Peru - Machu Picchu Ruins - VI

  Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/23-24 , 1997 (Click to enlarge)

Temple of the Sun On the left is the exterior of the Temple of the Sun (where a few minutes later I broke my arm falling off a ledge just before getting ready to enjoy sundown on day #2 there).

As mentioned in the introduction, this is the first building here that Hiram Bingham saw. What a sight that must have been. While everything was covered in thick growth, part of this building was visible and he quickly had the growth cut back.

We're facing north here. The enlarged version is about 85k

Window/door Inside Temple of the Sun Inside Temple of the Sun This is the interior of that temple.
   The stone piece at the right is believed to have doubled as a sort of sun dial and an altar for human sacrifices.

    The window straight ahead, in front of the stone piece, was perfectly aligned to the sunrise point of the June solstice (Source: Peter Frost). Each June 21, a morning patch of sunlight in the Temple is perfectly bisected by a line cut into the bedrock.

    On the wall at the left of the stone piece is the famous odd opening resembling an entranceway but which leads nowhere. It's a window which ends at the ground (see photo at right), and we're two stories up. The opening faces north, toward Wayna Picchu, as shown in the first shot. I had to sit on the sacrificial altar to frame the photo, which may have been tempting the gods, and I've since apologized.

Steve's photo from above
To the right , I've borrowed a very good photo taken from above the Temple of the Sun, which helps give a bit more perspective on the layout. Thanks to Stevemd.

From Temple doorway-window, #2 The photo on the left was taken as I leaned out the window and toward the right this time.

Enlargement is about 133k.

From Temple doorway-window, #3

    Still looking outside the doorway-window, I've turned a bit more to the right, for a now familiar sight.

    The enlargement of this photo is about 110k.


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