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Name: ChristineE-mail:
City: Kuala BelaitCountry: Brunei
Homepage: Date: 20-Jun-2004 13:53:19

Thank you for revitalising my wonderful 
memories of Peru.

Name: ‚s‚‚”‚“‚•‚@KuritaE-mail:
City: ‚a‚…‚‚‚•Country: ‚i‚‚‚‚Ž
Homepage: 21-May-2004 23:05:52

Argerich Meeting Point in Beppu 2004 ended 
sucessfuly, those music she played explained in 
our BBS. Please update your concert info.

Name: matt johnsonE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 7-May-2004 12:24:14

sorry andrys, the dates for argerich 2005 ny 
philharmonic concerts are april 27-30th. still 
no word on which concerto...

Name: matt johnsonE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 26-Apr-2004 22:40:35

Argerich has canceled her NY Philharmonic 
performances as well. Louis Lortie will replace 

Name: DaryoE-mail:
City: AlbanyCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 24-Apr-2004 01:28:31

Good job.
See you later at radioshack>

Name: jan kuypersE-mail:
City: key west, floridaCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 19-Apr-2004 10:20:51

loved this site. we are leaving for peru on may 
7th, and looking thru this site made me more 
excited than ever. thanks for sharing your 

Name: Matt JohnsonE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 18-Apr-2004 01:16:07

Martha also is scheduled to play with the NY 
Philharmonic under Rostropovitch in April 2005. 
The program has yet to be announced!

Name: SusanE-mail:
City: Jasper, GACountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 18-Apr-2004 00:12:26

I thank you for the experience of Peru through 
your eyes and lenses.  All the world will get a 
chance to have their souls touched with awe; 
travel through time to a forgotten place; and 
perhaps begin the journey of remembering who we 
really are.   

Name: DebbieE-mail:
City: RaglanCountry: New Zealand
Homepage: Date: 12-Apr-2004 17:17:00

Thank you for the great website diary. I went 
thru Peru in December 2003, it hasn't changed 
from your photos.  It's still amazing.

Name: Nia MurphyE-mail:
City: Washington, DCCountry: US
Homepage: noneDate: 12-Apr-2004 09:26:42

I am looking for a picture of a steak fish.

Name: Eliott C AE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: Date: 11-Apr-2004 21:18:01

Hi, I'am a 22 yrs-old student boy from Peru. I 
live in Miraflores which is on the coast of 
Peru, and i love surf with some friends in my 
free-times..I know alots of places to here. 
Machu Picchu, Camino Inca, Choquequirao, Puno, 
Lํneas Nazca - Paracas, Manu,Arequipa, Lima, 
Huaraz-Callej๓n de Huaylas, Puerto Maldonado - 
Tambopata Candamo, Ayacucho, Tarapoto, 
Chachapoyas, Kuelap, Iquitos, Trujillo, 
Cotahuasi, Cotahuasi and some nice beaches as 
San Bartolo, El Silencio, Totoritas, and i can 
tell you the food is great we have great beaches 
north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo 
with great waves chicama has for me the longest 
wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima 
you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 
If you are interested contact me  51 1 
97486790 , my name is Eliott C A

Name: Anders MagelundE-mail:
City: CopenhagenCountry: Denmark
Homepage: Date: 31-Mar-2004 15:49:50

This is just for the argerich-site -
I was very happy to see that Argerich is giving 
two concerts in Denmark. One with the danish 
national symphony orchestra - Rabinowitch 
conducting: Programm: Schumann AND Ravel 
concertos in one evening date: 3. march 2005 at 
20:00 - then she and Rabinowitch will perform 
works for two pianos Brahms Sonata, and Haydn 
variations and the two Rachmaninoff Suites date 
5 march 2005 at 16:00 Information:
Thank you for the wonderfull site
That's all!


Name: Janise PetreyE-mail:
City: La Jolla, CaliforniaCountry: USA
Homepage: 16-Mar-2004 17:22:20

Dear Andrys:

I work for a professor and chairman of chemistry 
at a world renowned research institute (see link 
above).  He is writing to book for chemistry 
teaching and Machu Picchu has a history 
connected to maralia, and more specifically our 
chapter on quinine.  We wish to use a small 
photo of Machu Picchu in our chapter and like 
the one at the link below found in your 
webpage.  May we please use this photo? We will 
give you a credit line.  And can you send us an 
electronic high resolution file?

With our best regards.

Janise Petrey
Scientific Publication Specialist mp23in.html

Name: Carol Lynn CaswellE-mail:
City: Mesa, AZCountry: USA
Homepage: 17-Feb-2004 15:18:23

I would like to know how I could place my
recently published book on your list.  It does
not have Titanic in its title, however, the story
concerns the Titanic. 

When my grandmother died in 1970 she left a
little brown suitcase full of letters, newspapers
and documents going back to the 1700s involving
John Jacob Astor I and how his fortune really
belonged to my family.  When the Titanic sank,
John Jacob Astor IV was coming home to settle the
claim my family had against the Astor estate. 
There are several chapters about the Titanic and
many about how my family was effected by the sinking.

I am calling it historical fiction, but it is
really more "faction," as most of the events are
true.  I used material in the little brown
suitcase to tell the story.

The book is "The Story in the Little Brown
Suitcase."  It is available on,, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and many
other Internet sites.

I think some readers of Titanic memorabilia would
enjoy the story. This story has not been told before.

City: LAGCountry: ALGERS
Homepage: Date: 17-Feb-2004 02:47:09


Name: Gary ReinhardtE-mail:
City: Vista, CaCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 15-Feb-2004 15:54:35

Thanks for having this web site, will be going 
there in early Nov. 2004.

Name: PaulineE-mail: kurohoshi_05@hotmail,com
City: VistaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 13-Feb-2004 09:39:17

Dear Andry,
I'm currently doing a Machu Picchu History Day 
website for my highschool and i just wanted to 
know if i could use some of your photos for it. 
I will make sure to credit you on my 
bibliography. Please email me.


Name: BrendaE-mail:
City: Prince GeorgeCountry: Canada
Homepage: Date: 8-Feb-2004 22:48:14

Thank you for sharing your pictures and 
writings.  It only make me more excited to get 
to Peru this April 2004.  Just two months to go!

Name: Gertraude G๖pnerE-mail:
City: LaatzenCountry: Germany
Homepage: no current homepageDate: 2-Feb-2004 11:44:22

Hi Andry!
Thank you very much for the very nice and 
interesting informations about Martha Argerich!! 
I love her very much, and so I would like to 
write to her all my thanks and about her 
importance for my motivations to continue in my 
profession as a musician. Is it possible that 
you can tell me an adress of an agent or 
whatever, so that a letter of mine would reach  
Madame Argerich? Thank you so much and good luck 
in continueing with your Argerich webside!!
Many geetings, Gertraude G๖pner

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: Berkeley, CACountry: US
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 1-Feb-2004 17:27:57

Hi, Tom 
  I have an auto-responder since I can't be here 
often but will answer questions that are asked, 
via my normal mail.

  But, re where to upload your music.  I always 
liked your improvisations.  And I'd like to 
point musicians and pop-music listeners to 
SongPlanet at

  It's for all types of music and very down-
home, as you can see, but they run a very good 
place with no incentives for trickery (so 
encouraged on many other OMDs) and you can 
upload 25 megs of audio files for free.  The lo-
fi versions are optional and are counted against 
your 25 megs.  But it's a very friendly site 
with good pop music and open to all genres.

 I'm not affiliated with them except to upload 
some of my slow classical piano there.

Name: Thomas TrotterE-mail:
City: New Haven, CTCountry: USA
Homepage: no current homepageDate: 1-Feb-2004 16:48:27

Hi Andrys,
I was checking out, then cnet's upcoming, then the message boards 
there, where I saw you listed as the most recent 
poster -- thus ending up at your site, here.

You've done a real nice job with your site 
here.  I'm hoping to find the time to explore 
more of it.

Did I see something about you being an astronomy 
instructor?  Learning physics is one of my other 
hobbies.  I might have some questions for you in 
the future. :-)

I've got a bunch of new tunes to put on the 
web.  Not sure where to put them.

Gotta go now.


Name: Linda L. FloresE-mail:
City: Miami, FlCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 24-Jan-2004 17:39:40

Terrific job, I especially enjoyed the section 
on myths and the links to academic information.  
Of course, I would be remiss not to mention how 
much I enjoyed the way you laid the site out 
technically.  Thank you

Name: Rob LingelbachE-mail:
City: Sใo PauloCountry: Brasil
Homepage: 22-Jan-2004 17:42:01

oh my gosh are you a Nelson Freire fan?
i have not been able to stop listening to his 
recording of the 3rd piano sonata from Chopin!

--Rob Lingelbach (erstwhile Peru photographer)

Name: Rob LingelbachE-mail:
City: Rio de JaneiroCountry: Brasil
Homepage: 22-Jan-2004 17:40:08

hi Andrys.  you were really nice to flatter my 
photography of about 5 years ago when I had the 
chance to be alone at the top of Huayna Picchu 
and almost completely alone in Machu Picchu with 
some nice light.  But in your links can you 
change them the following way:  should be changed to

and, before the final filename (for example, 
mp_tree.jpg) insert the subdirectory 
without_brands so the URL would become

and any others you mention too.
I am a little concerned that someone could 
actually use these images to make money, do you 
think that could happen?  I have no problem with 
your using them to show people the wonder of 

--Rob Lingelbach

Name: Thomas KosfeldE-mail:
City: Belo HorizonteCountry: Brazil
Homepage: Date: 7-Jan-2004 11:08:40

You might like to know about two Freire & 
Argerich recitals scheduled for september-2004.
More info at :

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