Peru - more Pisac Market Photos

  Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/22/97

(*Click* on photos for enlarged ones.)

Another photo of the 3 Pisac gals

This is a closer shot of the 3 women wearing Pisac hats.     The rest of the photos are of readying the market for its displays.

    In addition to alpaca sweaters, the offerings include beautiful llama rugs of all sizes, blankets, cotton fabric, musical instruments, and lots of food.

    For some reason I took only one photo of an actual display, possibly because it was so crowded and I was busy trying to decide whether to bring any of the tempting, fine work back home with me.

Atruck well loaded This is a truck that was being unloaded though I saw no ramp. Besides a Cacinero beverage (I assume) and one called "Royal" and another promising "Frio!" there is a box of "Pert" at the upper left hand corner, and whether that is the Pert we know or not, I was able to buy some in Cuzco when I needed it.

    Apologies for the size of the photos, as I could not get enough clarity for the smaller ones holding a lot of detail, without keeping them rather large and therefore slow in downloading.

    The Pisac market has some beautiful surrounding hills, with interesting configurations, as you can see

(118k)         Another market scene

Another market scene.

    The young boys who were unloading the truck are bringing the goods to their stall. The tents could not be placed any closer together than they are, as you can see in the background and below.

Market displays
Clothing and tapestry displays under beautiful tree.

The clothes in the tent to the right are hung on some rather interesting holders.

        Here is the watercolor of Cuzco ( 91k ) I bought at the first market.


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