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"This is a very special record" - Gramophone, June 2000
Freddy KempfFreddy Kempf : Rachmaninov CD    
Gift of Music DVD -- Evgeny KissinKissin:  Review

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Richter the Enigma

Richter the Enigma video

      John Bell Young's PrismsPrisms CD

Scriabin, Prisms and the Himalayas

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The riveting 2-1/2 hour film on Richter is $25.95 at Amazon, which currently also ships within 2-3 days (March 2000).
See user feedback there.
The Richter is $22.99 at Tower but Special Order (Oct 2000).
John Bell Young has written a comprehensive and insightful review of this film.  (To change to black text on white there, Windows users can press Ctrl-a and Mac users can MarkAll.)

Another, less known video is Richter: CBC Telecastthe 1964  CBC telecast of a Richter recital.  It's a shorter recital that includes: the Jeux d'eau of Maurice Ravel"; Ravel's Alborado del gracioso; and the Prokofiev Second Sonata, Op. 14.   A Brahms Intermezzo in E Minor, Op. 116, No. 5, opens the program...  For a review of this video and the music, see Audio Audition - near the bottom of that page.  $25.49 at Amazon, in stock Feb. '00.

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