Martha Argerich, through the years

    At sixteen
Photo at right: At age 16, when Argerich won the Busoni and Geneva competitions

An 80s photo ~1980         19651965

The picture above is from the time of the Chopin Competition, 1965.

Photo Credits: Photo at above left, from Philips (1980) ;   the right on the right, from a page about the Busoni International Competition (1957) at  I don't know the source of the 1965 Chopin Competition photo, though.

              A good musical moment


    Photo right: Beppu Festival, 1998

      From that festival also,
          click to see
              a photo from Argerich's
              open masterclass

Left photograph above is probably a DG one.
The ones at the right and below are from: "Argerich's Music Festival Beppu '98 &'99" - Japan

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