky/Prokofiev CD.)

Prokofiev: Violinsonaten, 5 Melodien / Kremer, Argerich says this is usually shipped within 2-3 weeks (as of 8/17/99*).  It's out of stock at most online stores, and Tower no longer lists it as Special Order item.
Sergei Prokofiev(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1993
Highly recommended. Kremer does the most sensual Prokofiev playing I've ever heard coaxed from a violin. These two take you on quite a romp - one of my favorite chamber music recordings.
(For "Prometheus" see Scriabin.)

Rachmaninoff 3, Tchaikovsky 1 /Chailly, Kondrashin
Sergei Rachmaninov(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995, on Philips
    Review - Gramophone, 8/95
    Review - Gramophone, 10/98, as part of Great Pianists set
    Review - David Hurwitz, for Amazon
Essential. The Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in live performance is already legendary. The Tchaikowsky Concerto #1 is intense, though I prefer the 1994 Tchaikowsky with Abbado for its mixture of intensity and lyricism and the communication between orchestra and soloist. So while this is prime, also consider the 1994 Tchaikowsky with Abbado for what I think is the best Tchaikowsky #1 she's recorded -- that one from live performance and rehearsals. See last entry on this list for more on that recording.

    The somewhat wilder one under Kazimierz Kord, 1980, from an Italian live-performance CD, has been revived on a Polygram Polska CD (see first Argerich page for this)
    Note also, the new Philips 50 version, below.

Philips 50: Rachmaninoff 3 (w/Chailly), Rachmaninoff Suite for 2 pianos
Sergei Rachmaninov(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 2001
        For the Rach 3 live performance reviews originally released on Philips, see above entry for Philips 1995 version.
Newly (again) remastered.
Rachmaninoff: Suites Op 5 & 17, Symphonic Dances Op 45
Sergei Rachmaninov(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1992
    Review - Gramophone, 9/92. DHF prefers the one with Freire.
    Review - Lionel Choi
With Rabinovich.  Sparkling. But again, more sudden ritards than I like. This seems to happen in recordings with Rabinovich. I've preferred the renditions on laserdisc (Berlin) and on VHS (France) with Freire, but both are currently unavailable. Definitely more than worthwhile, however, for Rachmaninoff- or 4-hand-repertoire fanciers.   Lionel Choi prefers this recording, however.
Ravel: See Piano Concerto in G, with Abbado (BPO)

Ravel: Piano Concertos, Menuet antique, etc / Abbado, LSO
Maurice Ravel(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1989
    Review - Gramophone, 2/89

Gramophone's "CH" grumbles over this 1984 recording of the Ravel Concerto in G. This recording also contains the Concerto for Left Hand in D, played by Michel Beroff.
    DG's "TheOriginals" series features the 1967 recording of this work
Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione; Schumann: Fantasiestücke - UK ONLY now. (Out of print in U.S.) ALSO available at Crotchet, and quicker too.   At Crotchet, put in search terms COMPOSER: schubert and ARTIST: argerich
    Review - Gramophone, 8/85 - MH doesn't like this.
    Review - Gramophone, 1/86 - JB wants it more jolly and committed.

Franz Schubert(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1987
Schumann, R.: Fantasie in C, Op.17/Fantasiestücke Op.12 nr.1-8
Robert Schumann(Composer), et al / Audio CD / EMI, Re-released 1996 - original album but likely out of stock there.
    Review - Gramophone, 1/91 - JOC unhappy.
    Review - excellent editorial review at MyMusic
This is my favorite solo CD from Argerich.
Some admire Argerich only for her speed but she is often magical in many of the slower moments. The final movement of the Fantasie is haunting, played with deepest feeling.
    The Fantasiestücke Op 12 is a wonder to me. I have no idea why this recording was not available from EMI in the United States for so long. It's a remastering of a 1976 Ricordi.
8/6/00 UPDATE: EMI re-released it in the U.S. finally. but it seems to be out of stock at most places I've checked. On my European page, I see it's sometimes orderable from Amazon-UK .

Amazon-US has the 2-CD set that includes this CD material along with the wonderful Beethoven PC 2 and Haydn Concerto she did with London Sinfonietta (as director and pianist) and also violin sonatas recorded earlier with Ivry Gitlis.  3rd party sellers seem to have this CD at decent pricing there.

Schumann: Kinderszenen, Kreisleriana / Martha Argerich
Robert Schumann(Composer), Martha Argerich (Performer) / Audio CD / Released 1987
    Review - Gramophone, 3/84 - JC prefers Brendel's lesser rubato. Not me.
    Review - Gramophone (cd vs lp sound), 5/84
    Review - Gramophone (as part of larger-collection review)
Very beautifully played, with a wide range of quickly shifting moods given their due and then some. One of my favorite albums.
From Bryce Morrison of Gramophone:
      "Hear her releasing the mystery at the heart of the Second “Intermezzo” from Kreisleriana (the one that left poor Clara begging, like Lady Macbeth, for more lucidity and less 'admired disorder') and note how her Eusebius is so painfully lost in multicoloured dreams, how her Florestan hints at something frighteningly beyond boisterous high-jinks. And such things are achieved without a trace of self-consciousness or artifice."
Amazon (linked above)
Schumann: Klavierquartett, etc / Argerich, Rabinovitch, etc
Robert Schumann(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review - Gramophone, 1/96
A Must-Have for chamber music aficionados. A killer chamber music set (2 CDs) recorded live in Holland at a festival after "one memorable day of rehearsal."  This is full of exquisite material and performances.  Wonderful album.
This was nominated for the 1997 Grammy Award for "Best Chamber Music Performance
Schumann: Piano Concerto, Violin Concerto / Argerich, Kremer
R. Schumann(Composer), et al / Audio CD / 1994 release, Harnoncourt conducting
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95
    Review - Fanfare (7/95)
    Review - Tom Godell, for Classical Net
Beautiful (but turn it up -loud- to get full effect).  Led by Harnoncourt, this takes a few minutes to get used to, soundwise, but then it takes off, the piano concerto sounding even more improvisatory in feel than in many prior recordings I've loved (with Rostropovich and with Celibidache, on Italian live-performance CDs) though some inner detail is lost with the distanced miking. It was recorded live July 1992.
    Kremer is appropriately gutsy in the usually undervalued Schumann Violin Concerto, the delayed bass-note section given its due under Harnoncourt and the long last section a grand, almost triumphal dance when played at the slower tempo Schumann indicated. [Classical Net's Tom Godell agrees.]  Critics unaware of Schumann's own markings will bristle.

Scriabin: Promethee - Le Poeme du feu
"Prometheus - Beethoven, Nono, Liszt, Scriabin / Abbado" -
, at CD World (click above link).
More detail at where Amazon has this also.
Live performances from 1993.
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot    
Gramophone excerpt: "The sound again has impressive presence (all four performances were taped live at the Philharmonie during May 1993) yet the disc's real tour de force—both sonically and musically—is Scriabin's Promethean effusion, his Poem of Fire.
    The very opening chord tells all, a tensely held pensive and frightening augury and a fitting prelude to everything that follows... Abbado serves as master of ceremonies, Argerich as a crazed high priestess, her delirious, delicate and unpredictable solo weaving through the orchestra like a bubbling stream of consciousness. That is how it should sound --over-wrought, overpowering, utterly unhinged and yet calculated even to the smallest detail.
Shostakovich, Haydn: Piano Concerti
Dmitri Shostakovich(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1995
    Review - Gramophone, 1/95

    Review - Fanfare (3/96)
Wonderfully playful rendition of the Shostakovich Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra, op. 35. The Haydn Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D is not exactly period-performance, especially in its ornamentation, but I enjoy it for the modern rendition it is, from a musician who is at home with dance-based music.
Read more about this title...
The Strauss Burleske in DVD is now available.
  *VHS* versions are available at $9 and up, though they tend to be used copies and the price can get quite high.
Strauss: New Year's Eve Concert 1992 / Abbado, Berlin
Richard Strauss(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1993
    CD Review - Gramophone
Rip-roaring 'Burleske in d minor.'  The virtuoso (Hans von Bulow) for whom Strauss wrote the piece complained that it was too difficult and refused to take the time to learn it.. Eugen d'Albert, another pupil of Liszt, played it with Strauss at the podium but was granted his requests that the score be cut and the solo part simplified. Argerich seems to have no such problems with the score as written, however. Strauss would have been happy.
Opera-lovers, also, will find much to like about this disc, which is from a live New Year's performance of Strauss works.

VIDEO: This HAS been available in both VHS and laserdisc.  The lighting and shooting from above is unflattering, making Argerich appear older in '92 than she does today.  The playing is amazing - improbable pyrotechnics alternating with quiet lyricism.
Go back to Argerich videos section if you came from there.

Stravinsky: Les Noces, Mass / Leonard Bernstein
Igor Stravinsky(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1988
Argerich and three other pianists (Zimerman, Katsiris, Francesch) do Les Noces.
    Review - Gramophone
Read more about this title...
Tchaikovsky Compact Edition- Piano and Violin Concertos
Not available in the U.S. now
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1991
A chance to hear Argerich's Piano Concerto #1 under Dutoit, coupled with Gidon Kremer's Violin Concerto under Maazel.
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto 1; Prokofiev: Piano Concerto 3 ~
Tchaikovsky/Prokofief (Composers), et al / Audio CD / Released 1987 in the U.S. but not available in the U.S. now
    Review - Gramophone (1985) (mostly about sound, however)
    Review - Lionel Choi (re Prokofiev 3rd)
    Review - The Times, London (free registration might be needed)
    Review - Daily Telegraph
Basic. Sometimes called a killer coupling by DGG (of somewhat tamer studio performances) that led others and myself to search out more Argerich recordings and live performances -- The Tchaikowsky 1st with Dutoit, and the Prokofiev 3rd with Abbado.
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto 1, etc / Argerich, Abbado
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky(Composer), et al / Audio CD / Released 1996
    Review - Gramophone
    Review - Stanford Daily, Oct 10, '96
    Review - David Hurwitz for Amazon
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot    

This is, for me, the most galvanic and expressive performance on record of this otherwise overplayed concerto. It was edited from three performances and rehearsals in Berlin, 1994 (thanks to Nestor from Miami for this information), and is notable for the chamber music give and take you seldom hear between soloist and a large orchestra. It's absolutely electric and full of unexpected lyricism in even the fastest passages. My favorite Argerich concerto recording, even though I've never liked the piece that much. What is ironic is that, with this interpretation, I hear many things that are new and really beautiful. I'm awe-struck by this one.
    As ever, not for those who prefer a more straightforward approach, as the famed spontaneity and a more reflective approach in the slower passages reign supreme here.

Excerpts from reviews linked above:

Gramophone (Bryce Morrison):
"" is [her] third, live recording with the Berlin Philharmonic and Claudio Abbado surpassing even those earlier and legendary performances.   Argerich has never sounded on better terms with the piano, more virtuoso yet engagingly human. Lyrical and insinuating, to a degree her performance seems to be made of the tumultuous elements themselves, of fire and ice, rain and sunshine."

Stanford Daily (William Hsieh ):
"Few could rival the sense of freshness and spontaneity Argerich brings to this played-to-death war horse. Surprising turns and twists abound in just about every measure."

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