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Name: Thomas KosfeldE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 30-May-2005 08:30:59

I think you would like to know that the 
argentinian Argerich Cd's are available from
They take credit card orders and ship worldwide.

Name: AdelE-mail:
City: BarcelonaCountry: Spain
Homepage: Date: 23-May-2005 10:18:08

Dear Andrys,
Your picutes on Turkey 2004 are the most 
beautiful I've ever seen. Keep it up.
Thanks a mil. and all the best!
Adel Sayed
PS: I was born and raised in the land of the 
Pharoahs , but live and work in BCN.

Name: Stan KimE-mail:
City: San DiegoCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 1-May-2005 21:23:08

Wonderful site, I wish I could do the same.

Name: john martinE-mail:
City: West Palm BeachCountry: U.S.A.
Homepage: noneDate: 29-Apr-2005 04:44:57

Hi, Andry
   thanks  for  the  page  ; there  can never  
be  enough  attention  for  the Der Argerich . 
It's  amazing  how  much  music she  learns  
and  her  communicative reigns higher  than  
not  just  other  pianoists  but  musicians  . 
We  are  fortunate  to live  in  he  presence  
of  such music  making . Only  Hofmann  and 
horowitz and  Richter seem  to  have  this  life 
energy  to  this extent  and  the capacity  to  
amaze  one in  music  you  thouht  you  knew  
and never  wanted  to hear  again .Her  
Scriabin  is  so  right  I  wonder  if anyone 
has  copies of  the  fifth  sonata she did  in  
Japan  years  ago ? Again, Thanks  for  your 
attention  and  work   with  making  this  
reource   available. 

Name: Marilyn LamonE-mail:
City: Marlton New JerseyCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 12-Apr-2005 18:36:45

your photographs and narrative was amazing 
absolutely beautiful, graphic images.
It was very helpful to me as my daughter is 
vacationing there this week and I now have a 
better understanding of this area

Name: KarinE-mail:
City: Country: The Netherlands
Homepage: http://www.madebykarin.comDate: 10-Apr-2005 11:01:23

You have great photo's!
Thnx for sharing :)

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: http://andrys.comDate: 1-Apr-2005 04:47:06

Philippe, you didn't give an email address so I
could write.  
We used Ole Travel, who saved us a lot of $$.
Olga, Manager (South San Francisco location, US)

Name: philippeE-mail:
City: Country: Brazil
Homepage: Date: 31-Mar-2005 13:41:21


Great Mach Picchu pictures! Looking to go with my
wife (sort of a late honey moon). How (or through
who) did you organise your trip?

Thanks for advice.


Name: Suzanna CampbellE-mail:
City: Rockford, IllinoisCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 27-Mar-2005 00:30:16

Wonderful- going to Peru on a bus tour in May of 
this year.  That you for sharing your wonderful 
adventure.  I am passing this on to one of my 
friends that is also going.  He is going down 5 
or 6 days ahead of the 11 day tour.

Name: J. PackalesE-mail:
City: Gardiner MaineCountry: USA
Homepage: 25-Mar-2005 18:41:41

Great stuff! Thanks from a fellow Martha fanatic!!@

Name: Norris RobertsE-mail:
City: Laguna Hills, CaliforniaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 13-Mar-2005 17:50:05

I have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu, but 
have not been able to go there.  Your photo 
diary pages are the best I have seen and are the 
next best way to see Machu Picchu.

Name: Tatsuo KuritaE-mail:
City: Beppu OitaCountry: Japan
Homepage: 13-Mar-2005 10:16:19

Dear Andrys,
I am very happy to show you this revised home 
page in English. Sorry for the inconveniences of 
the previous home page.

Name: Martin StolowskiE-mail:
City: WarsawCountry: Poland
Homepage: www.turcja.bizDate: 9-Mar-2005 15:54:48

Dear Andrys;
while I was looking for interesting pictures of 
Eastern Turkey, I have found your galleries on 
Pbase. I am deeply impressed by your art and 
style. Iím preparing a comprehensive website 
about Turkey for only-polish-speaking readers 
and wandering if you would consider your 
permission for using some of your pictures of 
that part of Turkey on my website. I hope, you 
will find some time to answer me. Best regards.

Name: david dawsonE-mail:
City: gastonia ncCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 8-Feb-2005 13:01:10

I have been thinking of doing such a tour of 
peru for a couple of years.  Just wanted to let 
you know I enjoyed your site information and 
all photo's.  Excellent job, thanks david

Name: Tom Snider-LotzE-mail:
City: Tucker, GACountry:
Homepage: Date: 5-Feb-2005 14:09:10

Andrys, you continue to amaze me.  I google you 
every now & then just to see what you're up to.  
As usual, you're up to good stuff.  Your photos 
are awesome.  Keep it up!  <Hugs>

  -- Tom (was BOMBADIL on GEnie)

Name: Richard LeeE-mail:
City: San FranciscoCountry: usa
Homepage: Gal Grad 1964Date: 12-Jan-2005 12:46:26

Just surfin web site-saw Galileo High Class of 
1957 and saw your pix. Just wanted to say hello! 
Boy times have sure passed and changed too! Rich 
Lee-Class of June 1964

Name: Tatsuo KuritaE-mail:
City: Beppu OitaCountry: Japan
Homepage: Date: 7-Jan-2005 18:35:36

Hi Andry, I just want to inform you coming 
concerts schedule and guests musicians of our 
festival in Beppu and Oita.
Chamber orchestra concert will be held on 19 
May, Martha Argerich with Sergei Nakariakov, 
Yutaka Sado conducting the student orchestra of 
Tokyo University of Music and Fine Arts at the 
Philharmonia Hall in Beppu. 
Marathon concert will be held on 22 May, with 
Martha Argerich, Misha Maisky, Yuri Bashmet, 
Srgei Nakariakov, and other famous musicians at 
Oita Grand Theatre. Programs will be anounced 
later. Your updating HP will be highly 
appreciated. Thanks always, Kurita.

Name: yvette rE-mail:
City: New YorkCountry: USA
Homepage: -Date: 4-Jan-2005 17:19:12

Hi, I'm not sure you could help me, but as I was looking to find 
the origins of my last name LEGOAS I came across your 
website, and I wonder if you happen to know anybody under 
this name,the bizarre part is that I'm from Peru and I see you 
had been there, I love to hear from you, now I live in the USA 
but I always go back to visit my family.
Please email me at the address above.


Name: Laurenz BobkeE-mail:
City: WiesbadenCountry: Germany
Homepage: 4-Jan-2005 00:00:03

Loved your Peru travelogues!
I visited many of the same sites in mid-2004.
I have just started to upload the photos I took 
then - maybe you are interested?

All the best from Germany,


Name: Sam PembertonE-mail:
City: GallupCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 31-Dec-2004 03:45:28

Martha Argerich's April 27-30, 2005, program with
New York Philharmonic is available at:

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: http://andrys.comDate: 28-Dec-2004 04:32:19

I'd like to remind people that this is 
maintained as a guestbook and not as free 
advertising space.  Thanks for your 
cooperation.  Any pure ads will have a very 
short life span here and won't be worth the 
effort.  Thanks to readers who give real 

Name: Hisao MoralesE-mail:
City: HuarazCountry: Peru
Homepage: http://www.peruvianandes.comDate: 27-Dec-2004 17:09:56

Peruvian Andes Adventures is one of the best 
trekking and climbing specialists in Huaraz 
offering a wide range of adventure activities to 
individuals and groups. Run by the well 
known "Morales Family". Recommended by Lonely 
Planet Guide to Peru 2004, South American web as 
well as several visitors to Andean Travel Web.

Name: Scott AndrysE-mail:
City: AdelaideCountry: Australis
Homepage: Date: 30-Nov-2004 22:54:19

Im currently traveling australia and thought id 
type my last name in at an internet cafe. Up 
came this cool diary Peru done by Andrys. In 
Aust there is only 2 families whith the last 
name Andrys - mine and my Grandmas. Im 24 
tomorrow and im travelling with my gfriend 
mikki. Anyone interested in seeing photos of 
this beautiful place dont hesitaye to email or 
if you just wanna chat. cya 

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry:
Homepage: 25-Nov-2004 19:39:39

Yasar, I remember your family's hotel and the 
great help you and your companion gave me that 
night.  I went back to that Internet cafe again 
the next night and enjoyed their excellent 
Philips headphones too and passed by your hotel
when I returned after midnight.  Wonderful to 
walk around Dalyan.  I was amazed the shops 
stayed open until 1am.  And, you live in such
a beautiful place.

The 360-degree view of the Kaunos theater is
what you were viewing and isn't mine but is at

 You can always use a link to someone's site, as 
it brings people to their pages. 

  I will try to contact you in email to make sure
you see this.

  Thanks, Yasar!

 - Andrys

Name: yasar baris sungerE-mail:
City: DalyanCountry: Turkey
Homepage: Date: 25-Nov-2004 06:34:37

I dont know if you remember me I helped you to 
find internet cafe we stoped by my hotel and I 
gave you my e mail and you gave me your web site 
address I have checked your dalyan photos they 
are soo good woul you allow me to use some of 
your 360 degree views in my web site. Thanks 
even if you dont allow me
Yasar baris Sunger

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