Peru - Leaving Taquile Island

Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/20/97

(*Click* on photos for enlarged ones.)

Man at work

The men are often seen spinning wool, and this one's chosen a pretty nice spot.

Woman at work

Another islander spinning wool after choosing a good view.

Riding back in the cold

After 2 hours on Taquile Island, we left at about 4:30 to begin the 4 hour boat ride back to Puno. At the time I took this photo it was starting to get dark and quite cold, as you can see from the less carefree look of the group. The man in the center is guiding the boat with a lever at the back, and the woman in red is doing some paperwork with what looks to be a rather gaudy pen.

In spite of all that early sunshine, it drizzled on the way back, but the ride was still gorgeous with a dramatic sunset.


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