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From Photos of Peru, May '97 - Andrys Basten

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Machu Picchu from the Watchman's Hut area above
This is a section from a stock shot of Machu Picchu's Wayna Picchu mountain, but I used Paintshop 5 to zoom in on the scanned image and eliminated the mountain portion usually seen, to focus on the plaza area. More details at the actual Peru pages of course.
This llama starts the virtual trip at my regular Peru pages.
Closeup of the llama's cute face is in the preview box
    AtHome's editors improved the tonal quality of my badly exposed and grainy photo, at the expense of some sharpness but I like the elimination of that dotty grain.
Family at Pisac Market, in Cuzco's Sacred Valley.
Colorful Pisac area hats are certainly different from the bowler hats popular in other sections of Peru (example just below).
This was taken from the train window as we left Puno.
The train ride from Puno to Cusco took over 10 hours, due to (not unusual) emergency engine replacements, and was unbelievably bumpy. We were able to enjoy magnetic scrabble, though, and I imagine that would be a good ad for the Scrabble maker. The inset is from a photo earlier at Colca Canyon.
View from Taquile Island's steps, about 2/3rds up.
Note that the inset is a view of one of the gateways from the other side as we were going up the 500+ steps at the high altitudes of Lake Titicaca (about 13,000 ft above sea level).
This was taken at Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, outside Cusco, near the top of those steps (Peru loves steps). You can see the familiar stone work of the Incas from another perspective.

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