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Name: jayneE-mail: jaynehodges
City: WilsonCountry: NC
Homepage: Date: 24-Mar-2002 11:41:34

Enjoyed the beautiful pictures, our 27 year old 
daughter is planning a trip and now I understand 
why.  Thanks for making the adventure seem 
desirable.  P.S.  Of course, I will mention the 
lack of railing(being a mother).

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 24-Mar-2002 02:56:50

To: Sol Siegel - Thanks for the info on the 
substitution.  I'll change the concert-page 

To: Dong-Hyuk Chun,
  Thanks again for info on the Moscow 
concert.  I saw a Russian review on the Net, the 
url of which I typed into the Altavista 
translation.  It was not ecstatic about a new  
orchestral piece played between the Schumann and 
Liszt concertos, both of which seemed to please 
otherwise.  Is it right that she also played the 
Schumann?   Apparently there was to be a duo-
piano recital on the 22nd but she may have 
decided to rest, feeling subpar.
<br>   Thanks also for the info on the 
YeDang website in Korea.

Name: chun, dong-hyukE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 24-Mar-2002 01:56:59

i've news for argerich in Moscow.
argerich played liszt piano concerto 1 with 
barakovsky(i'm not sure the spell's right), 
20.march .
there were lot of people in saal. the playing 
was very electrifying and brillante in spite of 
some mistakes. argerich was very powerful and my 
friend said "it's beyond description". 
because of good performance, argerich played 
Encore. i suppose it's scarlatti because my 
friend said it's continious keys and sounds very 
i'm sorry i can't bring more info to argerich's 
fan. if i can get the poster(she(my friend) got 
the big one^^) about that concert, i'll trying 
to list on homepage.
thank you!
ps)i'm sorry i bring the yedang homepage late.
   the homepage is
   but english isn't available, 
   though you can see korean,
    it's very difficult for you to find argerich-
    yedang classics treat lots of russian artist 
performance that were unrevealed in moscow 
    if you are interested, surfing that homepage 
after english is available ^^.
     and if someone wants to have catalog, i 
would send it after easter(i'm seminarian, so 
i'm very busy for easter,,)

Name: Sol L. SiegelE-mail:
City: PhiladelphiaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 24-Mar-2002 01:10:40

Just received a post card from the Philadelphia 
Orchestra to the inform their subscribers that 
Martha Argerich has replaced the Chopin 1st 
Concerto on her April performances at Kimmel 
Center (Apr. 4, 5, 6) and Carnegie Hall (Apr. 8)
with the Schumann Concerto.  The programs 
otherwise remain unchanged.  You can check this 
out at the Orchestra's website:

Name: JiXiaoXiaoE-mail:
City: ShenzhenCountry: China
Homepage: Shenzhen Arts SchoolDate: 21-Mar-2002 06:21:03

I 'd like to some Martha Argerich's photo

Name: chun dong hyukE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 21-Mar-2002 00:45:10

Notice for argerich-kremer CD released by Yedang.
the program includes bach partita 3, chaconne 
played by kremer 1974(live) and franck violin 
sonata played by argerich and kremer in moscow 
10.march.1989(also live).
thank andry for listing my opinion . i'm very 
happy to particiate this homepage.
ps)you're right to call my name like that order.

Name: koji tajimaE-mail:
City: chibaCountry: japan
Homepage: Date: 19-Mar-2002 14:05:47

Concerts News
argerich with dutoit and PMF,2002 july 25,26,27,
in tokyo and yokohama.

Name: dong-hyuk, chunE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 19-Mar-2002 02:00:01

andry, i've two news for this homepage.
one is argerich will play in Volshoi saal, 
moscow in 2 days. she will play schumann in A 
minor and liszt 1 piano concertos. it's reliable 
news. i bet!(someone who live in moscow told me 
she got the ticket for concert)
second is there's the easiest way to get 
argerich-kremer franck violin sonata. yedang 
classics is from south korea. so i can purchase 
it very easily. the playing is very electrifying 
in spite of some mistakes. if someone like to 
have it, i 've tendency to help him or her.
-from the argerich's enthusiastic fan-..

Name: Heather RichardsE-mail:
City: Saratoga SpringsCountry: usa
Homepage: 14-Mar-2002 21:55:11

Hello from Upstate ny artist Heather Richards. 
Peru is one of the countries on my list I would 
like to tour one day.

Name: Peter HobsonE-mail:
City: East LondonCountry: South Africa
Homepage: Date: 5-Mar-2002 10:33:39

This is really firing me up. My wife and I are 
hoping to get to Machu Pichu from Brazil using 
the bus and rail services. This involves 
travelling through Paraguay and Bolivia and 
entering Peru from Puno.Time, I think will be 
our undoing as we only have about ten days.

Name: Lisa EstesE-mail:
City: MemphisCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 27-Feb-2002 22:28:12

Thank you for the photo journey into Peru. My
husband and I are thinking of traveling to Cuzco
and Machu Pichu in late August or September. Your
photos have helped us make our decision. I can't
wait to see it in person.

Name: Ley SpenceE-mail:
City: London, OntarioCountry: Canada
Homepage: Date: 27-Feb-2002 10:19:00

I am currently enrolled in a Landscape Design 
program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario, 
Canada.  I have found your site very informative 
and it has helped me in my research for a thesis 
paper I am writing on terrace gardening.  I 
would like your permission to use some of the 
information and pictures for educational purpose 
only, in my paper.  It would be very much 
Thank you
Ley  Spence

Name: thomas willekensE-mail:
City: AntwerpenCountry: Belgium
Homepage: Date: 25-Feb-2002 16:28:09

great work !
I made more or less the same trip in march and 
april last year, and I was dreaming away again 
when I saw your wonderfull pictures!! I am going 
back the 26th of March this year. what a 
wonderfull country isn't it! this is really one 
of the best sites on Peru. congratulations.

Name: KrisE-mail:
City: Garden GroveCountry: United States
Homepage: Date: 21-Feb-2002 23:48:49

Great Photos! They were so beautiful!

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 15-Feb-2002 12:14:56

Thanks for the feedback and glad the pages are 

This is in response to some asking what agency 
we used (in 1997).  It's a firm specializing in 
South America and which not only gave us a lot 
of freedom to change plans while in Peru but got 
us what we wanted for about 1/3 less than any 
other agency in the San Francisco area.
  It's Ole Tours in Brisbane and their page is 
at ...
  The page on its specialists will link you to 
individuals, from what I see.  Olga owns the 
agency and we were helped by Olga and by Billy, 
who were able to get us into places in Peru that 
the other agencies couldn't without more time.
  - Andrys
  They were subcontracting in Peru to Hada 
Tours, which was excellent.

Name: VitoE-mail:
City: TorontoCountry: Canada
Homepage: Date: 14-Feb-2002 21:44:17

I really loved the photos of Machu Picchu. I am 
planning a trip there this May, and I was 
wondering if you could (heh, I just noticed that 
Marty here had the same question) tell me what 
is the best way to get there.  All I am finding 
on the net is packaged deals, and that is not 
what I want (I am on a tight budget here).  
Please advise.  Thanks!

Name: MartyE-mail:
City: San Antonio, TXCountry:
Homepage: Date: 14-Feb-2002 17:47:44

Enjoyed your Peru Journal.  Currently finalizing 
our trip to Peru for end of May.  Am curious who 
you booked your tour through.  If you can answer 
me, I'd appreciate it.

Name: David JenkinsE-mail:
City: Miami,FloridaCountry: U.S.A.
Homepage: Date: 11-Feb-2002 21:41:01

Stunning photographs. I am doing some research
for a visit to Machu Picchu with my daughter,
Suzanne, later this year (2002)

Name: TerryE-mail:
City: Indian HillsCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 28-Jan-2002 21:31:21

Nice list of links!  Thanks!!
Never been to Peru.  Like to.
Grenada, Uganda, Haiti are our interests.

Name: MarcE-mail:
City: Bloomingdale, NJCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 22-Jan-2002 19:50:35

Hi, we're going to Peru in a couple of weeks 
so were glad to find these pages.  Right now 
our itinerary is pretty loose but we'll try 
Taquile Island, which was in our plans, and 
maybe do the stayover.  Thank you.

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 22-Jan-2002 02:04:41

This is the latest guestbook, after 
went kaput 12/1/01 and the temporary guestbook-
site I was using disappeared 1/20/02.  Nothing 
is forever :-)  If anyone added to the temporary 
guestbook, info for Argerich concert pages, 
please resend those if you can.  Thanks.

  Thanks for visiting these pages and for taking 
the time to give feedback.

 - Andrys

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