Freddy Kempf on CD
This webpage was started in 1999 to help give Freddy Kempf's playing a larger audience.
His playing has done that!  Please see his official page with IMG Artists for Current News!
  (Updated May 2017 tho' this page needs serious updating in general)

This page remains here for news through 2004 to give background for those attending his concerts
and will have special updates from time to time, so keep a bookmark to check for those.
    For example, see links below to his blog for a website in Asia, a fun read.

Freddy Kempf Trio's Beethoven "Archduke" and Op. 1,#3 trios.
"...represents its pianist's finest playing on disc to date"
  - ClassicsToday (a ' 10/10 ' rating)."

Currently available at Crotchet

Freddy's Chopin Etudes CD
"...extraordinary quality ... fiendish study exercises
often seem like poignant and pictorial music."
  - David Vickers, for The Guardian

Prokofiev CD - recent release
"Kempf combines sensibility with technical bravura"
  - Geoff Brown, for The Times.


A Russian TV documentary on Kempf shows him reflecting
on his life since the Tchaikovsky Competition in June 1998

Older schedule of concerts, recordings,
a good sample of Kempf's active repertoire
  See Current Schedule at the IMG Artists site

Freddy Kempf's BLOG on a site in Asia and
his calendar/schedule for for that continent.

Chopin Etudes CD released in the UK March 29, 2004
and in the US & Canada April 6, 2004.

Prokofiev CD released in the UK Sept. 2003
and now in the US and Canada

Liszt CD released.  Haven't seen U.S. reviews.

Chopin and Beethoven CDs .



The Tchaikovsky Competition story

Hear two Encore pieces, live, here.
Kreisler/Rachmaninov "Liebesleid"
Schumann's "Warum"

Hear several pieces in live performance
including the Schumann Toccata and
Rachmaninov Sonata #2 (orig), mvmt 1

Photo page

Where you can find Freddy Kempf's CDs

Click on photos for CD, info, reviews.

        Chopin Etudes
Released March 29, 2004

Concert Review

        Prokofiev CD
        Sept. 2003


Franz Liszt: Freddy KempfLiszt Transcendental Etudes

Freddy Kempf Plays Chopin


The Beethoven CD

Click on photos for CD info, reviews.

The Robert Schumann CD

Click on photos for CD info, reviews.

Click on CD covers to get more information.

Availability of  Freddy Kempf's CDs can be checked at this page

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