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Name: F.I.H.M.E-mail:
City: TilburgCountry: Holland
Homepage: www.franciscus.cu2.nlDate: 3-Jan-2004 13:05:09

I want to look for a host family bacause I want 
to live for 1 or 2 years in England and work and 
study. But I don't now where to start for the 
information. Please can you help me.

many Greetings,

F. Mutsaers

Name: Mike ChoiE-mail:
City: Edison/Warren, NJCountry: the US of A
Homepage: 2-Jan-2004 10:59:18

Hi!  It's been a while.  I lost your email addr 
in the last AOL meltdown and couldn't find 
anything but the guestbook to use to reach you.

(1) I received a nice DVD player for Christmas 
and wanted a little advice from the master on 
screen capture soft/hardware.  I recall you 
having posted some excellent Titanic screenshots.

(2) I also recall seeing a Westie photo 
somewhere.  Our little guy (1985-1997) was 
registered as "Lord Leighton" by the breeders, 
but we called him Spunky.  (I originally wanted 
to call him Snowy or Milou after the intrepid 
pooch sidekick of boy reporter Tintin, but my 
parents were calling him something randomly cute 
in Korean, which my sister and I transformed 
into something more recognizably English.)

Best to you and yours for the New Year!  (I 
don't have a proper homepage, but the URL above 
is my online "card" this season.

Mike Choi

Name: Zhang HeyinE-mail:
City: beijingCountry: China
Homepage: 27-Dec-2003 23:22:36

I see you website and found "Photos of China"
,so I want to have a look .But I can't open 
it .:-( Did you come to China 

Name: Thea HydeE-mail:
City: HaddonfieldCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 9-Dec-2003 16:39:34

I've been teaching for 35 years and can't wait 
to take this trip to Peru only a week away. 
Thanks for the intro on what I should be 
looking for and will save comments for when 
I return!!

Name: Tamara VreekenE-mail:
City: AmsterdamCountry: Holland
Homepage: www.lava.nlDate: 2-Dec-2003 11:24:24

Dear Andry,
We are a graphic design company and we make the 
in-flight magazine for KLM, Holland Herald.
The issue we are working on now is about HOME.
Therefor we like to use your image of the 
Titicaca lake, Uros floating island. Is it 

We have to know as soon as possible if we can 
use it.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,
Tamara Vreeken

Name: Youngrok LeeE-mail:
City: SeoulCountry: Korea, Republic of
Homepage: 24-Nov-2003 09:06:33

Dear Ms. Andrys Basten,

I have already known your name by your wonderful 
Argerich discography, which I linked to my poor 
homepage. Good and pleased to read.

I wish your home will be prosperous!

Name: Rebecca ArnestyE-mail:
City: AptosCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 16-Nov-2003 00:21:58

Hi Andry,

I really enjoyed your photodiary of Peru.  I'm 
planning a trip there next May and have been 
considering day-hiking in Colca Canyon.  Your 
experiences there have influenced our plans!  I 
would like to know more about how to contact 
Hadas Tours.  Do they have an email address?  
I'm hoping to plan in advance.  Any info would 
be appreciated.  Thanks.  I also enjoyed your 
web page and music.


Name: Kathy HayesE-mail:
City: Atlanta, GACountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 5-Nov-2003 20:01:37

Enjoyed your web pages which I happened upon when
following a Google News Alert about the Grand
Canyon which led to the Colca Canyon pages on

I especially got a kick out of recognizing your
name from long ago on the old CIS Clipper forum
and, before that, I think, Prodigy.  I still
remember your explanation of how you got the
wonderful name, Andrys.

Name: Chris Burnett, musician and composerE-mail:
City: Kansas CityCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.BurnettMusic.comDate: 24-Oct-2003 06:00:26

Hi Andrys!  Great site and great music on - thanks for sharing!  Peace, Cb

Name: eric andrewsE-mail:
City: Columbus,InCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 13-Oct-2003 21:19:12

Great site. Now I am even more motivated to 
visit Machu Picchu.  I wish I was half the 
photographer you are!  Thanks

Name: MoritE-mail:
City: Country: Singapore
Homepage: 11-Oct-2003 23:30:26

Hi Andrys,
Wonderful photos of the bay. I can only daydream 
of having such fantastic views from my office 
window! One of your fav photos is now my 
wallpaper. It'll be great if you can post EXIF 
info on some of your fav shots so that I can 
learn more on how to use my S400 properly.

Name: JohnE-mail:
City: RaleighCountry: USA
Homepage: uhhhhhhhhhh...........????Date: 8-Oct-2003 07:59:54

I like your site.

Name: Fam. HassE-mail:
City: LyngeCountry: DK
Homepage: Date: 3-Oct-2003 05:48:09

Hi! Great site. Our family visited southern 
Peru i '01. Seeing these wonderful pictures 
made our hearts beat faster. We'll never forget 
this trip. Talking about visiting the north of 
Peru, too. Hope to get the possibility.

Name: CarolynE-mail:
City: Denton, TXCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 19-Sep-2003 15:48:47

Andrys, thank you so much for creating all the  
wonderful pages of pics of your trip to Peru.  
My hubby and I are considering going there and 
in doing research yours was the first site that 
I explored.  Now I am more determined than ever 
to make the trip!

Name: Jacqueline BalarezoE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: ---Question for AndrysDate: 18-Sep-2003 16:22:23

Andrys, further to my first introductory words 
to you... I would like to know if you would like
to share some of your pictures with us... (of 
course we would write down your credits/name)
we're changing the images of our website... and 
wanted to know for example, if we could 
choose from your pictures of: macchu Picchu with 
the curious llama; the one on top of 
Taquile island, your watercolor from market 
I would appreciate any reply from You.

Name: Jacqueline BalarezoE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: Date: 18-Sep-2003 15:55:11

What an organized and interesting site!
I was searching the net when I found your 
link... I'm glad I went into your adventureous 
Enjoyed your pictures... and as a Peruvian, I
am happy to see how much you enjoyed my country.

City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: 13-Sep-2003 13:42:14


Name: Divine LadyE-mail:
City: SeattleCountry:
Homepage: 6-Sep-2003 18:48:00

I read at the bottom of your very useful Peru 
page that you may never finish adding links. I  
have one that you may wish to add. So 
inspired by my recent trip to the Andes, I too 
may be in the same boat as you -- unable to 
finish, never wanting to forget...

Name: Aaron LaramoreE-mail:
City: EastpointeCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.aaronlaramore.comDate: 1-Sep-2003 23:52:34

What a wonderful site.  Some great resources for 
those interested in Peru and travel there.  

Name: alyssaE-mail:
City: Country: usa
Homepage: Date: 24-Aug-2003 23:38:20

going to peru soon.  i can't wait.  you got some 
great pics.  
my favorite:

Name: Hernandez JulienE-mail:
City: TokyoCountry: Japan
Homepage: Date: 7-Aug-2003 22:28:30

Hi Andrys,

Some good news for Martha's fan in Japan. She 
should spend 3 weeks in Japan in October, 
showing up in duo recitals with Freire all over 
the country, and with Orchestras. I do not have 
the exact schedule yet, but for Tokyo we should 
have :
- October 9 : a Beethoven piano Concerto with 
Chailly in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall;
- October 10 : Prokofiev 3rd, with Termikanov 
and St Petersburg Orchestra.
- October 14 (Suntory Hall): Charity 
Concert "Save the Argentina". She should play 
with Freire Mozart sonata for 2 pianos and 
Guastavino's "Bailecito for 2 pianos" + 
Ginastera's 3 dances (Argerich solo), and a solo 
piece of Villa-Lobos by Freire. The tango 
quintet "Soledad" is also on the program.
- October 20 (Suntory hall): Duo recital with 
Freire. Brahms / Rachmaninov / Lutoslawski / 
Schubert / Ravel.
More to follow soon I hope...

Name: muguE-mail: mugu@mugu
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 31-Jul-2003 04:30:05

thanks ..........................................

Name: Preben BjerkoeE-mail:
City: 8240 RisskovCountry: Denmark
Homepage: Date: 26-Jul-2003 18:14:23

Hey Martha
I often recall our very pleseant day in Odense
(Odense Symfoni Orchester)in the late 70 `,I 
singing somewhat Carl Nielsen and you playing 
the left-hand concert by Ravel.How are you?'
                The best regards   Preben B

Name: tajima kojiE-mail:
City: chibaCountry: nippon
Homepage: Date: 15-Jun-2003 08:16:03

argerich san news:
duo recital oct/14 and 20 in santory 
holl,fortunatly,the program is different and 
including argerich solo. she did solo in may 12 
in santory holl also. she will be in tokyo oct 
9 and 10 with sankutopeteroburugu symphony for 
rossian art festival.
pls see beppu and kajimoto music office home 

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