Anatolia - Turkey Photos 2004
with Canon Elph

Turkey photos from travels in HISTORICAL ANATOLIA and SCENIC TURKEY - Pictures from the Road.

Birthplace of Abraham, St. Paul, Homer, Santa Claus (yes)

A photo travelogue with info, from a 26-day auto trip through Turkey in Oct. 2004, focusing on its historical sites.  There are a few more to insert later.   Some will be used later in a PhotoDiary putting the trip more in context.
Also see MCampbell's more atmospheric photo series.
  (If you have questions or info for us, or especially enjoy any of these, let us know in the Comments section at the bottom left of the photos or region-galleries.  Thanks!)

Newest:  VIDEOCLIPS finally, of hot air balloon trip over Cappadocia landscape
Here's a good roadmap online.  Pictures are from Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Antakya, Tarsus, Gaziantep ( Zeugma ), Harran, Mt. Nemrut, Perre-Perin, Diyarbakir, Akdamar Island, Durupinar's "Noah's Ark" site, Erzurum, Lake Van, Ephesus, Pergamon or Pergamum, Aphrodias, Pamukkale, Dalyan, Kaunos, Lycian Telmessos, Kalkan, Kas, Kekova, Simena, Myra, Antalya, Aspendos and includes the Ephesus Museum in Seljuk, Saint Nicholas church (Old St. Nick), Ishak Pasha Sarayi, Hagia Sophia, Topkaki Palace, and other features of Turkey.

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All photographs Copyright © Andrys Basten, 2006
Flying to Istanbul - First views and photos
:: Flying to Istanbul - First views and photos ::
Istanbul - Sultanahmet photos
:: Istanbul - Sultanahmet photos ::
Istanbul Archaeological Museums: Alexander the Great
:: Istanbul Archaeological Museums: Alexander the Great ::
Istanbul's Bosphorus Cruise
:: Istanbul's Bosphorus Cruise ::
Ankara , its museum, and Aksaray
:: Ankara , its museum, and Aksaray ::
Cappadocia Balloon Ride Photos
:: Cappadocia Balloon Ride Photos ::
Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride Videoclips
:: Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride Videoclips ::
Cappadocia photos 2
:: Cappadocia photos 2 ::
Cappadocia photos 3
:: Cappadocia photos 3 ::
Goreme Open Air Museum frescos
:: Goreme Open Air Museum frescos ::
Antakya and  Mosaic Museum
:: Antakya and Mosaic Museum ::
Gaziantep photos, mosaics - Zeugma (Belkis)
:: Gaziantep photos, mosaics - Zeugma (Belkis) ::
Abraham's Pool & Harran
:: Abraham's Pool & Harran ::
Photos: Mt  Nemrut heads, Perre-Perin, and Diyarbakir
:: Photos: Mt Nemrut heads, Perre-Perin, and Diyarbakir ::
Akdamar Island, Lake Van
:: Akdamar Island, Lake Van ::
Ishak Pasha Sarayi
:: Ishak Pasha Sarayi ::
In search of Noah's Ark - Mt. Ararat
:: In search of Noah's Ark - Mt. Ararat ::
:: Erzurum ::
:: Ephesus ::
Ephesus Museum and Selcuk photos
:: Ephesus Museum and Selcuk photos ::
Pergamon acropolis   ( Pergamum photos )
:: Pergamon acropolis ( Pergamum photos ) ::
Pergamon Asclepion - Pergamum Aesklepion
:: Pergamon Asclepion - Pergamum Aesklepion ::
Aphrodisias site and museum
:: Aphrodisias site and museum ::
 Pamukkale photos ( Hierapolis )
::  Pamukkale photos ( Hierapolis ) ::
Dalyan, Turkey
:: Dalyan, Turkey ::
 Dalyan to Kaunos boat
::  Dalyan to Kaunos boat ::
Lycian Telmessos
:: Lycian Telmessos ::
Kalkan - Kas photos
:: Kalkan - Kas photos ::
Photos: Kekova - Simena by Boat
:: Photos: Kekova - Simena by Boat ::
St. Nicholas church - Old St. Nick - origin
:: St. Nicholas church - Old St. Nick - origin ::
Myra, Antalya, Aspendos
:: Myra, Antalya, Aspendos ::
The Love Boat  (Intro)
:: The Love Boat (Intro) ::