Patrice Mathews - Review

Rostropovich-Richter Beethoven DVD

Joyce Hatto hoax
The Glenn Gould Collection - DVD
Glenn Gould Collection: 3 DVDs

11-CDs: $29.99

4-CDs: $16.99
Freddy Kempf: Liszt '12 Transcendental Etudes' - A lyrical and wild ride Sergio Fiorentino: Liszt '12 Transcental Etudes' - Beautiful clarity and shading

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Amazon's ~365 Classical Music Videos on DVD
HMV-Au's ~200 classical DVDs
iclassics classical DVDs
Amazon-UK and Amazon-Germany - VHS/DVD searchboxes
CD Universe Music Videos - Search  (Laser Discs also)
Parnassus: rare for U.S.

Tower Videos - VHS/DVD Main UK page - generic
Video Masterclass Archives - $ but Free samples
Crotchet's PAL format videos - Search
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Individuals/Groups (conductors, soloists)
Performer On VHS On DVD Books*
Art of Piano (several) Yes No No
Leonard Bernstein Yes Try Yes
Sergiu Celibidache Yes Try No
Chicago Symphony-Telecasts Yes Try No
John Eliot Gardiner Yes Try No
Nikolaus Harnoncourt Yes Try Yes
Seiji Ozawa Yes Try Yes
Georg Solti Yes Try Yes
Arturo Toscanini Yes Try Yes
Herbert Von Karajan Yes Try Yes
Bruno Walter Yes Try Yes
Argerich/Abbado (Strauss) Yes - No
Argerich & Friends (1)
   (DVD (30% off, in stock)
- Yes No
Argerich - general Yes Try No
Claudio Arrau Yes Try Yes
Alfred Brendel Yes Yes Yes
Maria Callas Yes Try Yes
Van Cliburn  (and Int'l) Yes Try Yes
Jacqueline Du Pre Yes Try Yes
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Yes Try Yes
Glenn Gould Yes Try Yes
Friedrich Gulda (DVD) Yes Try No
Horowitz Yes Try Yes
Kissin 'Gift of Music'
    (VHS and DVD)  Review
Yes Try No
Kissin Y in Tokyo Yes - No
Kissin: Tchaikovsky/Karajan - See below No
    Above VHS is 'special order.'
Murray Perahia Yes Try No
Sviatoslav Richter, "CBC" Yes Not Likely No
Sviatoslav Richter, "Enigma" Yes Not Likely Yes
Arthur Rubinstein Yes Try Yes
Andras Schiff Yes Try No
Miscellaneous Forms
Ballet Yes Try Yes
Concertos Yes Try Yes
Conductors, Art of (etc) Yes Try Yes
Opera Yes Try Yes
Orchestras Yes Try Yes
Piano Yes Try Yes
Quartets Yes Try Yes
Recitals Yes Try Yes
Singing, Art of [LD] ? Try Yes
Singing, Art of [VHS] ? Try Yes
    (Try "art of singing" at Tower's VHS Title Search for details).
Symphonies Yes Try Yes
Video Masterclass Archives Yes No No

To search Amazon for other artists, use last name,
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You may also be interested in a listing of newer classical-music books.  

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The inexpensive Koneman urtext sheet music books
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Buy.Com is known for its very competitive
, on music, videos, electronics, books, etc.
MUSIC (Classical, more or less)
Use *SEARCH* at top there "by Artist" to find artist products

Also, Clearance store.     NY Times Bestsellers 50% off
Books  and  Electronics   at lower Buycom prices

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Amazon.Com's Sheet Music and scores General
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For CDs not available in the U.S. or if accessing from Europe, I recommend U.K.'s Crotchet.
They have a good selection, an excellent search engine, and very reasonable pricing.

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