Glen Yuke Family Gathering 11/99 (3)

Frances illustrating something to Betty

Joe and Larry
Frances'  Joe and their neighbor Larry looking very serious, as usual   ;-)

    As always, clicking on any picture gives you the enlarged version of the shot.
    For a closer look, zooming in on the center portion from this APS 4 x 6 print (on grainier ISO 400 film an hour before sundown), here's another enlargement.

Joe and Larry, tasters Only for people curious about the APS lens capability of the Canon Elph 2, here's a  huge file-enlargement of this photo.

    Caution: The enlargement is over 600K and takes a 56K modem about 3 minutes to download.

    There's also a smaller enlargement (about 25 seconds to download instead of 3 minutes).

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