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Name: Ralph ChouE-mail:
City: Los AngelesCountry:
Homepage: Date: 11-Jun-2003 10:00:12

Hi Andrys,

Great Site and I love the Argerich page.  Any 
idea when the new video will be available? I 
think all the MA fans are really excited about 
this video.  Please let me know!


Name: Sonia ConnorE-mail:
City: CTCountry: USA
Homepage: http://www.connor-family.netDate: 10-Jun-2003 02:16:32

Neat site, and hello from Milford, CT

Name: TerryE-mail:
City: Pompano BeachCountry: USA
Homepage: www.mylatinrose.comDate: 7-Jun-2003 10:54:05

Hi, I've been to Peru 5 times and will be 
traveling there again around the end of July. 
This time my wife and I will be going to Macchu 
Pichu hopefully.  Nice Site!

City: ABILENECountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 23-May-2003 18:00:34

RACHMANINOFF THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: MajaE-mail:
City: BirminghamCountry: UK
Homepage: Date: 20-May-2003 03:39:24

Having booked a holiday to Peru I found your 
travel account on Peru very interesting and 
informative. It has made me even more excited 
about the trip! Thank you!

Name: Matthew MossE-mail:
City: ParisCountry:
Homepage: Date: 16-May-2003 08:49:19

A concert scheduled at Theatre du Chatelet with 
Radu Lupu on the 23rd of May has been changed to 
a duo recital Argerich/Lilya Zilberstein. The 
program is Mozart Sonata K448, Ma Mere L'Oye, 
Rachmaninov Six Duos Op.11 and Brahms Sonata for 
Two Pianos op.34b. It's up on the Chatelet site 
(, though last I 
checked there was a typo where they mixed up the 
new program with the one scheduled for Lupu.

Name: Mariamelia ZuletaE-mail:
City: LimaCountry: Peru
Homepage: Date: 8-May-2003 11:44:44

I have a couple of friends in Iran..they have 
sent me lot of pictures from their country and I 
wanted to send them a wide info and some none 
traditional pictures.. I found this page and I 
think that this is the best page I have seen 
since I began looking for them in 
internet..thank you very much for all this 
information and pictures that I have been 
proudly reading and watching.

Name: saraE-mail: bellsangel93
City: millmontCountry: us
Homepage: Date: 6-May-2003 13:12:35

this was a good interesting page it was nice 
looking at it

Name: chun dong hyekE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 29-Apr-2003 12:28:02

ms.argerich canceled concert in berlin with 
dutoit. l.vogt replaced with beethoven piano 
concerto 1. 
according to some acquaintence, she stays in 
brussel for healing for being better on stage. 
we can't help waiting for her comeback 

Name: chun dong hyekE-mail:
City: busanCountry: south korea
Homepage: Date: 21-Apr-2003 12:45:25

new releases of ms.argerich from emi coming soon.
the images of them are on argerich discography 
in emi homepage. they would be released at the 
latter of this month in korea. in the section of 
new release in the music magazin, they are 
already on topic and fascinating...
the programs of them are same as bjorn 
introduced. please refer to his report.

Name: SandraE-mail:
City: Sao PauloCountry: Brazil
Homepage: Date: 20-Apr-2003 15:33:07

Hi Andrys!
I'm argentinian and currently living in Brazil, 
and I'm planning to visit Peru in May. I want 
to thank you for this astonishing photos and 
the useful advice you are sharing through this 
Best wishes and a happy Eastern! 

Name: RolandoE-mail:
City: DeniaCountry: Spain
Homepage: Date: 5-Apr-2003 02:54:38

very nice site

Name: MichaelE-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: 4-Apr-2003 14:34:01

Nice site! I am looking for pictures that I can 
use on my website. Esp those of the Sun Temple

Name: AlexaE-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 10-Mar-2003 11:25:58

Hey! i luv ur website! we had 2 do a report on 
a country and i got Peru. This websute has 
helped me alot 

Alexa Barnett

Name: Anne SmithE-mail:
City: Country: Canada
Homepage: Date: 5-Mar-2003 22:40:48

Great site!

Name: SamanthaE-mail:
City: Country: NY
Homepage: Date: 28-Feb-2003 18:29:31

I am peruvian but i was born in America so i 
have been to Peru a bunch of times and I have 
been to almost every part. I have been to lIma 
for shopping and eating and i have also been to 
there amuesment parks and believe me they are 
real fun so if I were u go experience it 
yourself take just a week or even 2 weeks to 
explore the ruins and modern day changes and 
peru's past.

Name: Maryse ChapronE-mail:
City: Thorens-GlieresCountry: France
Homepage: Date: 24-Feb-2003 11:50:10

I am not sure I am at the right place for this
message. I am checking regularly news about
Martha Argerich. I like very much too Nelson
Freire. I saw you mentioned a solo concert in
Japan. I would like to add he will be solo
pianist in Paris, Theatre du Chatelet on April 3.
If you want details of the program, please let me
Best regards

Name: Brian ThompsonE-mail:
City: BangorCountry: Northern Ireland
Homepage: Date: 23-Feb-2003 12:54:53

Very interesting site with good quality pictures.
I will return, especially if you can locate for 
me any pictures of the Carumas Valley which is 
south of Arequipa and down off the road (at 
14,400 feet) between Moquegua and Puno.

Name: Shannon E-mail:
City: San FranciscoCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 19-Feb-2003 01:47:01

Wow!  Your trip to Peru looked like such a 
beautiful experience.  My fiance and I are going 
to Peru for our honeymoon this August.  We have 
so much to look forward to!  Your pictures are a 
wonderful glimpse into Peru's beauty. Thank you 
for sharing!

Name: omarE-mail:
City: chihuahuaCountry: mexico
Homepage: Date: 13-Feb-2003 00:14:10

Hi Andry.I really congratulate you. I strongly 
admire Martha Argerich.Your page has helped me 
to follow more closely  her carrier. Thak you.  

Name: Betsy FosterE-mail:
City: Richmond, VirginiaCountry: USA
Homepage: www.betsyfoster.comDate: 11-Feb-2003 01:51:51

Hi, Andrys! It's good to see you again. I've 
been following your success at various music 
sites across the Internet and am delighted 
(though not the least bit surprised) how well 
you're doing! Every time I play "Mark's Song" 
now I think of you and Amy Beach. :-) Take care 
and drop me a line sometime when you have a 

Name: KiranE-mail:
City: SydneyCountry: OZ
Homepage: Date: 5-Feb-2003 00:31:54

Its a great site! and has really excited me 
about my forthcoming trip to S. America.

Name: coopE-mail:
City: metropolisCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: 30-Jan-2003 14:55:06

i found your site to be very imformative. the 
descriptions you gave concerning points of 
interest. on your trip to peru. will be very 
usefull in planning a itinerary of our own.

Name: Janet LithgowE-mail:
City: GlasgowCountry: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 30-Jan-2003 10:10:29

I loved your pictures and information re Peru.  
I am going there in Sept 2003 to trek the inca 
trail to raise money for children with special 
needs.  i would be gratful if you could give me 
advice on how to get fit. activities and 
exercise.  and anyother tips. 
I have raised 1200 so far but wish to reach 
5000 if any one would like to donate the is a 
donation site at
the charity is Quarriers, thanks

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