Peru - Machu Picchu Ruins - VII

  Andrys Basten, photos taken 5/23-24 , 1997   (Click on photos to get large versions.)

The 'Lower Urban Sector' From Watchman's Hut

On the left:  this looks northeast at the "Lower Urban Sector" (as named by Hiram Bingham), also known as "Hurin," which held the more prosaic buildings housing the workers, the stonework definitely less fine.

    Note:  The "High Urban Sector" ("Hanan"), across the plaza to the west, has the religious and royal areas (Intiwatana Hill, Sacred Plaza, Temple of the Sun (sometimes referred to as 'the tower'), the Royal Palace, and Main Portal).
    The enlarged version is about 112k and gives the feel of being there.

At the right is the central plaza and (mostly) the Lower Urban Sector as seen from the side window of the Watchman's Hut.
    The couple at the lower right, sitting on a terraced level, are facing the Temple of the Sun, lower left.
    The lower left areas are terraces just below the top and it's hard to believe they cultivated crops on these, with such a drop, not to mention the terraced levels on the top of Wayna Picchu, which is much higher.

The enlarged version of this photo is bigger than usual, about 170k, to minimize jig-jags on diagonal lines, which are still considerable.

Walking the City' At the top, the old Watchman's Hut. We're down in the City now, looking up at the Agricultural Sector (southwest), and the portal ahead (lower right) is of typically fine Inca stonework.

    At the lower center portion of the picture, there's another portal that looks as if it's built into the hill (not likely), and this one is a bit more casually made.

    The enlargement for this one is is about 117k.

Northeast area of the City

This is in the northeast end of the City, the Lower Urban Sector (and the photo was taken at the entrance to whatever structure had been there.

    The enlargement of this photo is about 117k.


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