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Older articles plus more specialized sites

(Some section headers are kept for later use.)     This page was downdated 11/10/03

Win98 experiences and cautions (the cautions are numbered)
  • Walbeehm's Win98_Update files - Amazing resource for double-checking for latest files
  • 2) British software finds Win98 not Y2k-compliant - BBC Online, 8/10/98 :-)
  • 7) "Secrets" Livingston, on Win98 disabling competitors' software -CNN, 7/14/98
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  • Comparison shopping - older online reviews:
  • The comparison-shopping section's not being downdated anymore :-)
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  • Manufacturer reference searches:
  • Tom's Hardware Guide - good hardware-level info
  • File-download sites - Manufacturer

    File-download sites - general

    File-download sites - Internet apps/Utilities

    Finding [better] Internet Service Providers - Internet guidance
  • "TheDirectory" of [some] ISPs, by area code - worldwide, with e-mail/webpage info
  • "TheList" of [some] providers by area code -links to ISP profiles with good detail. (Page takes a lot of WinMemory.)
  • Info columns/features:
  • Thom Stark's articles and interviews - meaty articles, with good detail, well-researched if a bit esoteric for some
  • NY Times's "A selective guide to the Internet" by Rich Meislin
  • Good General Computer/Internet Reference-Tutorial pages:
  • Hardware troubleshooting guide - by Morris Rosenthal, full text of his "The Hand-Me-Down PC" - focusing on repairing clones. GOOD.
  • Scott Wainer's excellent System Optimization Information site
  • References and Tutorials - HTML/Webpages
  • Javascript (etc) refs/tutorials
  • Voodoo's Intro to Javascript
  • "Introduction to Java" - IBM Education's free, web-based course
  • Javascript.Com - 450+ JavaScripts, discussion groups, news, etc.
  • Java Boutique - InternetWorld *Newish*
  • CGI, what it is and how to use it/programs - NCSA documentation, tips
  • References and Tutorials - Windows 95 (and Win3.x when I see any)
  • Mark Perkel's "Ms Dos 7 from Win95" article
  • References and Tutorials - Unix/Linux
  • "All about Unix"
  • "Introduction to vi" - from Brown University
  • Introduction to Unix - UC, Davis
  • Getting Started in Unix - Stanford
  • Unix Help for Users - Idaho State University
  • Intermediate Unix Tutorial Notes - U of Rochester
  • Advanced Unix Tutorial 1 - Switzerland
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  • Articles cautioning buyers of 56K modems:
  • 56K and V.90 - SF Chron, Apr 7
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  • Concerned about your junk mail? Some excellent ideas in somewhat older articles below:
  • Scott H. Mueller's "Fight Spam..." - Check out Blacklist info too
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  • Bugs? Viruses? Older bugs identified, most with workarounds:
  • Seagate Backup Exec can Delete files meant for backup
  • Precarious upgrade for notebook NT4.0 users - InfoWorld, Nov 24
  • More safety woes/warnings for IE4.0 - TechWeb, Nov 24
  • IE 4.x/5 DirectDraw Java bug can crash Win95/98/NT - Bugnet, "Ciucci" Nov 6, 1998
  • Y2K - Year 2000 links for pure nostalgia:
        Microsoft's Y2K fixes for Win98
        Microsoft Y2K corrections for Win95 - Text info

    Virus and Other Internet Hoaxes: (not being downdated)
  • Older but maybe still interesting columns/FAQs and articles:
  • Hackers hid data on 485,000 credit cards on U.S. agency web site. 3/17/00
  • IBM Aptiva pcs, manufactured between March 5-17, 1999, infected by CIH virus, April 26 date important on these - ZDNet, 4/6/99
  • Melissa virus copycat already, but worse - CNN, 3/29/99
  • E-mail virus outbreak (Trend Micro fix) - Infoworld, 3/26/99
        and ZDNet's story with McAfee fix
  • Win98 - Microsoft picks up ethernet ID number at registration - Reuters, 3/7/99 ) - Removed from ZDNet
  • Cheaper, fast Internet sooner than thought - Salon 1/14/99
  • PacBell's new super-fast (super-$$) Internet Service-ADSL - SF Chronicle, Nov 13, '97 (still being implemented)
  • Intel Pentium firmware bug threatens web servers - Aardvark Daily, Nov 10
  • Rivals/legislators upset over MS plans for browser on MSWin OS" (good points)
  • "How Microsoft Steals Your Freedom of Choice" - strong words from Annette Hamilton?, Aug 11
  • Computer network articles/references/tutorials
  • Network Computing's 1997 choice for 'best network operating system' - 10/99, article still up
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  • Winsock help

  • HTML version of Ralf Brown's Interrupt List

    Hypertext lists of free online newspapers, domestic and international (these have been hard to reach lately):

    General search-engines

    Of more general interest:

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