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EBay/HalfCom's specials

Cambridge Soundworks PCWorks Speaker System by Henry Kloss

    Amazing computer speakers that I bought for a test at work. At only $39.99 these beat, in presence, the $168 speakers I've used for years. Excellent bass with clear midrange and highs.
    Here are some independent lab reviews:   and consumer-reviews at Amazon.
Top of the line PCWorks model, based on Kloss-Cambridge
The bigger of 3 pieces sits under the desk.

There are also enhanced, black models with 40+ watts set and with Digital S/PDIF and analog inputs .
 Fuller mid-range, per friends, and lower bass at 30Hz.

 Classical music video vendors.

Seasonal specials (rotating items) - the usual savings at J&R

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New York Times Tops, 50% off
50% off a very few NY Times Bestsellers

Buy.Com is known for its extremely competitive
, on music, videos, electronics, books, etc.

MUSIC (General)
Use *SEARCH* at top there "by Artist" to find artist products

Also, Clearance store.     NY Times Bestsellers 50% off
Books  and  Electronics   at lower Buycom prices

Kitchen/housewaresFree "supersaver shipping" on all Amazon kitchen
and houseware orders over $25 or more

    $20 off $99 orders currently, plus other sizeable discounts

Weekly Specials at J&R

      0100_037EChanges daily.

The DVD/Video selection (used) is good
but there's no classical music section here.
Used books, videos and pop-CDs.


Join for 
11 free CDs 12 CDs of your choice for the cost of one.  Use their SEARCH to choose 2 CDs you want (it'll take about 4 wks for receipt), then buy 1 at the normal club price and use their Searchbox again to pick 9 other free CDs.   They get their profit through shipping charges (~$2.50 shipping per free CD)
(Some discontinue after completion and join again.   Others enjoy the bonus CDs offered with future purchases  (no required future buying beyond that one purchase).
    Monthly CD offerings can be declined online, which is easier than the old snail-mail process.

Not special-sales, but listings of classical-music DVDs in one place
* Browse a listing of Classical Music on Video (DVDs ) at Amazon *
    or search these at My video store, CD Universe, HMV.Au, and iclassics

Also try my CD-Videos-SheetMusic SearchPage, with direct links to
vendors' classical-music sections and their more detailed searchboxes,
useful for comparing pricing and availability for items of interest.
My Online Music Vendor Pricing FAQs

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