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Name: Jose GallardoE-mail:
City: MannheimCountry: Germany
Homepage: coming soonDate: 6-Oct-2002 20:14:21

Congratulations! An exciting Homepage and now a 
very exciting "News" there is a MOVIE about 
Martha :
Thank you for all News that you bring us about 
her! Take care! Jose

Name: Martha UttE-mail:
City: AngwinCountry: U. S. A.
Homepage: Date: 1-Oct-2002 15:28:59

Enjoyed travelling with you in Peru (a virtual 

Name: Carol MartinE-mail:
City: Leawood, KansasCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 29-Sep-2002 17:42:21

Saw your Machu Picchu photos and commentation. 
It was great.  Spent 17 days in Peru and Ecuador
this summer.  The trip was wonderful! 

Name: Joan MasonE-mail:
City: MarquetteCountry: United States
Homepage: noneDate: 29-Sep-2002 13:20:53

I have recently discovered Martha Argerich's 
work.  Your site was absolutely wonderful to 
explore and learn more about Ms. Argerich. Thank 
you so much for your hard work putting all this 
information on your website!! Now I will most 
likely go "broke" purchasing all her works!! Joan

Name: Bruno CubasE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: http://www.perutravels.netDate: 19-Sep-2002 22:39:21

Beautiful work, I would like to include some of 
your photos to my site , 
please let me if possible

Name: J BriggsE-mail:
City: NYCountry: US
Homepage: Date: 5-Sep-2002 14:00:50

Terrific photos. I am moving to Peru in about 6-
8 months and this is making me wish it could be 
sooner. Thanks
PS See something about China pics. Where? I will 
look around your site though.

Name: AngelaE-mail:
City: New York, NYCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 3-Sep-2002 14:35:25

Nice PhotoDiary!! Peru looks beautiful. I'd love 
to travel their someday. Good website =) See you 

~~ Angela ~~

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry:
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 2-Sep-2002 05:36:05

Jeb / Jessica,

 Could you contact me?  I don't have your 
address after Oct. '00.  Had a disk crash and I 
hav big gaps.  Thanks.

Name: jebE-mail:
City: Country: god-forsaken desert
Homepage: Date: 31-Aug-2002 07:49:45

Your site's better than ever. Just a note to 
tell you I think of you and that I'm going to be 
alright. I can't open the china pics so I guess 
they won't be on my drive as your Peru pics 
still are. Guess I'm going to have to finally 
break down and get mp3, having learned that 
music is therapy, but I could have figured it 
out since you were there already (duh).

I hope you're doing really well. 

Name: johnE-mail:
City: new yorkCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 30-Aug-2002 10:28:53

What a wonderful site for an extraordinarily 
reserved artist!  As of yesterday, many links 
did not work (reviews, etc. where the pages are 
no longer available).
Just a suggestion:  if you copy the actual pages 
(as you have done for some things), then they 
will not be subject to the vagaries of others.
But a tremendous job and such a wonderful 
resource to learn about Martha Argerich.

Name: Bernd KnoblochE-mail:
City: KarlsruheCountry: Germany
Homepage: Date: 27-Aug-2002 05:22:31

Hi Andrys,
your Argerich website is great. Here are 2 new 
informations for New York and Munich:

The Philadelphia Orchestra
Isaac Stern Auditorium
Tuesday, November 5, 2002 8:00 PM
Great American Orchestras I
Charles Dutoit, Conductor
Martha Argerich, Piano
SIBELIUS Pohjola's Daughter
RAVEL Piano Concerto in G Major
PROKOFIEV Symphony No. 6
Montag, 16.  Dezember 2002   20.00 Uhr 
Philharmonie MUENCHEN 
Martha Argerich Klavier
Gidon Kremer Violine
KREMERata Baltica - David Guerrier Trompete
Honegger Symphonie Nr. 2
Schostakowitsch Klavierkonzert Nr.1 op. 35 mit 
obligater Trompete
Tschaikowsky Souvenir de Florence
( Konzertdirektion Hoertnagel, Muenchen )
[Last Sunday I have heard the concerto of Ravel 
at Salzburg Festival... Great...]  

Bernd Knobloch

Name: Jim NeitzelE-mail:
City: Lugoff, SCCountry: US of A
Homepage: NoneDate: 25-Aug-2002 15:39:59

Hi Andrys,
Great PhotoDiary of Peru !!!
I am planning a similiar trip for 2003 and your 
site gave me some good ideas.
I hope nothing has changed...
Jim Neitzel

Name: TeresaE-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: 19-Aug-2002 19:58:46

Hi, Andrys,

Just writing to send my congratulations on the rave review  in International Piano of your excellent Argerich website! We are 
all grateful to you for the tremendous effort you've put into making this site into the best of its kind, and you deserve all the 
kudos from IP. Bravo!

Name: Diana RedgwellE-mail:
City: Bishop's StortfordCountry: United Kingdom
Homepage: Date: 16-Aug-2002 08:32:59

Dear Andrys,
As a Titanic enthusiast over the last 15 years 
or so i,ve seen many a Titanic Film.
What gets me is the 1953 version with Barbara 
Stanwyck, what i'm going to ask you is:
Was there ever a soundtrack made for that 1953 
Film? If so, is it available on CD?
Reason being is a lot of people are asking me 
and i don,t quite know the answer to that one, 
so could you please help me on that one.
Best Regards
Diana Redgwell

Name: MarkE-mail:
City: LondonCountry: England
Homepage: 11-Aug-2002 08:01:22

     good Peru travelogue, found it while 
searching for decent travelogues to link to 
from a new listings section in our travel 

Please get in touch by email so we can swap 
some quality links if you like our site.



Name: koji tajimaE-mail: tjmkj2001
City: chibaCountry: japan
Homepage: Date: 1-Aug-2002 18:39:59

tso will have a special concert with martha 
argerich and oscar peterson in tronto at nov.8.

pnomalady wrote in@argerich forum;
From:  "pnomalady" <>  
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 21:20:47 -0000 
Subject: [martha_argerich] Argerich in Toronto 
Nov. 8/02 


From the TSO brochure I picked up today:

Yamaha "Kando" Concert
Friday, November 8 - 8:00 pm
Sir Andrew Davis, conductor
Michel LeGrand, conductor
Martha Argerich, piano
Oscar Peterson, piano

Wagner:     Prelude to Die Meistersinger
Prokofiev:  Piano Concerto No. 3
Oscar Peterson/Michel LeGrand:  Trail of 
Dreams: A Canadian Suite

two of the world's greatest pianists pay 
tribute to Yamaha on its 
100th birthday

To inspire the heart and spirit

tickets $46-$98
on sale to general public August 2002

Best regards,

Tricia Moon

and brochure is;
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Name: Tom Sielaff (ATom2)E-mail:
City: Country: Wisconsin USA
Homepage: 22-Jul-2002 12:47:10

No comments or questions really. I just thought 
I'd stop by and say hi! Love your piano playing 
also! :)

Name: Riki HowardE-mail:
City: St. Louis, MOCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 20-Jul-2002 16:47:52

I loved this.  I liked the way to started from 
one point of the trip and took me along.  Thank 

Name: EmmanuelleE-mail:
City: munichCountry: germany
Homepage: Date: 12-Jul-2002 10:16:03

I have just browsed through your page, and 
thanks for all the lovely pictures and comments. 
I have really enjoyed seeing someone experienced 
Peru the way I did and the pics reminded me of 
what I saw. Good work!

Name: Amy TangE-mail:
City: NanjingCountry: P.R.China
Homepage: www.witdawn.orgDate: 23-Jun-2002 23:02:32

I am a classical music lover from China. It's 
very nice to meet you through Internet. Keep in 

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: Hradec KrálovéCountry: Czech Republic
Homepage: Date: 19-Jun-2002 05:35:20

is very nice to find somebody who has the same 
name (but first name) and similar hobby as I 

best regards

Jan Andrýs

Name: Sebastián ColomboE-mail:
City: barcelonaCountry: spain
Homepage: Date: 15-Jun-2002 08:49:54

Hello, my name is Sebastian Colombo. I am a 
pianist and piano teacher from Argentina, now 
living in BArcelona.

I would like to know if you would be interested 
in a Argerich interview, from La NAción (Buenos 
Aires, 1986). 

Name: Kenneth MaherE-mail:
City: New YorkCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 9-Jun-2002 16:47:42

Just finished brousing your pictures of Peru.  I 
have been several time and got some wonderful 
shots, but sadly not with a digital camera. 
Scanned photos are just not as good.  I hope to 
go back in the coming year with digital camera 
in hand to get some more shots 

Name: Carol SeitzE-mail:
City: WoburnCountry: USA
Homepage: 1-Jun-2002 21:49:01

Hi,  I love your pictures of Peru. Would you 
allow me to use one or two on the page that I 
maintain for my Spanish classes--it's linked 
to the family homepage above.  By the way, 
my husband is a classical musician who 
searches for sheet music on the web for the 
store wher he works!   Carol

Name: lea gedaliaE-mail:
City: jerusalemCountry: israel
Homepage: Date: 1-Jun-2002 16:59:46

It was a real plesure reading your  stories 
about the journey in Peru. Planning to travel 
there next Feb.(2003) I feel as if i already 
know the place. lea

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