Canon Digital Elph S400 - From 3/21/03 - 8/21/03

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The first hour of Elph arrival at LHS on March 21, 2003                                   First "Photostitch" attempt (May 8, 2003)

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1. LHS Goats Day (April 21)  -  2. Favorite scenes  -  3.Rose Day (May 7)  -  4.Macro Tests
5-12. Views of bay-light changes, Misc



More views (May)

Conference 2003

LHS Forces of the Bay Staff Preview

LHS Forces of the Bay Staff Preview

Favorite scenes, at PBase, for now.

Late Oct '03

Early Nov '03
Tala, Nov '03
Dec '03 at LHS

The wonderful owners of Little Hunan in Berkeley (125 Berkeley Square), April 23, 2003.  Wok-cooking at 400-degrees!

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