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View from an intermediate level on the stairs

FOR THOSE COMING FROM PEARSON/PRENTICE-HALL's World Regional Geography "A Virtual Field Trip for Latin America" link to this webpage, described as "Another Peruvian tour provides us with views of Machu Picchu, of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and much more":
    This actually starts at Peru - Cusco's Sacred Valley, Part I or at Dusk in the Sacred Valley. Here's the starting page for the Machu Picchu tour.  Also, the following links below are highly recommended by me.

    An excellent photo series you should be sure not to miss is Twila Bing's tour of Machu Picchu.   Her Machu Picchu at Dawn is one of the best I've seen in capturing something of the feel of being there.  Also, don't forget to click on the tree in the "facing north-west" shot.  In most shots, she has Captions that tell you where to click to get a related picture with a different perspective; be sure to follow those pointers. Sometimes she has a red dot or little-hand indicators for you to click on and these give you a much better feel for how structures relate to one another in the space that is Machu Picchu.  Really excellent tour

    A. Paul Jenkin's professional series of Peru photographs, as well as his Ancient Art of the Andes, are part of his Other Worlds collection of travel photography from around the world.  Scripting has to be enabled in the browser to see some of the images.
    Unfortunately, the original website is gone. The pages are archived at 'The Wayback Machine' archives.     Nevertheless, you can enjoy several of his still-existing Other Worlds photo-pages, archived by The Wayback Machine

    A beautiful series by Steve Underwood: Lake Titicaca (The Uros, and Taquile Island);  Cusco/Sacred Valley;   and Machu Picchu. Be sure to catch his main World Travel page.

    Here is a photograph by Karl Grobl of  Machu Picchu in early morning light.  Don't miss his beautiful One World series.

    Martin Gray has a well-known Sacred Sites page, and I've linked to some photos from his Latin American Journal, 4th update, Jan' 99 section.  His journey by van along the cliffs of the highlands makes for some absorbing reading.

    (Missing -- A great view of Machu Picchu from Wayna Picchu, showing the sheer drop below the terraces of the Watchman's Hut level and agricultural /royal areas, as well as the general layout and the Ruinas hotel nearby. This was taken by Benjamin Klatsy but no longer online. Please contact me if you find his pages.)  In the meantime, here is possibly the shot by Benjamin Klatsky that I had linked from his pages.

    Another amazing shot from Wayna Picchu shows a structure near the top along with a view from that spot of Machu Picchu. The photo is by Rob Lingelbach and Jenny Lau, whose page of Peru photos includes this stunning shot of Machu Picchu's Agricultural Sector in beautiful light.

    Alan Grinsberg has some beautiful photos in his Peru series of large shots

    For a traveller's perspective, with a well-written, informative journal and practical recommendations plus some lovely photos, check out Mary Dodge's journal of her many trips to Peru.
    This includes the full Lyons Diary of their trip to Peru (the Machu Picchu portion of which enriches my own pages).

    Kevin Murphy and Nancy Chan have a delightful travelogue which covers similar territory to mine (even the customized postcard) but adds some beautiful pictures of the Inca Trail as well as Machu Picchu, plus a trip into the jungle.  I especially like their page formatting and narrative style - great spirit, fun read.

    From Christian Nonis comes Taquile...An encounter with the Children of the Sun - Interesting trip photos that share a page with other islands of Lake Titicaca.

    A unique perspective by Student Missionary Jere Putnam who spent a year in Peru teaching English at the local Language Institute. He came back with some good photos which supplement mine from many of the same places we visited. I especially got a kick out of the smallest stone in the Inca Empire in his Cusco section!

    Here are Colleen Lynn's photos and thoughtful words from her Cusco/Machu Picchu/Arequipa travels.  I was especially struck by her photo of "Steps of Grace".  The journal and photos are a more poetic one than you usually see, a nice mixture of adventure, spirituality, and wonder.  I really like it.  I wish only for an index that goes directly to each area.

    For a striking virtual-tour of Peru, made up of photos they've collected from the Net with permission and credit, see Virtual Peru by Mónica Vela Valdizan and Govert-Jan Mennen.

Fair trade textile/folk art tours
    *New*   Puchkaperu.Com offers tours that focus on the textile and and folk art of Peru and they include exposure to Peru's music, and cuisine. Run by tapestry weaver Sasha McInnes, who grew up in Peru, this is a very classy site, and its offering of 22-day textile/folk art tours is designed to give visitors a more in-depth look at the people who are Peru.

ABOUT PERU - Practical Advice, Travel Information
    I've found the "About Peru:" site an especially well-organized resource for travellers to Peru.  Also, see the umbrella site's Practical Information for travellers to South America.

    The About Archeology site is always an interesting read (one site-guide covers the entire globe's archeological doings).  The week of June 20, '99 features A Home in the Clouds: Machu Picchu

    Don't miss Michael L. Smith's in-depth Peru site and his WebLog.

    Kathleen Jenks has put together a fascinating "Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies ... Sacred Arts & Traditions" at her main site, Mything Links.  She's added a new section on Indigenous Peoples of South America , and visitors here will especially appreciate the ANDES section, under the umbrella page, South America.
    This site is a feast for the eyes and the psyche.  Unbelievably comprehensive, with fun sections on The Lore and History of Chocolate and of Maize, and a beautiful page on Common Themes, East & West: Sacred Theatre, Dance & Ritual.
    In Oct '99 Kathleen added a really beautiful new section on "Landscape: Sacrality & Lore" which "reminds us that Place is as much a guide, teacher, and companion as people are" and that many carry "a deep sense of mystery and wonder connected with ancient lore."  Treating us to her exotic finds which are introduced by her usual erudite commentary, Kathleen invites us to "explore the sacredness, the spirituality, the intelligence of land."   Machu Picchu is of course one of the key places.  Highly recommended.

    Another fascinating and varied Peru resource, created by Florence Deems (and rediscovered 9/28/03) - Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru.
    She's found some rare pages, about Music, Stones, Whistling Vessels and much more.
    Also included are very helpful travel tips and recommended websites.

    You can find a top collection of world-wide travel stories at Rec.Travel Library.

    And for a really fun world-travelogue offered by Kristina Johnson and David Franke, who gave up their jobs to travel for 9 months, coming back with lots of great stories and pictures (and good advice), see their Wired2theWorld site. The one place they haven't seen is Peru, but that's already in the planning stages.

    Of course there are many great sites, and I hope to get a list up once I ever finish the Peru section.

                                        - Andrys Basten   (November 12, 2002)

Peru Photo from Taquile Island: Copyright ©1997 Andrys Basten

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