Peru - Colca Canyon - Condor Pass, Part 2

    Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/17/97

As before, *click* on photos on these pages for larger views.  (101k)

Arequipa Indians selling fruit at Condor Pass

Still at Condor Pass, behind us, closer to the road, Indian women from Arequipa sell fruit grown on their land. The dresses of the women from this region are beautifully decorated - the lightest I saw. Both choice of hats and dress tend to identify the region or grouping.

    Two of the women in a village we'd stopped to view had asked us for a ride on our small van up to Condor Pass. That's apparently the usual way they get up there. We saw women carrying babies miss rides on vans going back down near the end of the morning because the rush to the vans is very aggressive, and the lightest and fastest get the seats.

    (The group shots here are slower-drawing due to my having underexposed the faces and then having to compensate for that.   Apologies. Monitors set at a display resolution using more-than-256 colors will display less grain. See Wayne Fulton's explanation of all this .)

These are our two riders on the way up to Condor Pass, just before we left the van to see the condors and, in their case, start their workday.
Young women of Arequipa

As ever, Click on photo for a more detailed look at the clothes (116k).     The one closer to the camera was a 22-year old (I'd thought was 15) who spent a good portion of the ride describing her marital woes to our guide.   Newly married, she was unhappy that her husband leaves for days at a time without saying where he's going or for how long.  I told her this is universal   :)
Actually, I've read that this is common in Peru as there is seldom enough income unless they do go to the cities.
You'll see her in the first picture back in a better mood.

Daily fruit market This is another view of the morning's fruit selling, with the mountains in the background. Further away but out of range of my camera angle are several peaks with snow, which is more or less permanent at that altitude.

Click for better view of fruit, fabric(150k)


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