Peru - Machu Picchu Ruins - IV

  Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/23-24 , 1997 (Click to enlarge)

My favorite llama

My favorite llama is still curious. (106k)

126k     From Watchman's Hut

This one is quite off kilter, but the thatched roof of The Watchman's Hut is at the right edge.

    There are never railings at these heights, which is part of the charm.     Below, I used Paintshop5 to zoom in on the scanned image at the right to get more of the plazas below.

    158k     Zoom-in on the plaza below
    In the middle is the Main Temple's plaza. The Main, or Principal, Temple faces us.

To its left and our right is The Temple of the Three Windows. (There are only 3 sides to most of these buildings now, for whatever reason.)

    Above and behind the Main Temple plaza is Intiwatana Hill. For a further enlargement of the zoomed section, click on the picture.  This doubly-enlarged image is of course degraded, though, and takes a while to load.


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