Peru - Machu Picchu Ruins - V

  Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/23-24 , 1997 (Click to enlarge)

Watchman's Hut Watchman's Hut On the left is the Watchman's Hut as seen from the approach up to that level. There were several llamas here too, but I've spared readers this time.(138k)

On the right is a view of Putucusi from the watchman's level. (81k)

    InsideWatchman's Hut
This is taken inside the Watchman's Hut. More windows in trapezoidal shapes. It was interesting to stand at the windows and realize that the Inca residents woke up to these beautiful sights here, every day.

    The enlargement of this photo is about 84k.

Lower Urban Sector
Facing east again, we see what Hiram Bingham named "The Lower Urban Sector" of Machu Picchu. More on that later.

    The enlargement of this photo is about 84k.


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