Caution: This uses 'vibes' setting on an old Yamaha YPR-9 electric piano, as is was the closest bell-like sound I had.
If needing harpsichord sound and authenticity, this definitely won't do.
See my Louis Couperin page for more information on the piece and the instrument I was using for this.

    The audio file can be downloaded and played (if fast internet):
    Hi-fi Stream or Download  lcoup9.mp3  here
      The audio is played in a new tab but you can click on the tab that has the score shown to listen while viewing.
        Easier, maybe, to see the score if you download it and play it while viewing.)

   From Thurston Dart's re-examination using the Bauyn manuscript.

Louis Couperin's Unmeasured Prelude No. 9

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