Berkeley, California
Twitter: kindleworld
andrys [at] panix [dot] com

     Blog owner: A Kindle World, 2009 to current time. (Google "kindle blog" for site ranking.)
     Website design and support, 1997-2011, PCs and Macs
      UC Berkeley HOU Project Manager, 2002 through 2006.

   Certified Novell Engineer certification 1994. Netware 4.x certification-upgrade 1997
        Microcomputer network support from 1991 to 2001
            Hardware/software installation and support for Novell and Windows 9x, NT networks,
            database set-ups, Internet installations and personalized training at all levels for businesses.
            Web design involving manual HTML coding, Javascript, and manipulation of images
            to balance quality and load time, with attention to cross-browser issues.

   PROGRAMMING PROJECTS 1986-1991 - Clipper, using C subroutine calls
        Novell  Network projects as consultant/programmer

        General Ledger system for Dimento-Lyall, Inc., for Fleischmann's Yeast
            Consultant/Programmer   Feb '88 to Oct. '90
   Developed Payroll program used in 16 cities.  Converted PC data to Bank of America mainframe format.  Provided end-user support in connection with a 3-server network.
        Database Search program for PG&E Diablo Canyon Rate Case - Tenera / Bechtel Corp.
            Associate Consultant   Apr. '87 to Dec. '87
   Programmed main databases and reports for PG&E rebuttal of the 17,000-page Public Utilities Commission's Public Staff Department report recommending disallowance of $4.4 billion in Diablo Canyon costs.  The project involved work on 20 computers and general PC support for several units involved in the case.
  Result: New Independent Safety Committee, DCISC + PG&E assigned 100% financial risk.
       PC tracking-analysis of electrical cables and raceways for cogeneration
          power plant for Impell Power Projects     Applications Developer   Sept. '86 to Apr. '87
   Using Clipper and dBASE III+, my design tool and construction aid for Impell's California cogeneration projects analyzes data for possible improper routing or overfill conditions and identifies cable requirements for each project.  Customized and patterned after a mainframe program, it saved Impell $30,000-$50,000 per project relative to mainframe costs.

    Photography, music, history, psychology