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Name: Paul Van HiseE-mail:
City: Casper, WYCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 12-Nov-2004 23:52:53

Great pictures of Peru. We were fortunate to go 
in summer of 2003. Still looking to see if I can 
find a bad picture of Machu Picchu. I think it's 
impossible. We hope to go again in 2006 or 2007

Name: Kay KollsE-mail:
City: Rockford, IllCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 6-Nov-2004 13:27:41

enjoyed the very LOVELY pictures, hope to be 
going in May 2005

Name: Cathy E-mail: Marquardt
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 4-Nov-2004 13:48:33

Thanks for the great photo tour! Now I am more 
excited than ever about my April 2005 vacation 
in Peru.

Name: Guido WalterE-mail:
City: MiamiCountry: USA
Homepage: NADate: 28-Oct-2004 14:05:55

I saw that you have taken train trips in Peru 
and I was wondering if you could share some 
information with me?

I am planning on travelling from Cuzco to Puno, 
and I am interested to know if the trains are 
safe and ok and how much it is.
Any other recomendation/information is welcome.

Kind regards,
Guido Walter

Name: chanE-mail:
City: IpohCountry: Malaysia
Homepage: Date: 25-Oct-2004 01:32:17

I am Martha Argerich's fan and have not watched 
her live concert since 1994 at the Royal 
Festival Hall,London.Please send me all her 
updated news and so on and hope can be able to 
meet her live again at any concert hall in the 
impending future.Fingers crossed,no 
cancellation!....Thank you so much.         

Name: EvaE-mail:
City: EdmontonCountry: Canada
Homepage: Date: 12-Oct-2004 18:05:07

Does anyone know the meaning of the name of Lake 
Titicaca? I found one website that says it 
means "stone puma." But this doesn't jibe with 
the Lonely Planet Quechua phrasebook. Thanks for 
your help!

Name: YooshE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 29-Sep-2004 13:03:18

Argerich and Freire are playing at the Kimmel 
Center in Philadelphia on 1-Apr-05.

Name: DaveE-mail:
City: MurrayCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 23-Sep-2004 22:14:15

Thanks for your link to Joyce Hatto.  What an
interesting person, and pianist.  I was also
looking for a CD that had 2 particular pieces by
Liszt, and she recorded a CD with both of them on
it, and I like her playing.  I wish she could
have gone into more detail about meeting Liszt's
last pupil in her interview.

Name: James LiuE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 19-Sep-2004 14:33:52

I've been in contact with you before from the classical music 
newsgroup and such.  Was wondering if you knew anything 
more about the Martha Argerich piano festival in Argentina 
(who's playing, etc.).  Thanks, /J

Name: BenjaminE-mail:
City: Washington, D.C.Country: USA
Homepage: www.sunyaprajna.comDate: 18-Sep-2004 12:13:48

Hi Andrys,
I just joined your 'great-pianists' weblist, as well as 
'argerich' and 'martha-argerich', which you either moderate or 
are at least associated with.  Then I did a Google search on 
your name.  A lot came up!  Music, art, computers, ...  And you 
live in beautiful San Francisco.  Sounds like a great life!  Your  
homepage immediately went to the top of my entertainment  
bookmarks.  I love taking trips on the computer, to Peru, San  
Francisco or wherever.  Keep up the good work!

Name: Erika GongE-mail:
City: Los AngelesCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.rayerika.comDate: 16-Sep-2004 16:57:44

I did a search on google under Red Egg Parties 
and yours was the first that came up :)  Just 
wanted to stop by and sign my name.  Your 
daughter is absolutely beautiful.  She must be 
older than 3 months old - I take it.  We had our 
son's Red Egg & Ginger party when he was 3 
months old - I think that's supposedly the 
timeframe of when the party is given - but who's 2004, anyone can do what they want.
Anyways, take care.  

Name: LisaE-mail:
City: PortaCountry: Germany
Homepage: Date: 4-Sep-2004 08:55:43

I really like your site and pictures, I been to Peru 
myself last month and I enjoyed it very much. I read 
you were entertained by a band when eating in Machu 
Picchu. I listened to the same last week and I'd love to 
know their name, so if you remember or If you 
remember what the songs are called they played, 
apart from el Condor pasa..., I'd be glad if you could 
tell me. Thanks a lot, Lisa

Name: Michael BetelE-mail:
City: Country: Canada
Homepage: Date: 2-Sep-2004 21:44:36

I'm heading to Machu Piccu in 8 weeks and your 
photos and descriptions were fantastic. I'm a 
photographer by training and I have to say - 
well done. I'm doing the Inca Trail walk and 
have 22 touring days in total in Peru - can't 

Name: EliottE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: Date: 29-Aug-2004 14:48:31

hi, I´m a surfer boy from Peru, so i can tell 
you the food is great we have great beaches 
north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo 
with great waves chicama has for me the longest 
wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima 
you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 
If you are interested contact me  51 1 
97486790 , my name is Eliott C A

Name: RobinE-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: 24-Aug-2004 09:05:21

Loved the site!  I was in Machu Picchu in 2000 - 
a dream I had had since I was 4 years old.  The 
familiarity I felt there was surreal.  Despite 
some nasty altitude sickness I did make the 
climb up Huaynu Picchu.  Namaste, my friend.

Name: BondE-mail:
City: Country: Canada
Homepage: http://www.sportfit.uni.ccDate: 14-Aug-2004 14:02:19

Nice site and nice pictures! I think I want to 
be a photographer now :)

Name: Oscar Nunez MoriE-mail:
City: Porto alegreCountry: Brasil
Homepage: Date: 24-Jul-2004 18:44:20

Really good work

Name: A.C.E-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: http://www.islaspalomino.comDate: 17-Jul-2004 21:35:01

Hi Andry, I liked the pictures of my country 
that you've gathered. I'd like to share a few on 
my own about Lima's little Galapagos, the Islas 
Palomino. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Name: S.I. MoosviE-mail:
City: tehranCountry: Iran
Homepage: Date: 17-Jul-2004 06:24:58

I really enjoyes your beautiful site, those 
nice pictures were great. I'm a student of 
earthquake engineering in Iran and I'm working 
on my thesis about adobe\masonry building in 
villages, I've seen lots of them in your 
homepage. I'm looking for a special type of 
reinforcement which is found in Peru. If is 
done by the means of cane, do you have any 
picture of such type of buildings? I'll be very 
happy to hear about you, THANKS.

Name: SharlaE-mail:
City: Country: Canada
Homepage: Date: 11-Jul-2004 22:54:31

I recently was in Peru and very much enjoyed 
your site, including pictures and documentary!  
Well done!

Name: Keith KapatkinE-mail:
City: Brandon, FloridaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 11-Jul-2004 21:10:21

Great pictures of Peru!  We are going there 
next March.  Definitely something to look 
forward to seeing.

Name: pájekE-mail:
City: PragueCountry: Czech Republic
Homepage: Date: 5-Jul-2004 07:32:06

hi andrys,
i have downloaded some of your musical pieces 
from and it is nice :-)

Name: PetraE-mail:
City: Nieuwe NiedorpCountry: The Netherlands
Homepage: 29-Jun-2004 15:13:40

Hello Andrys,
Thanks for your compliment and the translation.
We will translate it in English soon (working 
on it) so everybody can read it.
Thanks again and regards,

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: US
Homepage: http://andrys.comDate: 27-Jun-2004 22:00:14

First, thanks to all who have taken the time to 
write feedback on these pages.  It's very 

  To Petra:
That is a beautiful trip-report you folks made.

  For the English speakers, here is a link that 
makes a machine-translation from Dutch into 
English.  It's a primitive translation but 
allows us to read/understand most of Petra's 
description of the trip.

 To read their report in English:

Name: PetraE-mail:
City: Nieuwe NiedorpCountry: Nederland
Homepage: 27-Jun-2004 11:14:48

Hello, nice site with beautiful Peru pictures.
It is realy a nice country, isn't it?! 
May 2004 we made a trip to South Peru so if you 
are interested in our pictures, see
Regards, Petra

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