Peru - Leaving Sillustani

Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/21/97

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Area in front of tall tower
This is the area in front of and beyond the tall tower. Lake Umayo partially encircles Sillustani. On the right edge of the picture is the start of a more primitive burial chamber, possibly for those of less noble rank, our guide said.
Tower facing harbor
According to Lonely Planet, there is a ramp at this site which was used to raise unplaced carved blocks to the proper height. I didn't notice it though.

The picture, on the right, includes our guide Jesus in front of the tower and facing in the other direction. It gives an idea, though, of the height of the structure, the stones for which were laboriously shaped with chipping tools and fitted. As usual, no mortar was used, the pieces fitted just so

Chullpa close-up
The chullpa up close, graffiti artistry included. That's guide Jesus again, who was full of good info, most of which I've unfortunately forgotten.

    Note how well the stone's cut, with no odd angles on one to be met by corresponding parts of other stones as you see with the Incans. These are curved and tightly fitted as almost perfect rectangles and of course, "Look ma, no mortar!."

Guardian sheep at the site.

We had asked to see Sillustani on the way to take the train from Juliaca, a larger city near Puno, to Cuzco. Worth the visit.

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