Machu Picchu - 1997

Andrys' Peru Photo Slide Show for Cablemodems/DSL

The classic view from
Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Shooting photo
from bus

Putucusi from hotel

Near entrance to old city

A Caretaker's house

From caretaker houses

Urubamba River

Entering the site

Llama pondering

Agricultural Sector

More Agricultural Sector

At the Funerary level

Stalking the llamas

Head llama
surveys his domain

"Too many tourists today"

The curious llama

My curious llama

From Watchman's Hut

A closer look from
Watchman's Hut

Watchman's hut

Putucusi from
Watchman area

Inside the watchman's hut

Lower Urban Sector

Exterior of the
Temple of the Sun

From the interior

Inside the Temple

From window of the Temple

More from window

Lower Urban Sector

From Watchman's Hut

From City below

Inside the Lower Urban Sector

Toward the Sacred Plaza

The Main Temple

Urban Sector maze

Temple of the Condor

Back at the entrance
to the City

Agricultural Sector

House of Caretaker
of the Fountains

At the Sacred Plaza

Day's end

After tourists leave

Putucusi, end of day

Wall hangings at
train stops

Vendor and child

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