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CHINS (Leongs, Tongs, Jans also)

    B. C. Chin Family Album, 1921-1932  (A work in progress...)

    Terry Tong - an article in the San Francisco Chronicle,
        November 11, 1999
        Terry is the husband  of  May Tong, one of
        the sisters of Gladys Yuke, my mom.

    Brother Glen and I, from Terry Tong's Chin Family Album

    The Kurups, Leongs, and Chins Welcome Tala   !

    Other family events at my PBase area.


    A Yuke gathering at cousin Mary Ann Sing's home, July '99


    Tracie and Sarah - clips from first video internetted to Glen
    A Family Gathering, Nov '99   (just started, more later)
    Other holiday photos

    I'll be adding to these, slowly.

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