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Name: DeAnnaE-mail:
City: Los Angeles, CACountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 28-Jan-2003 14:35:17

Your web-site is great.  It brought back 
memories of my own trip to peru in 6/98.
One suggestion for travelers going to peru is if 
possible attend Inti Rimi (Inca new year)in 
Cuzco at the end of June. It was amazing!!!

Name: Jerry BryettE-mail:
City: Ryde, Isle of WightCountry: England
Homepage: Date: 26-Jan-2003 13:07:08

Could you please put someone in touch with me 
who can help me with a Titanic book that I have 
found? I cannot find it listed anywhere! thank 
you, regards, Jerry.

Name: flaE-mail:
City: romaCountry: italia
Homepage: Date: 13-Jan-2003 10:53:41

hi andrys, our argerich concerts page is very 
interesting and useful, thank you. if you have 
any further information on italian concerts and 
wien concerts, please let me know.i couldn't 
find out where in wien they will be. thanks a 

Name: chun dong hyekE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 6-Jan-2003 20:21:08

hi, andrys.
here's evident thing for argerich this year in 
is it able to translate japanese into english?
i bet you can confirm what i said.

Name: LisaE-mail:
City: MelbourneCountry: Australia
Homepage: Date: 6-Jan-2003 20:14:02

Thanks for a very interesting photo diary.  I am 
planning a trip to Peru and your account only 
encouraged me.  The photographs were 
breathtaking.  I found many of the pieces of 
travel advice useful too.

Name: James HE-mail:
City: SydneyCountry: Australia
Homepage: Date: 1-Jan-2003 11:47:03

Argerich is coming here (hopefully), in 
September, apparently. Playing the Prokofiev 
3rd with the Sydney Symphony. 
Hope all's well.

Name: chun dong hyekE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 1-Jan-2003 11:20:45

add something correct.
->2003, 5~12 concert schedule search.
argerich has 5/9,12 . 10/14

Name: chun dong hyekE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 30-Dec-2002 13:32:03

i got more schedule of argerich concerts in 
martha will have a some at tokyo in next mai.
you can confirm that at the suntory hall site. 
this event is for celebrating 5 th argerich 
meeting point at japan, so it would held at 
tokyo to be more widespread. she will play with 
tokyo art univ. students orchestra.
and n.freire & argerich concerts would be in 
october. this is the one of the series of World 
pianists. many well-known pianists will join 
this event . martha &freire concert has more 
meaning than it. their concerts suppose to be 
organized as "a tribute to argentina in crisis 
and trouble". 
both have no details but they will be updated 
referent URL:
-dong hyek-

Name: Tom WhitmerE-mail:
City: harrisburgCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 27-Dec-2002 15:20:02

Thank you for making your photo's available. I 
will be traveling for the first time in April. 
Can you recommend a travel insurance company. I 
noticed that you fell and broke your arm while 
in Peru. You would have first hand experience.

Name: http://www.parisbestlodge.comE-mail:
City: parisCountry: france
Homepage: http://www.parisbestlodge.comDate: 13-Dec-2002 06:42:41

your pix of peru are simply fabulous. I am going 
there this year and will try to make exactly the 
same. You are a master!

Name: PhilippE-mail:
City: AachenCountry: Germany
Homepage: www.philipp-glanz.deDate: 10-Dec-2002 15:19:03

Hi Andrys.
I'm gonna fly to Peru in about 2 weeks. I think I'm going to visit almost the same places as you did. 
Have a nice christmas.


Name: AllisonE-mail:
City: LubbockCountry: US
Homepage: Date: 23-Nov-2002 16:25:07

Your website is very nicely done.  You have some 
beautiful pictures of peru.  I am doing a 
research project about peru and i am going to 
use one of your pictures in it, I need to 
provide some information about the photographer 
like why the picture was taken, what inspired 
you to take the picture and some other basic 
information, so if you could help me out I would 
appreciate it. 

Name: LancelotE-mail:
City: CountrysideCountry: States
Homepage: http://lefthanded-guitars.comDate: 21-Nov-2002 15:51:07

Not bad, not bad at all!
IŽll be back 4 sure.

Name: Malcolm MannessE-mail:
City: TartuCountry: Estonia
Homepage: 21-Nov-2002 04:29:48

Very interesting home page. I like the pix of Peru.

Do you have any knowlege of Andean Mythology?


Malcolm Mannes

Name: coppsukE-mail:
City: stirlingCountry: scotland
Homepage: http://www.scotfreegames.comDate: 17-Nov-2002 07:13:03

Great site, keep up the good work!

Name: Hermann TeelE-mail:
City: Dallas, TexasCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 12-Nov-2002 01:12:31

A great work.
Hermann Teel
Nov. 11, 2002

Name: Keith StienekeE-mail:
City: LincolnCountry: NE
Homepage: http://www.opportunityassistance.comDate: 4-Nov-2002 01:34:18

Interesting website. Be sure to keep up the good 
work. Peru? Never have been there but I would 
like to visit one day

Name: jeff jE-mail: poppaj59@yahoo com
City: escalonCountry: united states
Homepage: Date: 31-Oct-2002 16:17:20

 enjoyed your photos of peru. was looking for 
the crystal tower

Name: dominicE-mail:
City: londonCountry: uk
Homepage: http://www.headslapper.comDate: 29-Oct-2002 07:42:30

just stumbled across your website by mistake. 
What a nice surprise. Keep up the good work and 
I look forward to new photos and info being 

Name: Howie LipsonE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 26-Oct-2002 16:50:53

Hi Andry,

I publish Family Adventure Magazine and I'm 
interested in your photo "My Curious Llama" for 
my Spring/Summer issue.Is this image available 
on slide?
Thank you.

Name: jayne siroshtonE-mail:
City: tigard, oregonCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 17-Oct-2002 18:16:38

Dear Andry,

Thankyou for your beautiful pictures of Peru and 
it's wonderful people.  Finding your sight was a 
jewel in my day.

Name: Joe BarnettE-mail:
City: Fernandina Beach, FLCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 13-Oct-2002 14:08:04

After having visited the city at Machu Picchu 
twice several years back it is refreshing and 
most enjoyable to relive the experience through 
your photos. Thanks

Name: Tricia StantonE-mail:
City: DartfordCountry: England
Homepage: Date: 11-Oct-2002 08:27:28

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your website.  
I am off to Peru myself on the 19th October and 
on what looks like a similar itinerary to 
yourself.  You have really awakened my senses to 
what I might expect and I cannot wait to board 
the plane.

Name: Kris O.E-mail:
City: Rockford IL.Country: U.S.A.
Homepage: 10-Oct-2002 16:03:42

You have a very informative website...I will be 
back !

Name: Thomas Lo E-mail:
City: Hong KongCountry: Hong Kong
Homepage: Date: 7-Oct-2002 10:57:12

It's enjoyable to visit your Peru's website. 
The pics are all impressive. The information in 
your webpage let me to have a deep 
understanding of Peru's cultures before my 
travel to Peru in late January next year. 

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