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Name: carolE-mail:
City: eugene ORCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 27-May-2002 18:51:36

greatest site I have located.  thanks

Name: Alicia IbarguenE-mail:
City: TijuanaCountry: Mexico
Homepage: Date: 23-May-2002 18:51:05

Thank you for creating such a wonderful page. I 
enjoyed the article and pictures about the Uros. 

Great job!!!

Name: Linda E. HansonE-mail:
City: San DiegoCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 22-May-2002 16:42:48

Hi!  I looked for a site like yours because my 
daughter and son-in-law are currently traveling 
in Peru and sending e-mails along the way.  
Your photos and text have really helped me get 
a better idea of what they are seeing and 
experiencing.  I'm sure they read your diary 
before they left.  You have done an exquisite 
job, and I've enjoyed it all the more because 
at 64, with very bad knees, I could never 
embark on such a sojourn myself!  Bless you, 
and thanks!

Name: RuthE-mail:
City: Seminole FloridaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 9-May-2002 21:38:35

I spent a month in Lima with my friends in their 
home in Nov. of 99. It was a wonderful 
experience. The people of Peru are a special 
people that are very generous and gracious. I 
love them dearly. I hope to return in the not 
too distant future. 

Name: fred suffysE-mail:
City: antwerpCountry: belgium
Homepage: Date: 2-May-2002 11:08:13

Guess I'll never get to Machu Piccu, but thanks 
for y'r really stunning photographs, got the 
impression I really was there. Truly great !

Name: Edgar ZambranoE-mail: perubergsport
City: HuarazCountry: perú
Homepage: Date: 25-Apr-2002 11:49:21

if there is coming to perú for llamatrekking in 
the cordillera blanca or Huayhuash contact with 

Name: sgE-mail:
City: WuhanCountry: China
Homepage: Date: 25-Apr-2002 01:38:22

i am a middle school student.i love Argerich 
very much,and i am crazy for her play.i don't 
know if i will have the chance someday to write 
to her .But i don't know how.i have to say that 
the only dream of my life is to see her,or to 
connect with her.

Name: jalahjuniorE-mail:
City: lomeCountry: togo
Homepage: loveDate: 24-Apr-2002 14:15:28

i love the book befor the email address
thank you for ask 

Name: chun dong hyukE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 22-Apr-2002 03:47:31

hello, andrys.
i found argerich's new release from emiclassics.
it consists of schumann chamber music, 
i do not know details of this product.
but i suppose it'll be 1994 holland live and only
the cover is different from first ever release
see it -->new release

Name: Joan McCarthyE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 19-Apr-2002 13:20:24

Thanks for a wonderful trip to Peru.  I went to 
Cusco and Machu Picchu for the 2000 Solstice and 
have enjoyed your wonderful pictures.  I plan to 
send your site address to my friend who has also 
gone there quite along time ago.  joan

Name: SheilaE-mail:
City: Sandwich, ILCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 19-Apr-2002 04:39:37

Loved your website...the pictures were 
wonderful!  Machu Picchu is so mystical isnt it?

Name: tuneroomE-mail:
City: Country: usa
Homepage: http://tuneroom.comDate: 18-Apr-2002 13:28:45

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Name: mikeE-mail:
City: richmondCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: 18-Apr-2002 02:50:50

thanks..very enjoyable

Name: ToddE-mail:
City: NashvilleCountry: USA
Homepage: www.josephtodd.comDate: 17-Apr-2002 16:00:27

very nice reading.  fascinating place.  i hope 
to visit there one day, also.  could i use some 
of your photos for possible underlay in the 
printing of my album jacket?  (it wouldn't be 
anything on too large of a scale)  i would 
perhaps use one or more, depending on your 
approval, to print lyrics over.  i may not but 
some of the photos are just beautiful.  if not, 
that's fine.  excellent diary!!  :O)

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 6-Apr-2002 00:39:14

Joel, thanks for adding info here.  Re this one 
though, the Concerts page has had it for awhile 
when I finally updated it.  The Concerts page is 

 If you go, pls report on how these went !  
Thanks again.

Name: joel steinE-mail:
City: Braintree MaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 5-Apr-2002 12:51:07

argerich is scheduled to play at saratoga this 
summer..Beethoven 1 one night;the triple 
concerto the next and in a chamber concert on 
Sunday..I believe the dates are 8/8,8/9 and 8/11

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 5-Apr-2002 03:45:54

To Daniel: That link is already on the website.  
As I say on the site, it's my understanding that 
the Gachot film is not authorized by Argerich at 
this time.

To Geraldine:  Thank you for that report on the 
Rostropovich Gala. 
  Glad the site's proved useful!

To the webmaster of website, 
thanks for the pointer to your interesting site.

To Josey:  What an interesting trip that will 
be.  I hope you report on your experience 
somewhere.  Thanks for the nice feedback.

Name: DanielE-mail:
City: StockholmCountry: Sweden
Homepage: Date: 5-Apr-2002 01:24:55

The following link is for all those Argerich 

Video and DVD are not yet available!

Name: Geraldine FoyE-mail:
City: HorleyCountry: England
Homepage: Date: 4-Apr-2002 03:46:56

I attended the Rostropovich 75th Birthday Gala 
at the Barbican. Argerich played the 3rd mvt of 
Prokofiev 3 with LSO/Colin Davis which was 
fantastic (as usual!) but far too brief. Concert 
was also broadcast on BBC2 the following 
Saturday where they also included a clip of 
Argerich & Kissin playing a duet of "Happy 
Birthday" and a brief interview with Argerich re 
Rostropovich. Yours is one of my favourite 
websites, it's helped me track down several 
Argerich recordings.

Name: Chim Pum CallaoE-mail:
City: CallaoCountry: Perú
Homepage: http://www.chimpum-callao.comDate: 31-Mar-2002 22:36:10

Congratulations on your webpage, very 
interesting.  You and your visitors are invited 
to where you can 
learn about Callao's history, view interesting 
pictures and much more. 

Name: Josey BridgesE-mail:
City: Chapel HillCountry: United States
Homepage: Date: 30-Mar-2002 10:22:48

I am going to Puno, Peru for nine weeks this 
summer to volunteer in a girls orphanage.  I am 
really excited about the trip and I love looking 
at all the Peru pictures on this site!  Thank 

Name: AndrysE-mail:
City: BerkeleyCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.andrys.comDate: 29-Mar-2002 01:19:12

To: Jayne Wilson
  Glad you enjoyed the pictures, and I 
  loved the mother's concern about the railing. 

To: Esteban
  That was very wise!  Glad to see you've 
already visited there.  Thanks for such nice 

To: Serena Matthews
  Thanks for visiting.  I hope people will visit 
your sight (photographs) and sound (Music) site 
linked on your note.

To: sos 

 Hey, sorry to disappoint. However, you'll find 
links to my favorite music from Peru, Bolivia, 
Chile at:

Name: sosE-mail: ???
City: chicagoCountry: south america
Homepage: Date: 28-Mar-2002 16:07:45

your pictures rock but your site sucks 'cuz you 
can't find anything about peruvian sports or 

Name: Serena MatthewsE-mail:
City: Murfreesboro, TNCountry: USA
Homepage: 28-Mar-2002 08:22:45

Hi Andrys~
Just stopping in for a visit to your beautiful 
home on the net! I'm truly enjoying my stay here 
and will be back again!~

Warmest wishes,

Serena Matthews

Name: EstebanE-mail:
City: DoloresCountry: Argentina
Homepage: www.efacio.freeservers.comDate: 25-Mar-2002 14:56:11

hello Andry´s
you have done a wonderfull page with the 
webpage, excellent photos. I went to Peru last 
year when i was 21 years old and I have no 
problem. But i was very carefull.


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