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Andrys' list of the more intriguing items

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  • Ghosts of the AbyssGhosts of the Abyss (2 books, soundtrack, more)
    From Publishers Weekly - "The Titanic looks like, well, a wreck in this lavishly illustrated coffee-table companion to Titanic director Cameron's 3-D undersea documentary. Titanic historian Lynch and artist and Titanic buff Marschall recap the story of the ship's doomed maiden voyage, describe the technology and logistics of undersea film-making, and ponder the parallels between the Titanic tragedy and the 9/11 attacks, which occurred during filming ("both events were met with outrage and disbelief-and the tragedies would remain indelibly etched on the collective memory of the world") ... The authors juxtapose archival images of the ship's Edwardian luxury decor and furnishings with photos of their waterlogged remains, and it is here-and in the viewer's imagination-that the pictures become haunting."   The long L.A. Times story on making the movie.

  • Titanic Inquiry ProjectThe excellent online Titanic Inquiry Project - This link takes you to the detail below (use browser "Back" button to return here).

  • Hard ChoicesThe Titanic Story: Hard Choices, Dangerous Decisions
    Stephen Cox / Paperback / May 1999
    The several editorial reviews are very positive but the user comments are not, particularly. This seems to be a gathering of reports of individual experiences from the American and British Inquiries which previous books had not bothered with, put together by a professor of literature at U.C. San Diego. Probably easier than plowing through the Inquiries, though.

  • Salty Dog TalkSalty Dog Talk : The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions
    Bill Beavis, Richard G. McCloskey / Sheridan House / Paperback
    Editorial review mentions "Explains the fascinating ship-board beginnings of over 200 words and expressions, with the author's own delightful cartoons..."

  • The Last LogThe Last Log of the Titanic
    David G. Brown / McGraw-Hill / Hardcover
    David Brown, a professional marriner,
        "...has pieced together key first-hand accounts to create his version of the ship's logbook...He concludes that the ship did not in fact strike the iceberg; instead, it grounded on a protruding shelf below the waterline. Had the captain not insisted on forging ahead, countless lives might have been saved. Brown also sheds new light on actions taken by the crew, which have up to now baffled us, and exposes lies told by surviving officers and British Admiralty during official inquiries, aimed at protecting careers and political interests" [quotes are from the publisher PR] "...Most startling of all, however, is evidence that the ship might have stayed afloat long enough to permit the rescue of all passengers and crew if Captain Smith, at the behest of his employer, Bruce Ismay, had not given the order to resume steaming."
    No word of mouth on this yet.

  • Titanic: Touchstones of a TragedyTitanic: Touchstones of a Tragedy: The Timeless Human Drama Revisited Through Period Artifacts and Memorabilia
    Steve A. Santini / Paperback, September 2000
    This is new and no word on it yet, but he had an exhibition in Prince George, BC, which was said to be made up of artifacts picked up by recovery vessels in 1912 apparently belonging mainly to survivers (rather than retrieved by later salvage efforts). George Behe was quoted on the Titanic history newsgroup as saying that "Santini has spoken with relatives of men who embalmed victims' bodies on the funeral ships, and these men spoke privately of having seen bullet wounds on some of the bodies" so there may be relatively new info in general here.

  • Dan Butler's 'Lusitania'THE LUSITANIA: The Life, Loss, and Legacy of an Ocean Legend
    Daniel Allen Butler / Stackpole Books: Hardcover - 384 pages (October 2000) 20% discount
    A book long-awaited by members of the alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic newsgroup.   "Provides rare first-person accounts from survivors of the disaster.  The sinking of the Lusitania has long been perceived as the reason the United States went to war in 1917. But according to Daniel Allen Butler, author of Unsinkable, the story is much more complex. Butler makes extensive use of primary accounts, letting the participants tell their stories in their own words."

  • Science and StoryThe Titanic (combo "Science and Story of Titanic" along with submersible model)
    Susan Hughes, Steve A. Santini / Paperback and toy edition, for ages 9-12
    The 48-page book focuses
    "on the technological advances and remarkable feats of engineering that went into the ship's construction, as well as the flaws that led to its ultimate demise... [and] examines the impact of the disaster on shipbuilding and maritime regulations. Stunning historical photographs, and rare documents and memorabilia from Titanic specialist Steve Santini's private collection."  Notable for the educational toy that gets good marks from all buyers.

  • Dusk to Dawn : Survivor Accounts of the Last Night on the Titanic
    Paul J. Quinn / Hardcover - 288 pages in full color on glossy paper (Sept '99), shipping 4-6 weeks. I checked a few places and see that none of the online stores provide a discount on this special item.
    A new book from Paul Quinn (who wrote the riveting "Titanic at Two A.M.") which features extensive survivor testimony and all new artwork. Excerpts from survivor reports detail their thoughts, emotions and what they encounter from 8pm that night until dawn when Carpathia takes aboard the survivors from the last lifeboats.  As researcher George Behe has reminded some of us, Quinn is known "for his meticulous research," and his original artwork (27 original color paintings) will be a bonus. Included also are 80 black and white archive photographs, with diagrams and inserts that complement the narrative.
  • Titanic: Fortune & Fate : Letters, Mementos, and Personal Effects from Those Who Sailed on the Lost Ship
    The Mariners' Museum, Beverly McMillan, Stanley Lehrer /Hardcover/Published August, 1998
    Reviews (from Amazon quoted here earlier) include the following:
    "TITANIC: FORTUNE & FATE not only deals with the history of the TITANIC disaster but encourages deeper participation by providing each reader with the experience of what it was like to be aboard. This book is not to be missed." --Don Lynch, author of Titanic: An Illustrated History
    "Here are artifacts and memorabilia from the voyage of the TITANIC that can be seen nowhere else. Compelling, personal, sad, and lovely . . . the images are unforgettable." --Ken Marschall, illustrator of Titanic: An Illustrated History
  • Titanic Adventure : One Woman's True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner
    Jennifer Carter, Joel Hirschhorn, William F., Jr. Buckley /Hardcover - 324 pages (October 1998) , shipping within 24 hours.
    From an Amazon user-review (Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens)
    "Jennifer Carter's absolutely enthralling story of how she transformed herself from bank teller to world adventurer has more real-life action than a dozen thriller novels. She's faced challenges ...skydiving with a defective parachute, to being trapped INSIDE a shark cage WITH a hungry shark(!) . . .The passages of her first dive to the Titanic are poetry and do justice to the magnificence of the legendary ship herself."
  • Anatomy of the TitanicAnatomy of the Titanic
    Tom McCluskie /Hardcover - 144 pages (October 1998) , shipping within 2-3 days.
    Editorial review/description says:
    "A comprehensive deck-by-deck tour of the most famous ship in history. Includes nearly 250 b/w photographs, plans, drawings, and cutaways. Tom McCluskie is the former Archive Manager for Harland & Wolff, builders of the Titanic, and was H & W's Technical Liaison to 20th Century Fox in the production of James Cameron's Titanic. McCluskie is also the co-author of Titanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic."
        Consumers report that strangely enough, McCluskie identifies some photos of Olympic as Titanic but that otherwise it's worthwhile. Most give it 5 stars, while one gives it only one star.
  • A Titanic Hero, Thomas Andrews, Shipbuilder
    Shan F. Bullock / Hardcover / Published 9/96, 25% discount, in stock
    A biography of highly-respected shipbuilder Thomas Andrews, written , it's said, shortly after the Titanic sinking.
  • Story of the Titanic Postcards
    Frank O. Braynard / Paperback / Published 1988, 20% discount (price, $3.96)
    (Also see the set of cards for 90 cents in the box below.)   Amazon's synopsis:
    "...24 reproductions of historic photographs and paintings ... All cards are identified by brief, descriptive notes, perforated and easily detachable for sending or saving."
  • Titanic Explorer CD-ROM setJames Cameron's Titanic Explorer CD-ROM set: $7.99   (Was $30 retail)
    James Cameron/Don Lynch / Published Nov 1998 / FOX 3 CD-ROM set
    From formerly existing Fox Interactive info page on the 3 CD-ROM set:
    "... search through more than 1,200 pages of eyewitness testimony from Titanic survivors; witness Cameron's deep dive expedition to the wreck site; take a virtual tour of the ship, exploring spacious decks and lavish interiors in full 360-degree rotation; watch a computer simulation of how the ship went down; and control interactive 3D models to examine the ship and the wreck.
    ... also includes film scenes depicting historically accurate events not included in the theatrical release..."
  • The Complete Titanic : From the Ship's Earliest Blueprints to the Epic
    Stephen J. Spignesi / Hardcover / Birch Lane Press /Published November 1998, 30% discount (price, $19.25)
        The author has written a long "review" on Amazon. Here's one paragraph describing the book:

    "... a Titanic companion, anthology, browsing book, and reference, The Complete Titanic is a Titanic time capsule that contains articles, essays, and even a complete novella, as well as lists, charts, photos, survivor accounts, court documents, Senate testimonies, a Whos Who, a massive timeline, and much, much more.
    ... plus photos, documents, illustrations throughout, and three 8-page glossy inserts of photos (many in color) detailing everything from the ships construction to the 1997 movie."
  • Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic
    Ken Marschall, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998, 30% discount
    Haven't seen this one, but friends highly recommend it. Marschall's paintings in larger than usual format, with somewhat more detail then. People rave about the beauty of his work. Emphasis is on the paintings, with commentary on each, rather than on the story of the Titanic event.
  • Titanica : The Disaster of the Century in Poetry, Song, and Prose
    Steven Biel(Preface) / Paperback / Published 1998, 20% discount
    Apparently Biel's publishers have encouraged him to publish more on society's response to the Titanic's demise. The book is just out in October, and Laura Cole and others on the alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic have recommended it. Biel has put together a collection of editorials, songs, poems, sermons, ads even, that reflect the varied perspectives on what it all means, not to mention the intense impact on so many, even 86+ years later.

  • Titanic : Women and Children First
    Judith B. Geller / Hardcover / Published Oct 1998, 30% discount
    Janis of the alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic newsgroup recommended it early on for the photographs and new accounts. Others have pointed out a couple of unsettling inaccuracies in the narration of more familiar events. Consensus is that the photographs of the people involved are definitely worthwhile but that the accompanying photographs of items they MIGHT have owned or used are a bit of a stretch. Amazon review includes the following:
    "... the first to commemorate the women and children on board. Presented here are personal interviews with survivors and their relatives, and biographies of the women and children as well as the male passengers and crew with whom they had contact. The passengers' own voices are recorded in diaries, letters, and newspaper stories. Schematics of the vessel show where the passengers were at the time of the sinking ... This book contains ... a comprehensive index..."

  • My Basic List of Intriguing Items  


  • A Night to Remember   (The one essential Titanic book)
    Walter Lord / Mass Market Paperback / This edition published 1997, 20% discount
        (The large Niagra print hardcover edition is about $30 compared to $5 for the paperback, and is not expected to be reprinted for another 3-5 weeks as of today (11/8/98). 1997 edition.)
    The Classic - Lord's description of events based on direct survivor accounts - riveting
          See Total Titanic, A Night to Remember (CD-ROM) below in VIDEO section

  • A Night to Remember [Abridged] - AUDIOCASSETTE
    Walter Lord, with Charles Keating reading, Sept. 1998, 30% discount, ships in 2-3 days
    Good for the car. This is about $12.
    I saw two other audiocassette versions using other readers, but they are about $46 to $56 and must be special-ordered. They appear to be NOT abridged however and have 1998 dates.
  • The Night Lives on : The Untold Stories & Secrets Behind the Sinking of the Unsinkable Ship-Titanic
    Walter Lord / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998, 20% discount
    Lord's updated look at this event, 10 years after the classic "A Night to Remember" involves new material and some reconsideration of events. A must-read, of course.
  • Titanic : An Illustrated History (Paintings by Ken Marschall)
        If not in stock currently, try a good place for USED books, for less $
    Donald Lynch, et al / Paperback / Published 1995
        (The hardcover edition , June 1998 edition
        The older printings are being remaindered at bookstores at huge discounts.
    A large coffeetable-book version of the story of that night, filled with excellent illustrations and photographs. Very readable text is organized very well. Don Lynch was a consulting expert for Cameron's movie, as well as for the excellent 4-hour A&E video documentary. One of the must-have books.
  • Story of the Titanic As Told by Its Survivors
    Jack Winocour(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1960, 20% discount (Retail $8.95)
    A must-buy treasure at a bargain price. This volume includes the books by survivors Archibald Gracie and Lawrence Beesley, as well as Titanic memoirs by Commander Lightoller, and the NY times interview with wireless operator Harold Bride.
  • Titanic : A Survivor's Story and the Sinking of the S.S. Titanic
    Achibald Gracie, plus the account by Jack Thayer / Paperback/ 2nd edition, 2/18/98, 20% discount (Retail $14.95)
        Also, the AudioCassette (Unabridged) version of Titanic, by Archibald Gracie ($28.95. It is not clear that this is based on the book that also carries Thayer's account, though Amazon puts user-reviews of the paperback version onto the page for the audiobook version too. Doesn't sound like to me. But for those who like to listen in their cars, it may be worth the hefty $27.95
    The paperback, for sure, carries the Thayer account, which Winocour's doesn't, but Winocour carries Beesley's book, and also the smaller accounts mentioned in the book listed above this one.
  • The Titanic Disaster : As Reported in the British National Press April-July 1912
    Dave Bryceson(Compiler) / Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount
    A stunning day-to-day account using clippings from newspapers from 1912 - very rich material that includes the days before and the months after the disaster. A must-buy
  • The Titanic : End of a Dream
    Wyn Craig Wade / Paperback / Published 1992, 20% discount
    Excellent account of the emotion-filled aftermath with cooly intelligent analysis of events based on testimony of surviving passengers, officers, and crew. His sympathetic description of Senator Smith's strengths and ultimate effectiveness differs from conventional wisdom of that time and, alone, is a fascinating story. It amazes me no movie has been made of the American Inquiry with its rich accounts and confrontations, not to mention its colorful and aggressively inquisitive and justice-seeking (detractors said 'publicity-seeking') senator. The author was one of a panel of experts in the excellent 4-hour A&E documentary.
  • Titanic : Safety, Speed and Sacrifice
    George Behe / Paperback / Published 1997, Amazon price $12.50, no discount
    A fascinating look at possible truths withheld in rumored arrangements between White Star and its surviving crew in connection with the unsafe navigation that fateful night. Methodically researched and analyzed, references cited for every item reported. A must-read for anyone interested in the mystery of that event. While a small volume and more a booklet, it's rich in detail, with citations and references, for statements and testimony from that time that we're not likely to find in the usual Titanic book. An Original.
    The author was one of a panel of experts in the excellent 4-hour A&E documentary.
  • Titanic Voices : Memories from the Fateful Voyage
    Donald Hyslop(Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount
    A beautiful book of letters, articles by Titanic passengers, crew, and officers, from Southampton, including new material from the less-heard lower-class passengers and crew
  • The Titanic Disaster Hearings : The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation
    Tom Kuntz, U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce (Editor) / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998, 20% discount (price, $6.39)
    For those who can't afford the $99 unedited print-version, Kuntz of the NY Times provides this edited version of fascinating survivor testimony, which comes with a very useful index. (Also see audiocassette version below.)

       The Cameron/Lynch 3-CD set, released Oct 98, includes full-searchable-text of the American Inquiry, for a retail price of $35, with much lower street-prices. ($17 in one case -- see newer offerings in top section)

    May 23, 1999 Note:  I've added a link to the excellent
    Titanic Inquiry Project put together and placed online by the estimable forces of the alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic newsgroup, coordinated by Rob Ottmers. These include complete transcriptions of the American Inquiry (and soon, the British one as well), with links to online websites for biographies and other detail.

        Also be sure to read the credits for all involved, at both the "About" and the "Thanks" sites.  There is no cost to access this work, and the text files are downloadable.   Kudos to all involved.

  • The Titanic Disaster Hearings : The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation - AUDIOCASSETTE (abridged)
    Dove Books Audio - United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Tom Kuntz (Introduction), Ackroyd, Mona Golabek (Performer) , June 1998
    Good for the car. Though even more edited than Kuntz's edition, there should still be plenty of gripping and enlightening testimony for anyone stranded on today's freeways
  • Report on the Loss of the S.S. Titanic
    Great Britain. Parliament / Hardcover / Published 1998, 30% discount (price, $13.97)
    This is the March '98 reprinting of the 92-page summary of the hearings on the causes for the collision and sinking.
        *This is included on the Cameron/Lynch 3-CD set, released Oct 98 and priced at $35, retail, with much lower street-prices.*
  • The Last Days of the Titanic : Photographs and Mementos of the Tragic Maiden Voyage
    Edward Eugene O'Donnell, et al / Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount
    Beautiful black & white photographs taken before Father O'Donnell left the ship
  • The Discovery of the Titanic
    Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold / Paperback / Published 1995, 20% discount.
    (The hardcover edition, 1998 is sold at a 30% discount but is double the price.)
    Robert Ballard describes his discovery of the Titanic. Includes rare archival photos and charts, Color inserts - Paperback version revised in '95. Hardback in '98. Very dramatic.
  • Unsinkable : The Full Story of Rms Titanic
    Daniel Allen Butler / Hardcover / Published 1998, 30% discount
    An up-to-date, well-written re-telling of events first described in Lord's classic, with a few new details and an eloquent summary. Includes sections on the building of the ship and emphasizes the context of the times. A jacket blurb from Walter Lord calls this "Masterful" and that's a pretty good recommendation. Available these days at remaindered pricing in larger cities.
  • Titanic at Two A.M.
    Paul J. Quinn / Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount
    Vivid recreation of the last 20 minutes of the Titanic's life. While not new material, it organizes the information, which includes supporting illustrations, to show the probable sequence of events which have often been isolated in our minds, from previous reads. Better proof-reading would have helped, but the chronological approach is gripping.
  • Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy
    Charles A. Haas(Contributor), John P. Eaton / Hardcover / Published 1995, 30% discount
    A large book that attempts to cover a lot, though I've seen more detail in other books, but its best feature is a big collection of photographs of passengers and crew of Titanic. I'd prefer somewhat larger pictures than the many smaller ones crowded together on some pages, but the book is already pretty heavy. Worth it just for the pictures. What a collection.
  • The Sinking of the Titanic : Eyewitness accounts
    Bruce M. Caplan(Editor), Logan Marshall / Paperback / Published 1998, usually 20% discount
    A recent, edited, edition of the 1912 book written close to the event. and sold house to house in 1912. Colorful and a basic source though the stories are sensationalized as was the custom then, even more than now, and while it should be read for insight into what people were saying in the days immediately following the disaster, there was not enough time to check the reliability of all the information just a month after the incident. Still, a fascinating read with cautions that apply to any media account close to an event.
  • Titanic Survivor : The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters
    Violet Jessop, John Maxtone-Graham / Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount
    Violet Jessop's memoirs are not about the Titanic itself, but her very articulate descriptions of life as a stewardess on the oceanliners of that day are written with a wry sense of humor. Only 3 pages are devoted to her Titanic experience, but this amazing gal also managed to find herself, after the 1912 disaster, on the Britannic when it sank during the war. Born in Argentina, of Irish parents, she went to sea at the age of 21. Interesting memories of a worker on the great ships.
  • Psalm at Journey's End (Harvest Book)
    Erik Fosnes Hansen, et al / Paperback / Reprinted Sept 1997, 20% discount (price, $10.40)
    The hardcover edition, published Aug 1996 is discounted 30% (price, $16.80).
    This novel which focuses on the probable experiences of musicians on the Titanic revolves around the lives of fictional band members. The book gets high ratings, by book reviewers and by regulars on the Titanic newsgroup, for its look into what a ship musican's life was like. Kirkus Associates says, "A shimmering, magical evocation of a Europe as yet untouched by world wars, and a deft, convincing combination of personal and public tragedy. First-rate storytelling."   Good cover illustration on the paperback edition, but odd one on the hardcover version.
  • Titanic : The Official Story : April 14-15, 1912
    Random House Hardcover / Published 1997, 30% discount (price, $17.50)
    "Film Editor" recommends this box (as do newsgroup members), describing it as "a set of facsimiles of papers related to the disaster . . . deck plans to the ship, a passenger's account of his escape, a certificate written a month before the disaster stating that there were only enough lifeboats to save a third of the passengers, the Titanic's final telegram, and commentary and editorials written shortly after the ship's sinking..."
  • Down With the Old Canoe : A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster
    Steven Biel / Paperback / Reprinted 1997, 20% discount (price $10.50).
    The hardcover edition, Sep 1996, is discounted 30% (price, $17.50)
    I don't have the book but others recommend it for a scholarly, if dry but humorous, look at the social impact of the Titanic disaster. I've seen Biel in interviews and he's eager to remain a bit apart of what he considers a cultish interest by many.

  • VIDEOS          ( Or, back to Books)

    The orange links are to the alternative Reel film/video areas; Reel specializes in videos rather than books.
  • Titanic - Collector's Boxed Set - A&E Home Video (VHS set) $17.99 now.

    The DVD: Titanic - A&E  Documentary ($36 at Amazon) is $26 at this site.

    A 4-volume set, 192 minutes - the video documentary to have - extensive footage from that time and interviews with survivors. The narrative, enhanced by beautifully used photographs from that time and interwoven with commentary by Titanic experts, is probably the most powerful documentary I've seen on this subject.

  • DVD: Titanica - in IMAX format
    "Narrated by Leonard Nimoy and shot by IMAX on 70mm film, Titanica reveals the clearest motion pictures ever captured of the Titanic...startling images of the long-lost ruin contrasted with never-before-seen 1912 archival photos..." (1992 IMAX version)

  • Titanic:Tragedy at Sea/2 Vols.
    MADACY Entertainment (Canada) /Documentary/VHS Tape / Published 1998, discount price $9.99
    In addition to the $9.99 set of 2 described below, BigStar offers an additional two videos ("Captain of the Titanic" and "Titanic: End of an Era") - 4 videos total, in the same VHS box, which is titled The Titanic Collection" (VHS, $19.99) and ships in 2 days. See the more heftily-priced 5-film VHS and DVD boxes too at this page.

    The basic 2-volume set, 110 minutes, is a bit of a treasure for this bargain price. It has a dryer approach than the A&E special but is very informative and includes older survivors not seen in later documentaries.
    The 4-volume-version -- two other videos apparently made by the same company --is probably worth it.

    The 2-volume set includes long, unedited footage from the Carpathia, the stewards "acting up" in shots similar to those in film found recently, shots of various areas of the Olympic used "as" Titanic for newsreel shots, newspaper frontpages of the day.
       Also, a young Walter Lloyd in some sequences (and the current Lord talking about his happiness over the movie ANTR), some stills from Dorothy Gibson's quick Titanic movie right after the disaster, interesting extended shots from a German movie, shown in both German and English versions, even excellent recent shots of the wreck

    The 2nd video from the set shows visits to Southampton's Maritime Museum, to Hartley's home town where the 'Titanic Ensemble' plays commemorative music from 1912, and to the White Swan Hotel in Northumberland where the video shows, in detail, the complete First Class Lounge and staircase from the sister ship 'Olympic.'

  • "Total Titanic, A Night to Remember "CD-ROM with Lynch and Marschall commenting on every scene from the movie as you watch
    Byron Preiss Multimedia / CD-ROM / Published June 1998 by Simon & Schuster Interactive, no discount from Amazon, but quick delivery at a rather expensive $39.95
    People say the CD-ROM is fun.  I have only the laserdisc version myself. Lynch and Marschall discuss each scene as it occurs. You can watch the movie as is, or with only video as the guys talk about each scene and point certain things out, or you can watch and hear the movie while they are also talking in the background. Rewinding is of course easy. The disc comes with a searchable database and timeline.
  • Titanic Chronicles (VHS only)
    Documentary about the 1912 Senate Investigation into the accident. Ken Burns-style photos with readings from the hearings. $26.99
    Readers:   Bruce Ismay: Eric Braden,   Office Lightoller: Tim Curry,   Mrs. Helen Bishop: Gloria Stuart,   Mrs. Stuart White: Marilu Henner,   Captain S. Lord: Bernard Hill. Also, Emmett James, Cloris Leachman, David Garrison.
              Review by Flick Filosopher
    COMBO: Titanic Chronicles DVD that includes "Disaster in the Atlantic" - the remastered 1929 Titanic Film is $13.49 in VHS, and $16.99 in DVD.

  • Titanic Tragedy : The complete Documentary
    Behaviordyne; ISBN: 1571196935, Published Jan. 1998, 15% discount, price $5.99
    I have no idea what this is like. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who's bought and viewed it. Am intrigued by the price

  • I've bought several other documentaries but haven't had time to sort out one from the other. The first two above certainly stand out though. Will get to the others later. Note that Reel. Com has some network connection problems at night. Good site, however.

    For MOVIE fans           Also, Music from the movie      ( back to History Books )
    The original FAQ for alt.movies.titanic newsgroup
        - as it stood March '98 when last posted by one of the founders of the movies newsgroup who pooled their thoughts on it during the heyday of this movie-event.  It includes input from the Titanic history-newsgroup members.
        Also, here's a link to the last posting of the FAQ at the Deja.Com archive of newsgroup-postings.

        There is another good movie FAQ, by Jim Sadur, who contributed to the original newsgroup FAQ.  His page focuses on "James Cameron's 'Titanic' and Titanic history . "

    Also, I've put up DVD-ROM samples for those interested in how Cameron's Titanic looks on a computer system's using a DVD-ROM  (I have a 17" screen and use a $90 generic DVD card, with Cyberlink's software, which allows screen-capture of any moment).  These are samples of the quality of the work they did on this DVD.  They decided against extra scenes (though the several-minute trailer which includes scenes rightly cut, story-wise, is included), which makes it a less attractive purchase for those who bought the VHS one, but you'll see what a good job they did do with resolution and color balance.

    Titanic (James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay)
    James Cameron, Randall Frakes (Introduction) / Paperback, 368 pages / Published 1998, 20% discount (price, $24.00)
    The complete illustrated and annotated script, "including scenes and dialogue cut from the final film, as well as annotations explaining footage seen in the final cut, yet not contained in the screenplay."

    Titanic and the Making of James Cameron : The Inside Story of the Three-Year Adventure that Rewrote Motion Picture History
    Paula Parisi / Paperback / Published 6/98, 20% discount (price, $11.96)
       The hardcover edition, published 6/98, 30% discount (price, $17.47)
    The author's summary of intent at Amazon explains: "Basically, my intention with this book was to demonstrate what it's like to make a true, 21st century blockbuster ..." Reviews at Amazon tend to agree that the focus may be overtechnical for some, the book contains too many typos, and she gushes over Cameron a bit too much even for some of his fans.

    James Cameron's Titanic
    Douglas Kirkland(Photographer), Ed W. Marsh / Paperback / Published 12/97, 20% discount (price, $16)
       The hardcover edition, published 12/97, 30% discount (price, $35)

    Illustrated making-of-the-movie, with 175 color photos, minimal text
    AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER - Titanic issue Dec97
    The making of the movie. Expanded online coverage. Several excerpts from the magazine article are online for browsing. Clicking on a picture from the movie takes you to details of how the effects in that scene were made. A terrific resource, still online after 2 years.
    There are also extensive archives, with e-mailed questions to and answers by Russell Carpenter, the cinematographer. On this site also are Digital Domain-connected Quicktime movies of the "spectacular time transitions" and production photos, plus key articles that are fairly meaty. One photograph is of the bow scene as it really was, with the green backdrop.

    There are still copies of the Dec97 magazine left, for $7.00. Click on the link to get there.
    (Bookmark my page if you want to return here.)

    CINEFEX - Titanic issue - Number 72
    This is actually a BOOK, the entire issue devoted to the movie, and a beautiful record of the technical details behind the making of the movie.
    It's divided into 3 main sections or chapters: "Back to Titanic" (68 pages);  "Ship of Dreams" (56 pages);  and "Titanic Aftermath" (37 pages), with ads included, as this is a monthly cinema-effects magazine, though it's much thicker than one. It's lavishly illustrated with color photographs in matte finish. HIGHLY recommended issue. $15.00 including postage for those in the U.S. (Add $3.50 outside U.S.)
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    MUSIC from Titanic            (  Or, return to Books).

    Hal Jack's transcriptions of Horner's soundtrack in score and piano versions, with sound-files - really excellent. This requires Adobe Acrobat, to read/print the transcriptions and you can download this from his site if it's not installed on your computer yet.  FREE, on his website.
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    Unusual Items:
  • Six Titanic Paintings Cards, John Batchelor / Published 6/98, 10% discount (price, 90 cents)
  • Titanic 3-D Puzzle, with 398 foam pieces and 30.75 inches wide, (ages 3 and up)
  • Titanic Extreme Puzzle, 54" x 7.25" x 12.75" (more expensive)
  • The Titanic - book, with submersible model

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