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From Photos of Peru, May '97 - Andrys Basten

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At Home's "Making Pictures Gallery Archives" as of April 16, 1999. This page is mainly for friends interested in how the AtHome gallery looks. The weekly galleries and archives are part of At Home's OnLine Newsletter/Magazine for members of this cablemodem ISP. Large emphasis on photos and multimedia, as cablemodems are considerably faster than phone modems.
Cover page of the "Making Pictures" section, edited by Evan Nisselson, who doubles as the whimsical staff photographer for the Weekly "HomeGrown" magazine online.
    Don't forget to click on thumbnail images on the left when you want to see the medium-sided versions.
Two women of Arequipa.This is one of the interesting page-layouts for showcased AtHome websites.
    Their "HomeGrown" issue used 12 shots, showing only tiny numbered options while displaying a preview of the photo for the number under your mouse cursor. In this case, the little baby with bonnet is highlighted from a scene at the Puno train station.
Arequipa's Colca Canyon - Condor Pass
On AtHome's picture galleries, each photo is enlargeable to a quite large one, as on my own Peru site. This simulation you're viewing was made mainly for curious friends. Clicking on the thumbnail images to the left brings AtHome's medium-sized pictures but not the clickable larger ones at their site (using their red zoom buttons).
Taken from a bus window at Colca Canyon.
The smaller photo below it and to the right is just whatever's indicated by the mouse cursor happening to be over photo #5, which was taken on the Island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca, near Puno. As you can see, Peru is color-intense.
The Uros - floating islands on Lake Titicaca
The stone head in the preview square at the bottom, right, is from Taquile Island also.
Sacred Valley, Cusco area, dusk
The llama's head in the preview box comes from a Machu Picchu photo. The Elph has a slow f/4.5 lens but it did an unexpectedly good job with the low light at the end of day.
Taquile Island - a trip to the past, no electricity, cars, etc.
The small preview box or inset holds part of a picture from Pisac which does seem to fit the larger photo.
    The light in this picture has the quality of a slide when viewed online via our monitors, but I scanned only from prints rather than from slides or negatives, the latter two, with more tonal range than prints, able to give even more luminous results.


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