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From: Jeremy Cook <> Subject: Re: RMCR Group Photo Captions Date: 11 Apr 2000 00:00:00 GMT Organization: - Before you buy. Newsgroups: . . . No charge, but remember, you get what you pay for! Here goes: #1 - Neil, his envelope brimming with pilfered wallets and wrist watches, insincerely admits defeat in the Boulez debate with Paul. Paul, flushed with victory, fails to notice that this diversionary tactic has allowed Patrice no only to make off with his wallet, but also to plant a cell phone in his jacket pocket, leading to his early expulsion from the recital. Sanda prays for patience while politely enduring Dennis' repeated requests to identify whether it is his right or left profile that makes him "look more like Clark Gable." Carl just can't wait to have a go at the Marmite. #2 - Helen, apparently familiar with husband Jeffrey's occasional erratic behavior, tries to pretend she doesn't know him as he inexplicably begins snapping photos of himself. Roger, fearful of being the victim of satirical Usenet postings, once again does nothing out of the ordinary. The ever-vigilant Bob still has his back to the wall. Carl, resentful over my having received the ceremonial jar of Marmite, and jealous over the accompanying attention, is caught expressing his disdain for me behind my back. Dennis, positively brimming with youthful joie de vivre after having convinced himself that he indeed does resemble Clark Gable, startles Patrice by delivering a naughtily-aimed pinch. Sent via Before you buy.