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Martha Argerich and Nelson Freire, Beppu 2001, by Akira Fukasawa

Beppu 2001
Photos of Martha Argerich and Nelson Freire, from Beppu 2001, by Akira Fukasawa)

12/23/02 - Canada: TV showing of Prokofiev PC #3 probably around 8pm on CBC TV Thursday, Dec. 26- "MARTHA ARGERICH IN CONCERT: Martha Argerich, one of the classical world's most famous concert pianists plays Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 from Roy Thomson Hall accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Sir Andrew Davis."
    New discography that includes unofficial recordings compiled by Che Frye.  This new website includes concert broadcast announcements.

11/18/02 update - La Nacion has interesting Festival articles.
    See a Primitive English translation of LaNacion's index of articles on the Festival.    These will work for any day's reports. The titles will come up in English and you can click on the links to get the article, though in Spanish.
    For translation of very recent individual articles, you need to go to Google at and put in the article's WEB-URL after finding it via clicking on a link of interest.

    Older articles such as the one Nov. 3, a long interview with Argerich, Nov. 3, 2002, can be very interesting, but you must be registered with LaNacion to read "older" articles and the registration is in Spanish and really very long.
    Luckily for us, Maria Elena Hartung has provided us an excellent translation of the Nov. 3 interview in web-format.
    In the meantime, if you want others translated before and IF Maria can do them, Edit/Copy the text you want and then go to and paste it into the text-box to get a translation.

11/14/02- The Martha Argerich Festival page is here (in Spanish). Using Google as I describe above, here it is in primitive English.
    Thanks to Maria Elena Hartung for the Festival and newspaper coverage info.

11/11/02 - Globe and Mall review of the concert in Toronto.
    "Argerich is definitely a hunter, for whom the notes on the page are just the terrain you've got to scour to find the hidden quarry.  ...[she] played each passage as an intently observed incident within a spacious environment. Her mobility and focus were astounding..."

11/11/02 - Schedule for November's Martha Argerich Festival, Meeting Point Buenos Aires 2002, sent us by Maria Elena Hartung

11/10/02 - Review of Argerich and Oscar Peterson in Toronto
    "What she offered this time was a more eloquent statement of its Romantic spirit. This is a concerto often used to show off a pianist's fingers. She exhibited its music."

11/9/02 - Vanity Fair's December issue, I'm told, includes a photo of Martha Argerich taken by one of their photographers during a Verbier summer, year before last, with a small write-up of her impact on the classical world.
    Here's a review by Tommasini and photo from this week's NY series of the Ravel Piano Concerto and the review in Philadelphia by David Patrick Stearns.

10/8/02 - Update - Gramophone's CD search is back. Am rebuilding review links but only half-done. For latest concert news I haven't had time to update here, check Joseph Previte's forum.
    Also a topic of conversation on the forum is the tv broadcast, in Europe, of Gachot's film on Evening Talks with Argerich, which had been held up due to disagreements.

10/6/02 - Update - The Chopin/Liszt with Rabinovich is now shipped quicker by Amazon, taking about 4 days. Amazon-UK can get it also, within 2 weeks.
It's now also at a better price at Tower but could they zoom up on a worse shot?
    From Poland/Japan: HMV Japan has carried this, among other items.
Liszt/Chopin w/Rabinovich Hidehiko reported the availability at HMV Japan of the Liszt/Chopin piano concertos #1 with Rabinovitch conducting the Symphonia Warsowia. This is Accord ACD 100-2, via Triton   and contains live recordings from 1999 at Polish National Opera Theater in Warsaw. He's provided the CD cover photo and also an HMV search-results link, which gives a list of items, some not available in the U.S. or Europe yet.
Someone asked how to buy in English when there: Simply click on 'Add to cart' and then click on 'shopping cart' -- the rest is all in English.
    HMV Japan's shipping to the U.S. for up to two items is $15  (14 GBP for UK).  I have no affiliation with HMV, but here, by direct page access is their full Argerich listing in English, Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4  (186 items). Their English server is very slow and problematical right now. So I've linked each English page.

    HMV Japan also has earlier performances of Beethoven/Franck sonatas with Ivry Gitlis.
They also show a "Home Music Classical" 'Invitation from Argerich' - POCG03121.  Hidehiko Nonaka tells us that " 'home music' is a series of CDs containing pieces which are supposed to be listened to at home by the family. The series employs more than 200 performers.   'Invitation from Argerich' has   1. Chopin Polonaise #6;   2. Chopin Prelude #7   3. Chopin Prelude #15;   4. Ravel Jeux d'Eau;   5. Schumann Traumerei;   6. Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #6;   7. Chopin Scherzo #2;   8. Chopin Barcarolle;   9. Prokofiev Toccata c-moll;   10. Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit;   11. Chopin Sonata#2
    All the recordings are from those made by D.G., I guess for Polydor."

    The 3 CDs with Accardo (Dvorak, Franck, Schumann) are not available in the U.S.   Italian CD live recital (Debussy Estamps) was available here also, last I looked.

9/23/02 - The Scarlatti, Debussy, and Ravel VHS from Kultur seems to be available again, but only as a Used item.  This includes Argerich, Freire and Maisky playing in a French mansion or villa, with Argerich playing the Gaspard.
    Pls note that you can at times find it for less at EBay just above this table.
    Slight update only.  I haven't had time to update these pages, but again the latest news can always be read at Previte's forum, linked in the item just below this.
    John Graves writes there that "The word is that MA will play Prokofiev 3 in Minneapolis with the Minnesota Orchestra/Dutoit on 8, 10, 11 January 2003. This is a recent change - she replaces Chantal Juillet as soloist for these concerts."   At some point the Minnesota Orchestra's webpage might be updated.

8/31/02 - Interview from Norway, 1999, translated for us by Björn Östlund.
    Also, lots of activity on the Martha_Argerich forum about the many concerts she has been playing with her many friends.  Many detailed user reports and links to reviews online there.  Also, reports of upcoming concerts not yet noted on this site.
    If also interested in discussing or discovering other fine pianists, join the Great-Pianists group to discuss other pianists as well.

7/29/02 - Schumann PC audio from Lugano added to the other audio on the Lugano English-version page.  Reported by Björn Östlund.   This is in addition to other performances by Argerich in audio that week.  Click on the red links by the photos.

7/21/02 - Concerts page has been updated - Many thanks to help from Marcel Bartnik and Charles Couineau.

7/7/02 - I've been unable to get the time to update this website for various reasons, but admirers of Martha Argerich's music-making can keep up with the heavy current recital and festival activity at Joseph Previte's "Martha_Argerich Forum".

    If someone e-mailed me concert-schedule information it's been lost. If you can e-mail me again, I'd appreciate a re-send.

    Of special interest has been the Lugano Festival activities that include so many and
especially the Lugano Festival video and audio page where, as Joseph points out, we are offered "...samples of Martha from 1985 in Stravinsky's concerto for 2 pianos with Beroff, Prelude to the afternoon of a Faun with Beroff, and amongst [many] other items, a video performance of the Tchaikovsky concerto with Dutoit!"
    Don't miss it, as we have no idea how long they will keep those up. In my case, my sound card is not working right now, alas, but I'll fix that in about a week. I hope these are up at that point.

4/15/02 - Andante's featured event, the May 15 duo recital, a brief description with a good photograph.  Reported by Ravi Narasimhan.

4/15/02 - More reviews:
NY Times article on Shostakovich recordings - Anthony Tommasini writes:
"To hear superb musicians inspiring the best from one another in Shostakovich, check out the live 1998 recording of the great Piano Trio in E minor by the pianist Martha Argerich, the violinist Gidon Kremer and the cellist Mischa Maisky. This is endlessly imaginative music-making. And in the final dance movement, in which Shostakovich quotes (invents?) Jewish melodies, Ms. Argerich, a hot-blooded South American, reveals her hidden Hebraic soul."
See May 11 at Carnegie Hall, the Shostakovich, for lucky New Yorkers.
Reviews & articles on the Rostropovich 75th birthday gala:
(1) Gala concert reviewed by Hugh Canning;   (2) Guardian - Erica Jeal;   (3) GOOD article on Rostropovich himself, from Armenian News Network / Groong

4/20/02 Update - Delightful Concert Reviews of Schumann (April) Piano Concerto performances from  The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times and via first-hand audience reports by Dirk Pitt, Edward Dougherty, Skydrinker (Dennis Chang), and Teresa Limjoco at Joseph Previte's Martha_Argerich forum, including Teresa's "You are there" style report at Epinion.

3/31/02 - Translation by Willem Boone of a very interesting article from La Monde de la Musique, May 2001 edition. Willem had done the translation some time ago but I didn't get to the layout until now (though people could read it on the forum).  Apologies, and thanks to him for all the work.

3/31/02 - A charming fan-page about Kissin and Argerich at Verbier - found by Björn Östlund.

3/29/02 - Argerich/Kremer/Bashmet/Maisky - Brahms Quartet op. 25, plus Schumann Fantasiestücke op. 88 for piano trio, due Autumn 2002.
    Excellent but small VIDEO of rehearsals of sections of movements 1 and 4 of the Brahms are also at that page - the 4th mvmt material, especially, is spectacular. Here are direct real-media links to the video for the Brahms mvmt 1 and Brahms mvmt 4.

3/29/02 update - Georges Gachot's work-in-progress: "Evening Talks" (with Argerich) - found by Björn Östlund -- but, I heard on February 2, apparently unauthorized for release.   Björn draws our attention to this new large sales page for the film that is prominently presented in spite of word that the film has not been authorized.

3/23/02 -[1] The Schumann Concerto replaces the Chopin at the Philadelphia concerts of April 4-6 and the April 8 one at Carnegie -- reported by Sol Siegel.
    [2] Added an EBay search-link above, after Loïc Serrurier drew to our attention that Argerich's Kulture video, which includes her Gaspard, is available "always" at EBay. My EBay link above the News-area here will give you ALL Argerich material that's being sold there at the time you search, including items which don't have her name in the Title but do in the description. To get *direct* to this particular item, when available, add ' gaspard ' into the searchbox, or just click on the Kulture-video link in this paragraph.

3/23/02 - Update.  Chun Dong-Hyuk, who told us that the CD of the live Franck by Argerich and Kremer is available on the Yedang label in South Korea and that he can help other fans get this, has also reported, in the guestbook, that the CD program includes the Bach Partita 3, a chaconne played by Kremer (live, 1974) and the Franck played by them in Moscow on March 10, 1989. It's not clear to me if the Partita 3 is the keyboard one or the one for violin (I suspect the latter). Today he adds a link to the Yedang label's site - in Korean, among other things. Thanks.

3/21/02 - Added on the Concerts page another Argerich chamber music event - she performs with pianist Walter Delahunt (an excellent pianist) and the Casal Quartet at the Boswiler Sommer 2002 International Chamber Music and Gourmet Festival, 2nd Edition, on July 3.

3/19/02 - Koji Tajima reports, in the guestbook,  four concerts with the Pacific Music Festival, Japan, in July.

3/18/02 - Chun Dong-Hyuk reports in the guestbook that a friend has a ticket for an Argerich concert in Volshoi saal, in Moscow in 2 days; scheduled are the Schumann Piano Concerto and the Liszt Piano Concerto #1.
    He also reports that the CD of the live Franck by Argerich and Kremer is on a label in South Korea and that he can help other fans get this.
    You'll find his note and other details in the guestbook Many thanks for the news and info.
    Sergio Romagnoli reports that Argerich is not listed in the Verbier program for this year.

3/17/02 - Concerts page updated finally - Thanks to several members of the Martha_Argerich forum.
    Very interesting interview with Maisky in Discussion area of Deutsche Grammophon online, reported by Paolo Pettinato.
    Ché Frye found a CD of   "Argerich and Kremer playing the Franck Sonata in 1989 on the mysterious 'Yedang Classics' label! As far as I can tell its only available on the Japanese Tower Records site."

2/3/02 - From a review of Argerich's EMI Prokofiev and Bartok concertos with Dutoit, Igor Kipnis had this to say:
      "For myself, I would want to own almost any recording of hers that becomes available . . .
      "What is so remarkable about her playing, setting her apart from so many pianists today, is her ability to modulate her tone and shade her musical materials, even at top-level dynamics (other pianists simply clatter). Plenty of name performers haul off on their Prokofiev and Bartok, tight fisted all the way. Amid all the palpable virtuosity, Argerich still manages to elicit a lyrical line. In the slow movement of the Bartok, gorgeously shaped, one even senses the undercurrent of tragedy."

Here is another memory of Kipnis and a report from Andante.

2/2/02 update - More Beppu Festival details (for April) are drawn to our attention by Dennis Chang and Maria Elena Hartung. These include the Shostakovich Piano Concert No. 1 and the Ravel Concerto in G.
    Also of interest may be Martha Argerich's statement, "In Music Communication".
    Here is a page of delightful photos from the November 2001 festival in Argentina (at a time an AP article had ludicrously described her as a recluse at home in Belgium).

1/27/02 - Some upcoming concerts, courtesy of Webscout Paolo Pettinato:
    March 27 - Rostropovich 75th Birthday Gala Concert, LSO Barbican.
    May 1 (Palermo), May 5 (Florence) - Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3, with Abbado. - Cancelled, per Sergio Romagnoli
    May 15 concert with Maisky at JFK Center, NY: an added link supplementing the page listed on the concerts page.
    Paolo had come upon a page of Summer 2002 Tour auditions for Abbado/Argerich and the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, but the auditions are done, and there's no other information as of this moment that I know of.
    My most recent guestbook was erased by the host website, so I am missing information given us about upcoming concerts.  Let me know at the new guestbook, if you can. Thanks.

1/27/02 - update - Argerich/Rabinovitch + strings, Holland, mid-Dec.. Works by Brahms, Mozart, Rachmaninov, and Rabinovitch.   See Gustav Alink's photo from his photos page.

11/20/01 - Argerich takes sabbatical Jan-Feb, 2002.
She made it known, in August, to concert management in various cities, that she needed a rest after a rather hectic year and did not plan to play concerts in January and February, and wanted to avoid the stress that accompanies constant concertizing.  Her doctors feel this is wisest.  Some concert mgmt tried to change her mind, as you saw with the Barbican, but she's going ahead with the sabbatical and said to be looking forward to the time off.  A very badly worded and inaccurate AP article has been circulated, but Andante.Com's Matthew Westphal has posted a more accurate report today which also confirms she expects to play all November and December concerts as planned, and she'll resume concertizing in March. For New Yorkers this involves the Jan. 19 Carnegie concert.

11/21/01 - Update - Closing night's "unique emotions" (Tchaikovsky) - Systran translation, which has an amazingly coherent translation of one paragraph that's key:
   "Martha can transform a so well-known concert[o] into something so surprising and attractive. For her nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible and everything is to the service of the most sublime expression. Martha is the fire and the poetry, the energy and the song.".
    There's also LaCapital's summary of Monday's 4-hr concert (11/19) taken to Rosario, birthplace of Eduardo Delgado who arranged it (Systran 'translation') [thanks to Maria for the pointer] as well as The Values of the Spirit (Systran translation), and Festival drew 10,000 people (Systran translation). I've added Clarin's "A Musical Week in Luxury" preview from June 8, with excerpts from a brief interview (Systran translation).
   Earlier:'s brief report (new url) on the end of the Festival  Photo at top-left of this item is by Axel Alexander and is placed here, as the index-webpage it was on was good for only one day.  Here's AltaVista's Systran 'translation' of the review.   As explained below, the translation links work only for Internet Explorer, and it takes forever for the English version to come up after the globe stops spinning. The translations are barely useable but they give an idea of what is said, at least.   Thanks to Eddy Eduoard for the pointer to Clarin.  Also there are The Argerich Hurricane (Systran 'translation'),  short Argerich article (Systran 'translation') and  "A concert without formalisms" (Systran 'translation').
  Wide-ranging and detailed reports on this festival are given by Maria Elena Hartung at Joseph Previte's Martha_Argerich forum.
  Also, from La Nacion, Nov. 15 report (Systran translation), Nov. 17 report with photos, including one of pianist cohort Eduardo Delgado (Systran translation), 2nd Nov. 17 report (Systran translation) (Poulenc etc), and interview with Iry Gitlis (Systran translation).

11/15/01 - Photo and Review of the Marathon -- the review titled: "Maratón musical de altísimo nivel."  Here's AltaVista's Systran 'translation' of the review.

11/12/01 - Update - La Nacion Review of the first night of the festival, with another photo of a very happy Martha_A.
 Maria Elena Hartung had made a quick enthusiastic report to Joseph Previte's Martha Argerich forum about the 11/10 concert involving many as well as the Ravel Concerto played.  She also also points out that La Nacion has an interesting article 11/11 about MarthaA and her brother, who has organized this (and other festivals) and she'll be translating it.
    Click here for the original article in Spanish by brother Juan Manuel about "My sister Martha."     To read some of these in primitive English at Alta Vista (and remembering that "touch" the piano means "play" the piano and that "his" or 'it' often means "her" or 'she' in these funny translations) people using Internet Explorer can click on (1) Festival intro or (2) Review of first day or (3) article by Juan Manuel Argerich (The last part of the article isn't translated but is essentially the same story as carried about Peron and Martita at the older Revista article.)
   As always, the linked translations take a Lonnng time to load, after the Microsoft globe stops revolving, so be prepared to wait, to get a vague idea of what was written.   You can click on "View Original Language" to see the original article in Spanish.

11/11/01 - Update - Now available on DVD - the studio Schumann/Ravel/Liszt video from Canada, 1977, available on VHS for the last year.

11/9/01 - Update - Detailed personal reports by pianists, on the Oct.27-28 Carnegie Hall concerts.   Contributors: Dennis Chang, William Hsieh, and Willem Boone.

11/9/01 - Argerich Festival in Buenos Aires Nov 10-17 - LA NACION article describing the festival has been translated by Maria Elena Hartung.
    In conjunction with this, a very interesting article written by Annie Dutoit about her parents and the impact of the September events in NY has also been translated by Maria for us.
    New:  Maria also points out to the forum that today (11/9) La Nacion has a large article about the festival complete with a photo by Martín Lucesole that captures Martha Argerich in a moment of high enthusiasm.
    To read this story in primitive English at Alta Vista (and remembering that "touch" the piano means "play" the piano and that "his" or "it" often means "her" in these translations) people using Internet Explorer can read the 'translated' version here.  This takes a Lonnng time to load, after the globe at the right stops revolving, so be prepared to wait.

11/9/01 - Update - Excellent New Yorker article by Alex Ross on the Carnegie Events of Oct. 26-27 and Martha Argerich's take on it all, during a late, long dinner following the 2nd concert.   There was a new sketch that accompanied the article.   I can't say that this one had a typical expression though.

10/26/01 - Update - Both the Tchaikovsky and the Beethoven PC 1 were played, and early reports are of exceeding musicality and Magical moments with the usual risk-taking and all that entails.  For some reports, more coming in, see the Martha_Argerich Forum message area and a report by some who were at Carnegie Hall for both concertos..
    Also, we now have an updated Discography, thanks to William Hsieh and to Farhan Malik's IPQ Discography from the Summer 2000 Edition 2000.   Some of the newest releases available here and there will be added sometime in late November.

10/15/01 - Update - As per news on the Martha_Argerich forum and some talk in early October, Nelson Freire has had hand woes and his doctor does not want him to play. The October duo-piano tour by these two wonders is therefore postponed. While these facts about Freire's tendonitis were known earlier, Argerich, it's said, had tried to think of a way to substitute something, but the tour is "postponed" everywhere.   Latest info is at the Concerts page.

10/15/01 - Update - U.S. now has "Live in Japan" album at:
Tower Records (Sale) and at Amazon
    DG Info on Live in Japan
, 1 CD 471 346-2 New
Paolo Pettinato drew our attention to this new CD from DG, which Marcel Bartnik says is available for Europeans at Amazon-Germany.  It's also at JPC in Germany. See European pricing-polices page.
  Don't miss the booklet text by Kay Maisky.

10/10/01 - Translation by Maria Elena Hartung of Revista Clasica's article by Annie Dutoit about her mother and father and the impact of Sept. 11, NY on the family.  In order to access the translation, you'll have to register as a member of the Martha_Argerich forum, run by Joseph Previte. This can be done with a Yahoo e-mail address/name you create or use at Yahoo

9/16/01 - The Second International Martha Argerich Piano Competition has been postponed until March 2002 September due to the terrible events in NY and the effect they've had on everyone. The new date was suggested by Martha Argerich and confirmed, and the Competition is re-opening applications for participants. The original postponement was also announced Sept. 12 on the Martha_Argerich forum by Maria Elena Hartung who translated for us Esteban Buffagni's letter notifying her, with some details.

9/16/01 - Gustav Alink's Alink-Argerich Foundation now includes photos from Verbier
    1st-hand listener reports from Verbier are at Joseph Previte's Martha_Argerich forum.
    Aspiring pianists should note the new Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition and Festival in Pasadena (California), March 22 – April 6, 2002, which Gustav reports "has a most impressive jury, including Byron Janis, Nikolai Petrov, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Dmitry Bashkirov, Nikita Juzhanin, Maria Tipo, Earl Wild and six others."

8/29/01 - Update - Reviews of Proms Prokofiev
    Reports from some concertgoers, in the Martha Argerich forum, run by Joseph Previte, M.D.

8/29/01 - Recording Brahms's first quartet for piano and strings?   From the Financial Times, August 10, 2001, in an article by Anthony Thorncroft on the business side of Verbier:
    "At Verbier musicians can take risks, attempting fresh repertoire in new groupings. For example Argerich and Kissin played duets of Mozart and Debussy, and Bashmet, Maisky and Argerich got together with Gidon Kremer to perform Brahms' first quartet for piano and strings. The plan is to record the work in the next few weeks, naturally on DG."  Update 9/16/01: This may have been postponed.

8/29/01 - Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3, in Florence, with the Berlin Philharmonic under Abbado?  Apparently that's the plan - the program announcement was discovered by our roving sleuth, Paulo Pettinato.

8/24/01 - Carnegie: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1, Oct. 27 as well as Poulenc Concerto in d with Nelson Freire, Oct. 28 - both with Dutoit and the MSO.
    Those who have heard the live version from 1994 with Abbado in Berlin, on DG will be especially happy to hear this news.
    The duo recital with Nelson Freire on Oct. 23 stays as planned. See for concert details for October.

8/9/01 - "Virtuosi" - a book by Mark Mitchell - somewhat controversial. Virtuosi : A Defense and a (Sometimes Erotic) Celebration of Great Pianists, by Mark Mitchell
The cover photo is of "Martha Argerich's hands in a performance of Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto. Photograph by Marco Aneli for the Academia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Rome."

7/26/01 - Björn Östlund asks for any further information anyone can get on the following CD displayed on Yukihiro Kato's discography page (linked from the one here that still is to be updated). Kato states that it is a record of the solo performance on Nov.16.2000, Tokyo (except for the Scarlatti on Nov.21.2000, Tokyo) and is from Kajimoto Concert Management Co.Ltd in an exceedingly limited edition.

06/19/01 - Added to Concerts schedule, details from Jeff Friedman's Cargenie Hall series announcement made Jan. 16.    Also added several clarifications by Marcel Bartnik on Trio dates for Germany plus website info for the Beethoven Festival in Bonn, and included August 6 info for a duo recital with Maisky, reported by Charles Couineau.

06/18/01 - Sound file and transcribed text of a brief Argerich talk with the BBC about her emotional response to Chopin and his Piano Concerto No. 1 in e minor.  Thanks to Nicholas Barberis for the transcribed text.

06/16/01 - Lots of new things, mainly on the Concerts page. I'll be cutting this page down soon so that the page can finish loading while most of you are still living. [ Broadcast of 6/19 omitted now. ]

More re the 2-CD set with Chung. Here's an English version of that page - it takes awhile to display on the screen.
    Björn Östlund received a Beppu Festival e-mail reply to his request for buying info:

" are able to get the CDs by a check or International Money Order. We don't take credit cards so far. I know it's inconvenient. The price of the CD (including two discs)would be 3,800 JPY and postage for that would be 400 JPY. So that the entire shipment, including postage would be 4,200 JPY. (If you want us to send more than one the postage will be more as you know.)
   The pieces the composers are following:
-Ravel Ma Mere loye(4 hands: Argerich & Chung)
-Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.3 op.26(Argerich)
-Ginastera Danzas Argentinas, No. 2 (Argerich)
-Brahms Symphony No.1 op.68
-Brahms Hungarian Dance No.1"
    "Adriana" writes on the Martha Argerich forum that  "The sound of the piano, in this CD, is excellent. You can perceive every accent, nuance and change in dynamics so clearly...
      About Prokofiev N#3? From the moment the piano makes its entrance you know this will be a performance full of adrenaline. But there is something else...some joy I think."
    [ I have no affiliation with the Beppu stores.]

    The following is for those who wondered about the encores played on the Tuesday, March 27 Internet Radio broadcast of the Toulouse Argerich-Freire duo recital of March 26 (a knockout).  Info is from Stany Kol.
    ' The first Encore was, as usual, "Laideronnette", from "Ma mère l'Oye" by Ravel. The second was an excerpt of Nutcrackers (Tchaïkowsky), the third the Gavotte of the Classical Symphony by Prokofiev. ' [Stany wonders who did the transcription.]

    Interview in Italy in which she talks about providing a home for 3 piano students and her interest in encouraging young pianists -- this is in a primitive AltaVista translation. (Doesn't work with Netscape.)
    Here is the original Italian article.   PC users can press Ctrl-A to make the text more readable.
    Until Paolo Pettinato can do a proper translation, the primitive Systran one will have to do. The gist of the interview comes through, at any rate. "Its" usually means "hers."   Also there's a nice photo there.

06/15/01 - Somewhat hilarious but helpful AltaVista English translation (doesn't work with Netscape) of another new album, from Japan (with Maisky).   Thanks to Dennis Chang for the info.   Here's the original page.

06/05/01 - Thanks to MANY people who wrote with information about the contents of the Beppu 2-CD set with Chung. Since then the Beppu site has added this info in English. Here's an Altavista translation, however. (Translation doesn't work with Netscape.)  Several note that there is only one Ginastera Danza, and that is the Danza de la Moza Donosa (#2). Email has been received by people from the site in response to inquiries and I'll post that later (I have to find it again).

05/25/01 - Update - CDs from Music Festival - Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu '98   A new 2CD-set offered by the Beppu Festival pages, Chung Myung-Whun, Conductor, with a good photo of Argerich on the cover and what's said to be an excellent Prokofiev Piano Concerto 3 rivalling the one with Chailly.  Email and phone info on this CD is included.   I'd appreciate a translation of the CD-set's contents.  (Now if they'd also release the 1995 solo recital there, but I understand it wasn't officially recorded.)
Latest info from Beppu pages, some not that easy to find:
    There are photos and profiles (in Japanese) of the major participants in the completed Festival, including Argerich, who tends to look happy and relaxed in photos from the Beppu Festival programs.
    Also new on the Beppu Festival CD fundraiser page:
    (1)  The Argerich Festival's statement of aim;   (2)  a fuller explanation of the fund-raising CD;   (3)  an apparent expansion of the ultra-brief Argerich message or interview;  (4)  a review of the duet disc, written by the mellowed former San Francisco Chronicle Music Critic Heuwell Tircuit, in what seems a re-translation from the Japanese magazine back into English, and   (5)  links to the following:
      (a) Chopin Magazine in Japan: a feature story about the disc and a large color photo of Argerich and Kyoto Ito.
      (b) International Record Review's January cover photo (from the first EMI Concertgebouw solo album), to mark reviews inside, with an excerpt of the review by Tim Parry
      (c) Concert brochure with photo + date and ticket info (I think).

    OLDER:  Info re New CDs available from Japan only
TOCE 55180 on EMI Japan was released on Sep. 27.  Recorded November 25-27, 1999, in Philharmonia Hall, Beppu, Be-Con Plaza. Features 4-hands/2-piano music with Kyoko Itoh. Works: Prokofiev: "Classical Symphony" (arr. R. Terashima);   Debussy: Petite Suite;   Chopin: Variations sur un air national de Moore in D.
    Beppu Festival page with the CD information. The new CD photo in the middle of the page now is clickable to another fun photo of the duo. The CD's music is that which also pleases children, and the CD title is "Dear Children Love and Trust" with the idea of raising funds to provide free seating for children at classical music concerts.   &nbps; On the CD, the Prokofiev and Debussy are especially delightful, the Chopin should be fun for kids, and the sound on the CD is excellent. There are about 32 minutes of music on this fundraiser CD.
    Inside the CD brochure is a page with 2 photos of very young Argerich. The first one was taken at 3 years, 9 months, and 20 days, according to the Japanese caption, and it's priceless, the happy expression hardly any different from today. The other one, at the piano, is similar to one in the Revista Classica interview.
    On the Beppu site for this, there's an ultra-brief "Interview with Martha Argerich by NHK". At the bottom of the page are Tel: and Fax: numbers, possibly for ordering the CD. On one page is an email address that will get your CD request to someone who will forward it to the right person.   Jeff Friedman received the answer that one could send them a check for US$27 which includes shipping to NY. Also, Masashi Honma recommends trying "Beltran" in Japan - His note has an email address to use and the shipping cost would be about $5.00 U.S. but Friedman says they don't seem to know about the recording.

05/24/01 - Here is the NY Times review of the duo-recital on May 20 at Carnegie.
    Will probably add links to reviews of the NY Beethoven 2nd piano concerto earlier that month, if the reviews are still live, but here's a brief excerpt from one by Martin Bernheimer in the Financial Times (UK).
    "Ms. Argerich's appearances are always a treat, and the Beethoven Second is a work she has recorded to great effect at different times. Her performance last Thursday was a deft balance of personalized expression and historical perspective. Her playing had a bright, mercurial quality, and there were moments in the first-movement cadenza when she played at tempos that seemed in danger of derailing her. Yet throughout she maintained a crystalline sound that pointed up Beethoven's debt to Mozart as well as an interpretive impetuousness that took note of this music's incipient Romanticism. Mr. Dutoit and the orchestra worked similar magic in support."

August 26 - Nick van Beveran adds info on a Prokofiev 3rd at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw along with " Takemitsu (Ceremonial), Sjostakovitsj Symphony 5. "

04/21/01 - I posted in the Martha Argerich message section a report by Yi-An Huang made after she heard the Tchaikowsky Piano Concerto at the April Taipei Festival concert. Most news will appear on the forums before it does here.
    In addition to Maria's translations below, William Hsieh has posted there also, a translation of a somewhat amusing second early article from that festival . If anyone knows of reviews of the festival, please let me know here.
    Maria Elena Hartung posted 4/12 some translations of articles from La Nación about the pieces and doings planned for the Argerich Competition in Argentina and possible good activity there in November as well. The postings and accompanying files are in the piano forums. Note that any discussions of the articles are in Joseph Previte's Martha_Argerich forum. William Hsieh also posted a translation of an early newspaper article from Taipei there.

04/03/01 Some Taipei 5-day-festival articles on the web, pointed out to me:, includes photo. again, with poster shots.

3/31/01 - Added to the Argerich/Maisky Schumann listing a clever web-translation of an article on that, with photo.

3/23/01 - Added some concert appearances and revised links as a result of some earlier postings by Paolo Pettinato on the forum for this webpage. This includes an added Mozart concerto in June, an added Prokofiev 3 in August (both in Europe) and a Chopin 1 series in 2002 with The Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as the revised link to the brief video-clip of the Schumann Concerto in Yr. 2000.

3/22/01 - San Francisco: A 4-hand, 2-piano recital with Nelson Freire, Oct. 17, 2001, was announced by the San Francisco Symphony organization (and posted to the martha_argerich forum on March 13).  No symphony appearance scheduled.   This event coincides, however, with a Los Angeles appearance by the duo October 15, 2 days earlier.

3/22/01 - Wigmore Hall trio recital January 2002?   Hywel David reported 3/9 on the Martha_Argerich forum that "The Wigmore Hall in London are hoping to shortly announce that Argerich is joining Steven Isserlis and Pekka Kuusiste (not sure of spelling here, people) for a performance of the Tchaikovsky piano trio on 16 January 2002. The other pieces are I believe related to Tanyev who is the featured composer of the short Festival that Isserlis is putting together."
    These plans might be cancelled, however.

3/21/01 - Pohan Wu has translated the Taipei news article, which I'll quote in full on the Concerts page, as it's timely and the events are close to other ones for which people have tickets.
Translated article:  "After her last visit to Taiwan in the end of last year, the greatest female pianist of our time, Argerich, seems to fall in love with our country.
    "NewAspect Foundation announced the duration and programs of the first "Taipei Argerich Music Festival" on March 20th.  From April 7th to April 12th, 2001, five concerts and few seminars will cover Martha Argerich's concerto, chamber performances, and her introduction to new stars in classical music. This should be the most-anticipated event in Taiwan's April music market..."
    The entire translation is posted on the concerts page.

3/20/01 Update - NEW Release   New EMI Concertgebouw recording available at Amazon, U.S. finally. It's also been available in the UK at Crotchet-UK, for less than elsewhere in England. (9.35 GBP).  Amazon Schumann/Ravel: Live 1978-79.  It's also available at Amazon-UK for more (13.99 GBP!) if you prefer that store, and for other Europeans at AmazonGermany (29.99DM)- Thanks to Joseph Tsang for catching my erroneous link (to the Polish CD instead).
    Also see general US Vendor Shipping and European Vendor Shipping info.  And, try the Currency Converter.
Audio samples and track info at the EMI site, which can be flaky -- if so, try again later.  This is another 'Live from the Concertgebouw 1978-9' and the CD includes broadcast performances of Schumann's Op. 12 (Fantasiestücke), Ravel's Sonatine and Gaspard.  Early reviews (David Fanning, Tim Parry) are enthusiastic, as is the first Amazon-UK customer review (from the U.S.).
    Early Reviews - Excerpts - gathered by EMI and very enthusiastic.
    Review - by Jonathan Yungkans, for Inkpot (Aug 2001)
    Review - by Andrew Clements, for The Guardian (Jan 2001)

3/20/01 Update - The Argerich-Maisky Schumann disc is available at Amazon-U.S.
For those in Europe, Amazon-Germany has the new Schumann CD with Misha Maisky
.     On the CD and not recorded by them earlier is Schumann's beautiful Adagio and Allegro. Also on the CD are the Cello Concerto (with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra); the Fantasiestücke for cello & piano; Romanze; and Maerchenbild.
   Here's a clever web-translation of an article from Germany on "Dream Team at [for] Schumann" and here's the original article in German. This web translator gives correct gender and even knows that "Argerich" is not to be translated as "bad Erich" as the Systran translator does :-) but it's not an easy browse. Ignore the "+" signs though they're useful when a word isn't clear.
    Here's a Dutch review of the CD, along with the original Dutch review.
    Review - by Tim Ashley for The Guardian, March 30, 2001

2/19/01 - Carnegie, 3/25/00Musician of the Year - Musical America: an excellent extended article using info from rarer interviews which shed more light on why Argerich has been so averse to solo playing, with excellent explanations, by Donald Manildi, of the intense audience reaction to her playing.  This annual magazine is said to cost over $100 so the availability of this article online is a boon.

2/19/01 - A Beethoven Piano Concerto 2 with Ashkenazy September 1, 2001 for the Internationalen Beethovenfest Bonn. Small photo leads to an excellent one on the festival site.

2/19/01 - Gossipy La Scena Musicale with more details of Carnegie 2001-2002
    Gramophone's announcement of same.

2/19/01 - Argerich adds a solo Ginastera concerto and a duo piano concerto (with Freire) by Poulenc, in October, probably in New York, though the article's not clear. (Later: It's not clear the Ginastera will be done, actually.)

2/18/01 - A translation of a fun short review in Italy of the recent Beethoven PC #2 there has been made by Maria Elena Hartung in webpage format and posted to the files section of the website forum.

    Jit Hui Oon reports a new Chopin Piano Concerto #1 in e, with Grzegorz Nowak and the Sinfonia Varsovia (no performance year given) - Accord ACD 080-2.  Artur Rubinstein plays the Chopin PC #2 with Witold Rowicki on this CD also.  Here's a photo of the Album cover
ó     The Accord page lists Argerich albums, including ACD 060-2, a mixed CD, with Argerich and two other pianists -- it not being at all clear what she plays (under Kord) and what others play. SuperSleuth Paolo shows us that the orchestra site excerpts indicate it's the Tchaikovsky, though the timings for this CD are different from the one with Kord released from 1979.

2/14/01 - Translation of radio interview in Rome, 2/9/01, by Paolo Pettinato.
Paolo did the page layout too.

2/8/01 - Update - Translated articles- Previews
I've been way behind in making formatted webpages for the interesting translated interviews generously offered to the website, and so I will post, with the translators' permission, preliminary preview versions in the website-associated forum space so that members can read them in the meantime and ask any questions re the translations.  Later others will be posting their own, until I can format the final webpage versions.
    The first two are by (1) Paolo Pettinato (2/16/00, Italy) and (2) Willem Boone (11/15/00, France) and Maria Elena Hartung has added (3) a far more readable version of the interesting article in La Nación about Alejandro Petrasso, who talks about being a guest of the generous Martha Argerich during his studies in Europe.
   Yahoo's new Yahoo-ID requirements for webgroup-page message-viewing is very confusing for people and it's needed for viewing files as well.  If you're a member of this Argerich-recordings-website-forum and can't get on to view older-messages/translations, let me know.

2/4/01 - International Record Review - January Cover article and new CD reviews
I don't know when this was released. Probably some time ago. New issue probably due soon. Reviews the Japan Children's album also, along with new EMI release.

1/31/01 - Article about a student's experience of Argerich as a supportive mentor of talented musicians. Sent by Maria Elena Hartung from her local paper, it focuses on the influence of Argerich's approach to music-making, as heard in her study at home.  First International Martha Argerich Piano Competition winner Alejandro Petrasso was invited to join other pianists in her home while doing further studies in Europe.  Here's the article in Spanish at La Nacíon.   And here's An exceedingly primitive English translation which takes a LONG time to load but will give the gist of the article. (The translation is via the site) 1/28/01 - Paul Geffen's more complete discography is back. - To be updated soon.

1/16/01 Update - Gramophone reviews: These have been brought back as they seem to have stabilized these pages. All Gramophone reviews for earlier recordings are now linked again, with new reviews added.   Also added are many excellent reviews by Jonathan Yungkans of Inkpot. Be sure to check his out when you see his name.

1/16/01 Update - Carnegie Hall - Jeff Friedman has posted the program information for 2001-2002, a 7-concert participation in the "Perspectives" series "featuring artist collaborations."   Here's a NY Times story, sent us by Charles Ball, which specifically says no solo recital is planned.

1/16/01 - The Concerts page has been updated with information for late January and to update the Second International Martha Argerich Competition news for September (Pianist registrations by July 1).   The Competition site's Spanish pages and associated photographs are not working right now. As in 1999 there will probably be a few Argerich concerts involved as well - General and applicant details here.

1/6/01 Update -   Added articles in English from Taiwan papers re the November solo and duo recitals in Japan and Taiwan.  There are also some reports from Verbier 2000, during which Argerich and Kissin shared the stage and even a keyboard, and she played a 'Kreutzer' with Nigel Kennedy.  Also there is a series of reports in Spanish, from the Carnegie Hall solo event.  These were all found by Paolo Pettinato.   In two weeks or so, there should be 2 new translated interviews.

1/18/01 Update - The Beethoven PC #1 DVD (originally on VHS)  with Ozawa is now available from a European place though at a higher price. HMV Japan has a *VHS* copy of this for about $32 (shipping to U.S. is $15 for up to two items).  See the Argerich Videos page for the new info.

1/1/01 - Argerich plays Mozart's Piano Concerto in Bb Major No. 18, KV 456 - Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under Eugen Jochum, recorded in June 1973.
    Discovered by Maria Elena Hartung:  A 4-CD set of "Great Conductors at the Piano" (cost: 316 francs - about $45 US as of today)
    Hywel David reports that "It is of radio broadcast standard and is terrific. The main reason for buying the 4 discs is a Mozart b flat concerto K456 with Eugen Jochum conducting the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (Mozart Festival Wurzburg, June 1973). It is a wonderful performance with grace, wit, poise and delectable rhythmic clarity. The Andante is sublime and Martha achieves some really delicate lovely colours here."

1/1/01 - Argerich plays the Schumann Sonata No. 2 in g, op. 22, live, at the Summer Dubrovnik Festival in 1967.   Energetic and sensitive reading, with Argerich seemingly unruffled by a train or plane in the slow movement. Live performances by other fine pianists.
    Also on this recording, live, are Ashkenazy (1962), Richter (1967), Magaloff (1966), Fou Ts'Ong (1968), Pollini (1968) - 74:40 minute CD. Found by Davide Ciaccia.
The cost is 120 HRK, and with air shipping it costs about $24 US.

11/25/00 - Argerich Solos in Taiwan. Reports by William Hsieh - from translations of newspaper articles and information from his brother who attended the recital.

11/19/00 - EMI's US-re-release (8/00) of the Schumann Fantasie in C and Fantasiestücke which is my own favorite solo recording by Argerich.
    Details are on the page of Earlier Recordings
    Amazon no longer has this in stock.

11/8/00 - Argerich will play solo works in Japan and Taipei in November 2000 - Argerich is scheduled to play solo works for the first half of concerts in Japan and Taipei and duo recitals in the 2nd half.  Details on the linked pages, now in English. (As of 11/19, she'd played the 11/16 concert, which largely duplicated (but without the Barcarolle) in solo section, the Carnegie Hall concert on 3/25/00, while the 2nd half had violin sonatas played with Gitlis.   Also, there are more announcements of European concert dates for early 2001. (The Japan and Taipei concerts actually took place.)

10/29/00 - Update - For Chopin Competition/Poland watchers, a Warsaw Voice article, with a definite point of view.   Last week's article, China's Li, 18, Wins Poland's Chopin Piano Prize - Reuters article, 10/20/2000 is still available, along with a small photo and caption, and a larger photo. Here's the Warsaw Voice backgrounder after the Semi-finals.

10/27/00 -     Debussy/Franck recording with Maisky in stock now at Borders and at Amazon.
For other details, see listing on earlier-recordings page.  It's special order at Tower.  MyMusic in Canada doesn't specify availability.

Their Bach cello sonatas are also available and somewhat cheaper at Borders.   For other details, see earlier recordings page, which includes a Gramophone review.

10/25/00 - I see that a UK CD store online offers Argerich's Debussy Estampes.  This was once available on Document and on Exclusive (Italian CDs of concerts released in 1994 during a time when copyrights were not in effect though that's changed), and I don't know if this is from that but I suspect so.  The one I've heard was taken from a concert Feb. 10 1969 in Venice, with very dry acoustics.  The price is 1.99 pounds sterling (about $2.88 today).
    Their shipping policies changed eff. today.   For CDs the basic Order charge is ~$3.60 U.S. (today's £2.49 currency rate), with each CD costing an additional ~$0.65 U.S. (45 pence). There is no longer a minimum shipping fee to the U.S.    They're a likely place for CDs hard to find in the U.S. though they offer less info on a CD than any place I've seen. (The only clue about which Concertgebouw EMI CD of two is which is that one is "orchestral"! but they respond to e-mail quickly.)   Here's their Search page.
    Also, here's a Currency Converter, useful for non-U.S. stores.

10/7/00 - Update - Added more excerpts to the 1978 Dean Elder Clavier-interview page.

9/26/00 - Interview by Radio Tre, Italy - February 2000, transcribed and translated by Paolo Pettinato.

9/21/00 - Special DG Ravel CD-set will be available Sept. 26, a recycling involving several artists, among them Argerich, and might be of interest to any who want her Jeux d'eau;  Gaspard de la nuit;  Concerto for Piano in G major  on one CD. But they're already available separately on her DG Original Debut Recital and her Great Pianists Vol I.

9/20/00 - International Piano Quarterly (IPQ) - Summer 2000 edition with a cover feature on Argerich is finally available at most Tower Classical stores.

9/20/99 - Update - Schumann/Tchaikovsky piano concertos, live, with 4 solo encores, Kazimierz Kord conducting, are now available in the U.S., and within days.
    If you prefer Tower, where it is in low stock, use the Tower classical search box on my store-search page and enter in " argerich kord " to bring that up.  MyMusic, in Canada, has it for less$ though stock is not indicated there.
        For those outside the U.S., Nigel Judson writes that the PolyGram Polska disc is back in stock at the Red-Hedgehog Music site but is best ordered by e-mailing this address. It's Polygram Polksa "ACD020" (CD Accord) there.
    (I'm not affiliated with Red-Hedgehog, but they were the sole source for this hard-to-find recording for some time.)
    Recorded live at Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, Dec 5-8, 1979 (her most interesting Schumann PC on record + 4 encores and very similar to the September 2000 Proms performance), and Jan 10, 1980 (a slightly chaotic but intense Tchaikovsky)-- digitally remastered by CD Accord, 1996.
    This includes solo pieces from the 1979 concerts, including the delicious, lilting Ginastera Danza de la Moza donosa.
    Other encores include an exquisite Mazurka in f, Op. 63, No. 2 (with one fluff) and speed-of-light Bouree I, II from the Bach English Suite No. 2 in a, with excellent use of changing dynamics and articulation choices. The Scarlatti d minor encore is, as usual for her, a toss-off that belies the awe-inspiring technique involved.
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot    

9/9/00 - Short video clip online, of the Schumann in Turin Sept. 5, in the online version of Turin September Music Magazine, Edition 2000     Thanks to Paolo Pettinato for the link. The clip is blurry and choppy, to keep it a small size, I guess, but it's charming and a good preview of Argerich's Schumann.

7/23/00 - A newish site, titled the Alink-Argerich Foundation, (based in the The Hague, Netherlands, with an office in Paris), states that Argerich is a co-founder and includes photos of people listed as behind the creation of services for young people planning to join competitions, and for competition organizers as well. The photos include one of Gustav Alink and Argerich. There are annual dues involved depending on services, with information on competitions and help through the various processes. It's an interesting idea.

7/16/00 - Liszt concerto recordings?  In The (Montreal) Gazette 3/25/00, Arthur Kaptainis wrote re the MSO adding CBC to its recording contract, "...The Argerich plans, as usual, are unclear.  An EMI representative in Toronto knows only that a recording of the two Liszt Concertos, possibly with one Ravel, are scheduled for release next February. One rumour has it that the Argentine virtuoso was unhappy with the Liszt and Ravel sessions of last year."

7/16/00 - Billboard "Classical Hits" watchers will not be surprised to see this recent column..

7/3/00 - Argerich's "Legendary" EMI CD is #7 at Amazon - A hawk-eyed individual wrote me about this today.  Apparently this classical CD has been climbing the Amazon charts for months (from #550, to #46 last week) and is threatening Britney Spear's No 6 spot  :)   He adds: "I find this astonishing for a classical disc."  I second that.   However, already it's not readily available.

6/25/00 - New site design for Deutsche Grammophon website-design that is very nicely programmed. Click on 'Artists' (bottom menu) to look up any DG artist of interest. The one for Argerich has an older photo with an expression often seen today - captures a certain essence.
    There's also a delightful photo of Maisky and children for a CD compilation.  On the "works/artists" info for this album, I see that he and Argerich do the 2nd mvmt from the Chopin Sonata for Piano and Cello in G minor op.65, which I've never seen on a single-issue CD otherwise. Chopin fans who haven't heard the full sonata one with Rostropovich should.

6/25/00 - Just added more links to reviews online (indicated by red "New" alert). These include the EMI Concertgebouw and some others, including the first reviews I've seen of Rabinovich's 'Incantations' CD with Argerich on celeste and 2nd piano (which I haven't bought, not being a completist).

6/16/00 - J.S. Bach solo album re-issued June 13th.
The Bach Solo Album from the 80s For those who've wanted Argerich's solo-Bach CD from 1980, which has been hard to find, DG has released it on its Originals label, 463 604-2 - "Argerich Plays Bach: Toccata BWV911; Partita Nr. 2, BWV 826; English Suite 2."

    Relative to the recent Carnegie Hall performance, the slow movements on this recording are played with absolute evenness, and some prefer Bach that way, while I like the baroque-style differences in note-lengths she now uses. The fast movements are beautifully light and dance-like.
    Also available at Amazon-UK,   MyMusic (Canada),  CDNow, and at Tower Records.
    Those fond of her Bach playing may want to investigate (library or sound bytes at Amazon et al) the CD of Bach Cello Sonatas with Mischa Maisky though they're not exactly for period-performance purists.
    Review - Gramophone, 12/88, JD
    Review - Richard Wigmore for The Daily Telegraph (UK)
    Review - Jonathan Yungkans for the Inkpot    
    Review - Allan Ullrich, for the S.F. Examiner    

6/5/00 - Second page of recital photos from 3/25 - Courtesy of Melanie and Joseph Previte. June 5 being her birthday, friends celebrated her confirmed continuing good health.

5/23/00 - New 2-piano repertoire announced for next May in Montreal, with Nelson Freire, reported by William Hsieh - Details here.

5/19/00 - Argerich-Maisky, Duo Recital - Japan, Nov. 2000 - - Details here.

5/12/00 - Nelson Freire's new CD
Freire's new concert CD  For those interested in Nelson Freire's recordings especially after having heard him in the March 25 Carnegie Hall recital. Carnegie, 3/25/00
  Also, a 2nd list, from CDNow
  And there is more at Tower.
  My Music, a Canadian store with good prices, has some too.
  Here's a BIO on Freire in Portuguese, with interesting photos, including ones of Freire and Argerich (current shot, on bio page, and a 1960s one on the "fotos" page - be sure to click on any photo for enlarged version).
    Tip: To translate pages, try  this site (Systran).  When there, for this one, type the url ( ) into the box and then choose "Portuguese to English"... you'll then see the webpage as it appeared before except that it'll now be in English (more or less!) At least it'll be understandable.

5/8/00 - Live from the Concertgebouw discs, U.S. release 5/9/00.
From live recitals in Amsterdam, in 1978 and 1979.
For U.S. - (, as pricing is good, w/no sales tax):
 Solo recital CD,  Concertos CD (details below also).
    Also available at CDNow:  (Solo) and  (Concertos).
    and at Amazon.
For Europeans - Crotchet, UK, good pricing:
    Solo recital CD (EMI CDC 5 56975 2),  Concertos CD (EMI CDC5 56974 2)
    In Japan, Label Numbers:  TOCE-55101,    TOCE-55102
The solo CD includes works from two recitals - including a rather breathtakingly expressive Chopin Nocturne No. 13 in c, Op. 48, No. 1; the beautiful Ginastera Danza de la Moza donosa, somewhat less mellow than in the Polska CD in the 2nd half, and Ginastera's more 'modern' Danza del gaucho matrero in a driving whirlwind of dance that will likely get you on your feet.
The Bartok and Prokofiev have been heard, in the past, only on Italian pirate CDs.
. EMI Classics News Release also provides audio samples.
  Solo: Included are the Bach Partita no. 2; Chopin Nocturne, opus 48 no. 1; Chopin Scherzo no. 3; the Bartok Sonata; Ginastera Danses Argentinas; the Prokofiev 7th Sonata; a Scarlatti Sonata, L 422 (Kk 141), and the Bach Bourée.
  Concertos: Beethoven PC # 1 ( Concertgebouw Orchestra under Heinz Wallberg, May '78) and Mozart PC #25, K.503 (Netherlands Chamber Orchestra under Szymon Goldberg, Oct '92).
Reviews of both the solo and concerti CDs:
    Review (Solos CD) - Hugh Canning, for The Times [London], 3/19/00>
    Review (Both CDs) - Andrew Clements for The Guardian, 3/24/00
    Review (Solos CD) - Teresa Pieschacón Raphael for Amazon
    EMI's PR (both CDS) - some good info included
    EMI's collected review excerpts (Solos CD)  (PR, of course)
    Review (Solos CD) - Lawson Taitte for Dallas Morning News, 6/13/00
    Review (Concerti CD) - Luca Sabbatini for ClassicsToday
    Review (Solos CD) - Luca Sabbatini for ClassicsToday
    Review (Both CDs) - Fredric Koeppel, for The Commercial Appeal, Memphis
    Review (Both CDs) - Richard Dyer, for Boston Globe
    Review (both CDs) - Ira Rosenbloom for The NY Times, 6/23/00
    Review (Solos CD) - Harold Schonberg for American Record Guide
    Review (Concerti CD) - John Beversluis for American Record Guide
    Review (Both CDs) - John Sunier for Audiophile Audition
    Review (Both CDs - Allan Ulrich, for the S.F. Examiner, 5/00
    Review (Both CDs - Gramophone, Bryce Morrison, 4/00    
    Review (Solos CD) - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot
    Review (Concerti CD) - Jonathan Yungkans for Inkpot    

Gramophone excerpts (seen at Tower) -
    4/00, p.102 - "...Argerich's Bach is of the most concentrated clarity and musicianship ... her entire performance is ... lucid ... exploratory ... her improvisatory flair in Chopin's [Nocturne in C minor] is remarkable ...'safety first' was never Argerich's maxim..."
    4/00, p.102: "... as happy in the ... economy of Mozart as in the tempermental storms of the romantics, Argerich gives us Mozart's Concerto [25th] ... in as radiant, vital and carefree a performance as any ... [In the Beethoven] you can only wonder at such nimbleness and engagement... "

4/9/00 - EMI Haydn PC #11/Beethoven PC #2 with Argerich directing the London Sinfonietta is available again, this time at Crotchet, in the UK, for about $11.50 + shipping.

2/23/00 - Grammy Award: Solo Instrumental Album With Orchestra: "Prokofiev: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 3; Bartok: Piano Concerto No. 3," Martha Argerich, pianist.   The really stunning Shostakovich Trio CD should have won also, but Mark Swed called this one.

12/28/99 - Amazon joins Gramophone in naming Argerich "Artist of the Year"
adding that "There were plenty of great classical-music discs this year, but no artist dominated the genre like Argentinean pianist Martha Argerich.  In a handful of new recordings, Argerich brought a technical brilliance and unparalleled energy to Mozart, Chopin, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, and others. She's prolific, exciting, and versatile. And we can't wait to see what she has in store for 2000."

11/22/99 - Amazon release for Dec 7 "Rabinovitch: Incantations, etc / Rabinovitch, Argerich, et al .
  Also now at CD Universe where it lists others on the CD as: "Toda (Vln)/Rabinovitch (Pno)" and "Lehel/Radios Budapest Sym Orch" - and at Tower which has more details. Several ensembles. Special Order item
    Review - Jed Distler for ClassicsToday (has CD photo most online stores omit)
    Review - Paul Geffen, customer response at Amazon

11/6/99 - Argerich/Perlman Play Beethoven/Franck, EMI Classics 56815.
Also at MyMusic,Canada for $12.90
This was from a live performance, July 30, at the Saratoga Festival recital, of the Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 9 ("Kreutzer") and the Franck Sonata for Violin and Piano in A.
    EMI PR - backgrounder
    Review - Rob Cowen for The Independent, 12/3/99
    Review - Mark Swed, for the Los Angeles Times, 12/19/99
    Review - Bergen Times, NJ, 1/27/00
    Review - Jason Verlinde for Amazon
    Review - ClassicsToday
    Review - Gramophone, Edw.Greenfield, 3/00    
Some wonderfully inspired playing from this duo, playing together for the first time, with the few bumps of any live performance.   I'm looking forward to more from them.
At Amazon: $11.88 now (linked on top line), and also at CDNow ($13.99).

10/19/99 - Gramophone: Artist of the Year, and Concerto Category Award (for the Chopin CD).

8/14/99 - Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky: Trios / Argerich, Kremer, Maisky
CD Now:  $14.99  as of 01/01 (linked above).   DG #459326 - Released 8/10/99. Shipping: within 3 days.
Recorded at Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo, in May 1998
    Review - Mark Swed, for the Los Angeles Times, 12/19/99
    Review - San Francisco Examiner, re Grammy chances, 2/4/00
    Review - The Independent (UK)
    Review - ClassicsToday
    Review - by Jason Verlinde for Amazon, and by Amazon customers
    Review - The Flying Inkpot, Singapore. A fun e-zine by non-professionals.
                    Feature: You can add your own comments
    Review - Gramophone, 10/99, DSG
        Doesn't appreciate the sardonic hammered anger of grief in finale.

    The Shostakovich Trio is a riveting work -- the extended (very Mahlerian) Largo
     is a masterpiece of writing and the performance is stunning.

" ... their reading of Shostakovich's Second Piano Trio is simply mesmerizing. Each individual musician plays in a most astonishing manner, and as a trio they are very homogeneous and cohesive. There are moments that send shivers down your spine."
    - Michael Ajzenstadt, for The Jerusalem Post, 10/13/99

"The gripping performances of Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich trios by Argerich, Gidon Kremer and Mischa Maisky represent one of the greatest chamber music recordings ever, but they constitute so extreme an interpretation that Grammy voters may opt for Mutter's gorgeous, uncontroversial Beethoven sonatas." [He was right.]
    - Mark Swed, for the Los Angeles Times, 2/20/00

Also at Amazon (as of 10/00) and Tower (as of 10/00).

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