More Bay scenes - August 2003

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The bay photos were shot between 6:30pm-8pm, mostly from my work window, behind glass.
    The 1st, 7th, 8th pics and 17th shot are from the parking lot areas, which have great views.

On the m_082103 shots (August 21, 2003) - third row:
    Re the eerie greenish color closer up:  when you look at the full-view
that precedes these, in which the under-layer is greenish, the top sky above the
white clouds is a brilliant blue, which means the color, overall, is accurate.
    I noticed the pale green under-layer that night.
    With a zoom lens focusing on nothing else, it looks
    as if we're on another planet  

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Photos: Copyright 2003 Andrys Basten

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