Guestbooks for Andrys' sites

Thanks for signing my guestbook.   (You can also browse older ones.)

Guestbooks, latest first:

Please ADD your thoughts or questions if you've the time.

  You can view the current guestbook, such as it is,
but the latest was just started mid-November 2006.

        Thanks for your feedback.

OLDER, for browsing only
(but I appreciate any feedback or suggestions).

Here's the last guestbook as backed up in May 2005.
    It covers Jan. 22, 2002 through May 30, 2005.
    June through August 2005 period was lost.
      Apologies to those who took the time to leave notes.

. You can also browse the 2-1/2 year guestbook used before
  went kaput November 30, 2001.  These guestbooks include both
  travel- and music-page feedback and are here in case you have
  questions that may have been answered by others previously.

. Here's the 2nd page of the 2-1/2 year guestbook - The guestbook was started
 after I did my PhotoDiary for the Machu Picchu/Peru trip.  I added the music sites after that.


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