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WH Smith (UK)
Was CD Paradise

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Another source for CDs not available in the U.S. or if accessing from Europe, Crotchet has a good selection, an excellent search engine, and reasonable pricing.

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Unusually good deals from time to time at the two places below:
    (I am not affiliated with either of them.)

1.   JPC - This CLASSICAL Main Page link gives several language options, for various types of music.
          Main Page in ENGLISH (US)   English - UK   German   French   Netherlands   Spain   Poland
          For English readers: Classical Advanced Search-page
                                         Overall main-page
          Their current special offers in classical (middle of page)

2.   Zweitausendeins
      Like Berkshire, this is primarily cut-outs and therefore bargains.
      Here's the Main Page, in English
          Search - (in German)
              ENGLISH version of Search - General
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