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Andrys Basten's

General and Computer Page

Last large update: July 27, 2009
Small update: January 12, 2017

Updated VIRUS COVERAGE PAGES just below.  July 27, 2009
Removed old ads  July 27, 2009

Earlier changes:
Added section: General info reference - encyclopedias online, 12/3/06
Added a how-to site (CSS/HTML) and
  an interactive CSS tutorial
    in HTML Tutorials area, 11/20/06
Added DNSstuff page in DNS section, 9/2/06
Dropped Visual Server Tracerout Demo (deleted)
and added excellent tracerouter.
Added more free machine-translation pages

OLD but worth knowing: Sober Worm and
(Sasser net worm spreads via website clicks)

Computer Virus News
from Software Industry Today

CNet's Anti-Virus info page

Microsoft's security page, to make up for its own holes

Anti-virus software, worm info from

* OLD, still active KLEZ * worm.  2 best stories I've seen on this worm/virus are at Wired.Com and at News.Com

Also, see
the dangers of FALSE virus-alerts sent by Paul Revere types. ***

Check the  * REAL Hoaxes *  section of this page.

How to track who's sending you spam

Highly recommended:
Protect your computer from spy-software that watches what you do and where you go. Get Ad-Aware, ALSO at:         Also,  FAQs     Features

Free:  I'm not affiliated with these sites.    Highly recommended tho'.

    I've placed here selective links to articles and to areas on the Internet that I've found particularly useful or at least interesting for both business and home users.

    Some of the links to free sites may still require registration before the information can be accessed.

* General Interest: *
    Travel, Addresses, Cars, Learning sites,
      Product-Comparisons, General Reference sites
  • *QuickJump to GENERAL Interest section*
  • *QuickJump to general VIRUSES section*
  • Reminders/news/viewpoints:
    Reminder: Don't open *.vbs or *.exe or *.doc attachments or any you're not expecting. (Go to Viruses section for more of the same.)

    Older, but continuing examples of reasons
    to get IE/Windows Updates regularly:

  • IE browser bug - gives webpages your data, passwords if Netscape is default browser. 5/9/00
  • Malicious web-link requests, explained - InfoWorld
        Cert advisory on malicious weblink requests, etc.
        Also, Cert FAQ - Questions/Answers re what to do
  • Win 2000 Security patches - 3/31/00, some have not done this.

  • FAST  Internet Access (General)
        SHIELD your pc - Free - Steve Gibson . Excellent
        Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
        Security issues of broadband access - ZDNet
        Internet access, a comparison - SF Chron, 4/8/99
        What ever happened to DSL? - Computer User, Sep 2002
        How it works and where it's available, ZDNet
    See "Sharing an Internet Connection" in cablemodem section.
    Cable Modem / DSL:
        Guide - basic info, pitfalls, how-to's, ZDNet
        Optimize your cable modem speed>
        (registry tweaking, carefully)
        Line speed tests Down/Up at DSL Reports site
            Very good.
        MSN's net test - very good also
        A simpler, and conservative, download SpeedTest
        CableModem Reference - Ostergaard
        CableModem Help page - good!   Also,
            and Sharing cable modem connections
        Sharing an Internet connection - DSL, cablemodem, etc.
        How to share cable modem or DSL on multiple pc's
        How to find your network card's MAC address   *New*
    Satellite:   Guide   and   How it works

  • Y2K - Year 2000 links for companies still seeing Y2K oddities:

  • Older Miscellaneous, still useful items kept here for now:
  • Iomega external Jaz drives - safety hazard ! - Bugnet
  • Microsoft's WebTV - My brother, Glen, likes his.
  • General Interest:
    Exactly what time is it?
        Get the Naval Observatory time
  • Air travelers:
              LowestFare - Good, easy to use
              LowAirFare (Fly4Less.Com) - Agents online.
        (1)  Travelocity - highest Nielsen NetRating
        (2)  Preview Travel - Nielsen NetRating #2
        (3)  Expedia Travel - Nielsen NetRating #3
               their Hotel Search - in city, near airport, etc.
        (4)  Trip Planner, by Nat'l Geographic
        (5)  SmarterLiving Hotel Search
            - Finds good hotel rates. When on results-page,
              choose their "click here" to get contact info
        (6)  Motel 6 - Basic rooms, inexpensive
        (7)  SmarterLiving Discount fares - General
        (8)  Cheap Tickets - Find discount air tickets
        (9)  "4Airlines" - "Find lowest priced airfare"
        (10)  TravelWeb - Hotels, flights, rates & availability
            - search and make reservations;
        (11)  The Ultimate Trip Planner- advice for each place
        (12)  Real-time Flight Tracker - Check friends' flights
            - Here's FlightView's version also.
               FlightView has more dependable graphics-view.
        For Travel (Int'l), see end of this section.
  • Travel references:   Essential phone #'s, etc.
        Also, U.S./Int'l AOL & Compuserve numbers

  • Addresses: Infospace - Most likely to yield a find.
  • Addresses: "All-in-One's" People-Searcher
  • Addresses: infoUSA - Reverse-phone lookups too (Commercialized)
  • Addresses: E-Mail and Snail-mail (NetCenter) - Complete, easy to use
  • Addresses: E-Mail and Snail-mail (TheUltimates site) - Very nice
  • Addresses: Homepage (and E-mail address) Finder - using full name
  • Addressing Help - "National Address Server" - adds zipcode, formatting, and map to any valid otherwise full address.
        Also, the U.S. Post Office's own zipcode lookup.
        Or just look up zipcode for city, state.    *NEWER*
  • Addressing - Shipment Tracking:  FedExpress, UPS,
        Airborne, DHL
  • AnyWho's Reverse-Lookup - Provides name/address info for phone numbers (if listed)
        Also, Freeality's Reverse Phone & E-mail lookups, etc.
  • Area Code/City/Country Lookups: (1) Americom (hard to reach);
        (2) UCSD's, by number ; (3) UCSD's, by state/country
  • Area Codes' "Telephone Prefix Locator" by area code and by state
  • AllExperts.Com - Ask volunteer experts with good backgrounds.
        Site gets good press.
  • AT&T's Toll-Free 800# directory
  • BookWire Index - Lots of info on current book scene
  • Books and writing: The Writers' Well - good resources
  • Cars: Kelley Blue Book, Edmund's, CarPrices,
        TheCarPlace reviews, AutoSite, AutoShopOnline
        Consumer Guide's New-autos Guide and their Used-autos Guide
  • Classmates Finder - Register free to be found but $ to mail others.
        Fee to mail people is a drawback, as is the awkward setup.
  • Companies: Business Listings - BigYellow's 16 million
        The faster text-version
  • Company Profiles (Business Info Sources on the Net) and
        Hoovers Online
  • Comparison sites:     (Some relatively NEW)
        (1) CompareNet - audio/cars/services/appliances/home-ofc
        (2) DealTime - searches stores, auctions, classifieds
        (4) MySimon searches w/Virtual Learning technology
  • Consumer Guide Magazine-Best Buys, with reviews - Free
  • Consumer:   Photo/Video equip. mail-order companies -
        Blondin's excellent customer-survey
  • The Consumer Watchdog - Interesting budding site by a NY law firm
  • "Convert it!" - Convert just about anything to anything
  • Currency Converter (The Universal);   Also, CNN's
  • Desk Reference: "All-in-One's" collection
  • Geographica - Info on all parts of the globe
  • Grocery Stores/Delivery:   HomeGrocer   Peapod
  • "Investing 101" - L.A. Times's basic tutorial by Kathy M. Kristof
  • Investing: Cyberspace as an Investment Tool - good overview
  • Fed'l Web Locator - gov't info on web
  • Health Info on the Web - Finding good sites - ZDNet, 5/31/99
  • How Stuff Works - Terrific
  • Infoplease.Com - Great - an infomaniac's delight
  • Learn2... - How to do almost anything:
        especially the things people forgot to tell us. Fantastic.
  • Legal resources: Counsel Quest and FindLaw - excellent
  • MAPs: Driving Directions: (1) Yahoo,   (2) MapQuest,
        (3) MapBlast and Google maps - Click on "Satellite" too!
  • Maps: World Cities
  • Medline searches (advanced) with full-text results.
        Medline is free and an amazing resource
  • MoverQuotes - Get/Compare instant moving price quotes for moves
  • National Geographic Magazine
  • OneLook Dictionaries - I especially like WordNet's fuller examples
  • The Reference Desk's "My Virtual Reference Desk"
        a goldmine for information buffs
  • Search Pathfinder magazine articles (Time, etc.)
  • Smithsonian Institution - good educational resources
  • Translating webpages:
        Free Translation - full pages of long articles
        Google's translation area
        AWEsome int'l news translator
            Scroll down that page for webpage translater
              Works better with Mozilla Foxfire
              Sometimes pages don't come up though!
        Many in one (includes Turkish<->English
        WorldLingo and Systran/AltaVista
            Both good, but not full pages of long articles.
  • Travel (Int'l): (1) Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory;
        (2) State Dept. Travel Warnings , Counsular Info Sheets;
        (3) Guidebooks: which ones?; (4) Travel Notes
        (5) Learn language by hearing the words - (real audio needed)
        (6) Translating dictionaries - no conjugation help
  • World Clock/Calendar, etc.
  • Hypertext lists of free online newspapers, domestic and international:
  • Newslink - American Journalism Review's hypertext list of over 3600 newspapers worldwide - excellent
  • "My Virtual Newspaper"- an amazing 1-page resource for news buffs, starting with weather information sources
  • 8,000 News Links - Comprehensive!
  • Newspapers - U.S., daily - San Diego Daily Transcript's listing
  • Comparison shopping (computer-related) - ongoing, general online reviews:
  • Cnet's reviews
  • CNet: Shopper.Com - Best prices, from several vendors - compare
  • Infoworld's Test Center
  • ZDNet's Tech Update
  • PC World's reviews
  • ZDNet's reviews and review-finder

    DIGITAL CAMERA REVIEWS (excellent detail)
  • DPreview's Digital Camera News & Reviews
  • Steve's DigiCams
  • Digital Camera Resource Page

  • See Tutorial section below also
  • Megapixel's Monthly DigiCam mag

    [Less General] (See Archives also)

  • The CPU Guide from Tom's Hardware Guide - very detailed.

  • Manufacturer reference searches:
  • Locate manufacturer tech support
    " is your one-stop-shop for locating Technical Support Contact Information"
  • Top notebook vendor support phone #'s - PC Mag
  • Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell" for specific hard drive models and display extensive information, such as heads, sectors, cylinders, form factor, height, interface type, encoding, and more" (incldg jumper settings) - free
  • Artisoft 's (Lantastic, etc.) "Technical Support Services"
  • Creative Labs - KnowledgeBase - SiteMap
  • HP's Printers & Digital Imaging - Products & Svcs;
          Drivers and Software - Also FAQs, Q&A
          An HP Support Forum     *NEWER*
  • Iomega's "Tech Support for your stuff"
  • Microsoft's Tech Support Knowledge Base + links to downloads, faqs (free registration required)
  • NetWare Users International's "NUI Technical Forums"
  • FAQ - Novell Listserv - Excellent
  • Novell's "Support Section"
  • File-download sites - Manufacturer (Updated Drivers, etc.)
  • "Versions!" - sends you e-mail each time the developer of a product you've chosen offers an upgrade.
  • - 70,000 files. Rare ones too.   *NEW*
  • Walbeehm's Win95_Version_Updates and
        Win98_Version_Updates - *Amazing*
  • Brad's Internet Help & Resources Site - excellent
  • Creative Lab's "Drivers/Patches"
  • CTL3D32.DLL and other Support Files needed for
        several programs -
  • DLL Archive - useful for that missing or bad DLL
  • The Driver Zone - links to manufacturers' driver download areas
  • Frank Condron's driver-update info
  • Intelligraphics' "Driver Finder" - direct links to manufacturer download page
  • MS Office(97) Update page     *Fix those bugs*
      MS Office(97) FAQs and highlights
  • Security patches - 1/31/00
  • MS WINDOWS Updates (all OS versions) - Download and install Microsoft's updates for your computer
  • Direct to MS Updates for your current version     *NEWER*
  • Microsoft's Support Drivers, Patches & Service Packs", etc.
  • Novell's support forums
  • Novell's "Minimum Patch List"
  • Novell's Updates
  • Novell's "Top 20 File Downloads"
  • Novell's "New Files This Week"   and New this month
  • Novell files - Utah State U mirror site, plus
  • PC Computing: Computing resources
  • File-download sites - general
  • Freeware Home - nicely-organized freeware
  • Cnet's "Download.Com" - easy to use, 25 items per page, categories browsing at top
  • Cnet's "" - no categories browsing at top - focusing on New or Most Popular, and then by platform - good descriptions
  • TechWeb's "" - being reorganized
  • ZDNet Software Library ("Hotfiles) - "over 10,000" with generally good descriptions, some reviews, and ranking added
  • DaveCentral - well organized
  • Winsite - large site for Windows software
  • Jumbo, nicely organized files, but a slow process, and sometimes strangely limited, though they boast 200,000 files
  • Simtel - Walnut Creek CDROM's software archive
  • "Where to Find Shareware on the Web" - NetGuide's Michelle Schoenung, July 18 '97
  • The Reference Desk's "Free Stuff" - a large list of free offerings on the Internet
  • SAX - Shareware Author IndeX: home pages, reviews, etc.
  • File-download sites - Internet apps/utilities
  • Consummate Winsock Apps - Stroud's superb Internet software-comparison/reviews site, with downloadable files.
  • TUCOWS - an alternative to CWA/Stroud's reviews
  • Finding [better] Internet Service Providers - Internet guidance
  • What to remember when considering a new ISP - Anchordesk, 12/28/99     *NEWER*
  • Articles/Tips on finding another ISP
  • Internet Traffic Report - Monitoring of data flow around the world.
  • Info Columns/Features:
  • "Help!" - a good How-To and Info area from ZDNet
  • "Best of Internet Tourbus" articles, folksy
  • General Interest reference pages (free)
  • HighBeam's Encyclopedia
        leads to related newspaper/magazine articles, also free
  • Columbia Encyclopedia 6th Ed - 51,000 entries
  • Bartleby's multiple reference sources online
        includes the quotations feature
  • Microsoft Encarta Online - 4,500 articles
  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian
  • Wikipedia - well known participatory reference site
  • Educypedia - ad-free (Belgium), links to online sources
  • Encyclopedia Mythica - Mythology
  • Mything Links - Rich site of mythology links
        Also see other areas of Kathleen Jenks's site.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • MathWorld - for a few of you
  • Browse the 1911 Edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Medline Encyclopedia - 4,000 articles
  • MedlinePlus - info in everyday-speech
  • Also see search sites below
  • Good General Computer/Internet
      Reference/Tutorial pages:
  • "What Is ... ?"Answers to computer and Internet questions. Excellent, illustrated "How the Internet Works" is one feature.
  • Technology Encyclopedia - a very good one, from TechWeb
  • PCWebopaedia - Another encyclopedia, with links - Excellent
  • PC Lube and Tune - introductions, tutorials, etc.
    "Good text site for anyone wanting to learn more about either the basics of computers or the more arcane - from Yale lecturer H. Gilbert's course.
  • Dan Kegel's ISDN page
  • ISDN intro/fundamentals, by PacBell
  • "Kodak's Digital Imaging Fundamentals" - a free online course
  • NYI's Digital Photography Primer - NY Institute of Photography
  • B&H Digital Camera Resolution Guide
  • Digital Camera Pixels/Resolution
  • Wayne Fulton's Scanning Tips - Excellent! Also see Tom Lane's JPEG FAQ
  • Paint Shop Tutorials
  • Adobe Photoshop Tips & Techniques
  • A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop (From Alex Via Sarah Fox)
  • References and Tutorials - HTML/Webpages
  • NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML, Excellent starter
  • "HTML Goodies, by Joe Burns, Ph.D" - Very clear, with a light touch
  • HTML primer by W3Schools
  • HTML Code Tutorial
  • HTML Net - Clear, in-context learning  N E W
  • Interactive CSS tutorial  N E W
  • Schlüter's HTML Ref - GOOD, clear HTML tag reference
  • TagHelp - at Renza's Web Gallery
  • HTML tags - at Webspawner
  • Index to Html/Css - Brian Wilson
  • HTML element reference
  • Dynamic HTML - by Martin Webb
  • Dr. Website's FAQs/Archives - Great!
  • Netscape 4 and earlier HTML tags
  • Netscape Central, for later HTML guides, info
  • MSDN Online Web Workshop
  • Linda Weinman's "Non-Dithering Colors by Hue" - "safe colors" - compatibility
  • The HTML Coded Character Set, a list of code positions and characters of the HTML document character set
  • Spell Online's WebPage-spell-checker (yes)
  • Spellcheck a word or a paragraph
  • WebReference - Good reference site for Webpage makers
  • WebDeveloper - More advanced how-to's
  • CGI, Perl, JavaScript - programs, scripts and other advanced how-to's
  • Steve Hoffman's web imaging (etc) tips - Excellent examples, comparisons
  • References and Tutorials - Windows 95 (and Win3.x when I see any)
  • Windows Annoyances and workarounds -Excellent!
  • References and Tutorials - Unix/Linux
  • (Unix and Linux articles, references, tutorials)
  • 56K Modems - Articles cautioning against overly-high expectations but with advice on how to get very good results:
  • Modem guru John Navas of The Navas Group ... Solutions to modem problems, breaking news, excellent FAQ
  • Concerned about your junk mail? Some excellent ideas in articles in archive:
  • Death2Spam! - article on great antispam program
  • Cauce.Org - EXCellent: latest on how to combat spam    *NEWER*
  • SpamCop - This site sends spam rpts to the right places.
  • (Other Anti-Spam articles, how-to's, etc.)

    Look up mailer/IP/Domain/ISP information:

  • DShield.Org - Intrusion detection
  • DNS Lookup here or here, or a job for Sam Spade -
      input the source IP# to get real hostname/vice versa
  • DNSStuff - various, on one page
  • Arin's WhoIs - domain-source info
  • Internic Whois, the oldest, but very limited now.
  • Mail- and name-servers for an IP#
  • SearchBug - Check validity of e-mail address - Useful.
  • Find out who owns the IP# numbers involved in spam
        Newer, excellent sources:
    Geek Tools for Whom to Contact - good
        DSL Reports - WhoIs - good info
        WebReference: Get ISP MailServer name - excellent
        DNSstuff (works better with #'s)
    See geographic location of the IP#
        (In 95% of cases, it's possible.)
          Most accurate Location getter currently
            The associate maps may show another country!
          IP# Location-Getter & more ID info
          Great trace route utility (free)   *New*
          Another region getter, somewhat buggy
          Alternate IP# Location-getter now requires registration.
    Here are some WhoIs regional registries:
        RIPE - Europe, Asia Pacific
        LACNIC - Latin America/Caribbean
        Country root-zone domain names
  • Older but ultra-reliable traceroute gateway - Trace who provides an IP-address' connectivity ("upstream provider") when Whois info isn't enough
  • Sam Spade's "The Art of Spam-Hunting" page and
        his IP and DNS Tutorial
  • DNS things explained
  • Check domains for problems

    Reporting Fraud:

  • The Internet Fraud Complaint Center
  • The Office of the Inspector General
  • National Fraud Information Center
  • Bugs? Recent big bugs identified, some with workarounds [also see Archive section]:
  • BugNet - excellent bugwatch newsletter, from their free area
  • For those with old software, much Older bug reports (newer ones top of this page) in Archives
  • HOAXES - General (most seen) and also False Virus-Warnings:
  • Check or search these general ones before forwarding hoaxes: Search About.Com's Urban Legends page;
    Search Snopes for Legends;   Also,
    Snopes's general Urban legends/lore;   Hoax-Slayer;   Rosenberger's Internet Myths, Hoaxes;   CIAC's "Internet Hoaxes;  and re specifically VirusHoaxes, check both Computer Virus Myths and Urban Legend's VirusHoaxes.   Also see an easy-browse listing of
    the most common hoaxes.
  • Virus info/warnings:

    * See Current Viruses section at top of page first. *
        *Older* warnings are below:
  • W32/Badtrans-A worm - A bad one - 4/29/01
  • IE security hole launches e-mail attachments
        Microsoft security bulletin for this and Fix. Added story.
  • Destructive NakedWife.exe virus   How to remove it   and an example of the fake video screen it makes - 3/6/01
  • Virus Advice - read regularly - Ha Ha Ha virus etc.
        What to do about a variety of current viruses.
  • Security Portal, check this security site for Virus news

    MAINLY: Don't open *.vbs or *.exe or *.doc attachments or any you're not expecting.
    *Also, watch out for these:
    * BE SURE TO READ * first few.

  • Dangerous IE and Outlook security flaw - can activate when a mail arrives in the queue, not opened.   Downloadable Microsoft fixes:
        E-mail patch     IE Script workaround
  • The KAK virus - Annoying
  • Résume virus (resume.doc, explore.doc + other names) in attachment, deletes key files.  5/26/00   Advice from FBI.
    Again: Don't open *.vbs or *.exe or *.doc attachments or any you're not expecting.
  • New virus (more destructive)
  • "I Love You" virus CHANGED to
        1)  "Fwd: Joke" and "Very Funny"
        2)  Mother's Day notice of billing
              destroys *.ini and *.bat files too, so is worse.
        3) Poses as Symantec anti-virus help
    And more changes will come of course.
  • "I Love You" vbs e-mail virus - **Very Destructive**Description     Symantec's generic instructions for removal - description also
        AVP has updated their software to detect and remove it.
  • Eudora security hole (executables can run w/o a click)
  • That '911' virus (Firkin or Chode)   Also, this background
  • PrettyPark.Exe - Bad one spreading quickly already - 3/3/00
  • ICQGREETING or W32/Mypics.worm.27648 - blank subject-line, 12/10/99
  • W95Babylonia/XMAS.EXE - NY Post Article describing problem
        Advice:   Netwk Assoc  Symantec.
        Virus threat downgraded- 12/10/99
  • Symantec Fix-page - Dangerous
  • Don't open "suppl.doc" e-mail attachment - 9/21/99
  • "" Y2K email can be virus - 9/17/99
  • IE 5 bug. Microsoft says deactivate Active Scripting to avoid - 9/10/99
  • "Thursday" virus (Word97) tries to delete drive on 12/13/99
  • AVP  is highly recommended by John Dvorak, PC Mag and others.
  • "Todie.exe" virus" - CNN/IDG, 8/30/99
  • *Destructive* Bug (IE, ,Outlook, Eudora) - Download the Fix - 8/26/99
  • Fix for latest Excel Y2K error - 8/22/99
  • Caution re "Bill Gates Joke" virus (aka "Monopoly") - 8/11/99;   and more detail from Computer Currents - 8/13/99
  • Mail-"Worm" - Executable [See *.Exe section a bit below.]
    Destroys files while also propagating itself via your messages. Also, NY Times story on how lethal it is and the large companies already affected.
  • Malicious Java programs that can crash Win95/98
        Caution re unknown websites - Cnet, 4/27/99
  • AMD K6-2 CPUs that won't run Win95; Get Fix for Win95,SR2,
        but TechSupport for Win95,SR1 - Bugnet, Dec 3
  • *.Exe - trojan horses - Please note: You could get these
        under ANY executable name:
        "picture.exe" or   Happy99.Exe
        It's an old story. Virus-check any attachment
        and Don't Open or Run Attachments from Strangers.
  • Interesting columns/FAQs and articles:
  • (Other older articles)
  • Computer network articles/references/tutorials
  • (Network articles, references, tutorials)
  • Winsock help:
  • Webster Image's "P.C.'s Help Page" - Winsock
  • (See Archive section for Netcom and Netcruiser specific help.)
  • Unique:
  • Archived/ongoing Win95 and NT forums at - icons indicate type of message
  • Send email to fax machines, by the makers of "Spam Hater"
  • Free general search-engines I use daily (advanced search options chosen):
  • Alta Vista - flexible searching, with date limits, boolean logic available
  • Google - terrific multiple-engine site, finds most-enjoyed by others
  • Infind - fast results, categorized
  • Searchalot - great multiple-engine searcher
  • Dogpile - good multiple-engine searcher, not as smooth as searchalot
  • Deja, now GOOGLE, newsgroup search
      Newsgroup discussions, threaded. These have date-ranges.  This is their advanced page.
      QUICK READing/POSTing, via Google/Deja for     Rec.Music.Classical.Recordings
  • Compuserve Classical Music Forums - Free to web-read/post.
  • Compuserve Music Forums - general info
  • Compuserve Forums (gen'l) - Free to web-read/post.
  • Other general search-engines
  • SearchEngineWatch - Rates, explains search engines
  • Go2Net - effective multiple-engine searcher (metacrawler)
  • Savvy Search - A multiple-engine searcher (beta version)
  • The Reference Desk's "My Search Engines" - 260+, by category and with tips and tutorials on searching
  • All-in-One's "Other" - miscellaneous searcher (some very nice things all on one page)
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