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Rates, Policies, Shipping, Tax for Various Online Stores

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Note:  Shipping policy summaries are for standard-shipping option.

8     A     B     C     M     T     [ Will add other stores from my searchbox page soon.]

800.Com  (Click on store names for Classical Music Page)
    To Search Classical, change their Left-Top option from Pop Music to "Classical Music"...
        A more advanced classical music searchbox is due soon.   Use last name only for best results
    Help Desk Menu
    Sales Tax - Based in Oregon, so no sales tax for any shipments within the U.S.
    Charges - Credit cards are charged when items are shipped.
    Shipping Policy
        Ships only to U.S., U.S. territories and commonwealths, APO/FPO addresses, and Canada.
        To U.S. -  2-3 business days for CDs and videos, 3-7 for audiocassettes
                       $2.95 for each CD/casette order + $0.95 for each additional item
                       $1.95 for each DVD order + $0.95 for each add'l item
                       $3.95 for each VHS-Video order + $0.95 for each additional item
                       Approximately $3.25 for each order + $0.95 for each VHS-Video, game, or book
        Note:  There is no $-penalty for separate shipments for one order due to item-availability
                  differences, so advises us to "avoid delays by placing separate orders
                  for items with different availability designations."
    Return Policy - 30 days for unopened or defective media
    Special Features:  Priority Mail is Standard for shipping.   Especially good pricing.
        Good service.  Drawback is they carry less stock than some others.

Amazon-US  (Classical Music Page)
    Advanced Classical-Music-Search-Box
    New and notable classical-music releases
    Browse Early Music
    Help Desk (Menu of info on all rates/policies -- example pages below too)
    Sales Tax: "Sales tax is charged only on orders sent within the state of Washington"
    Charges - Credit cards are charged when items are shipped.
        International Shipping
        To U.S. -  Standard: About 3-7 business days
                       Approximately $2 per shipment for CDs or DVDs
                       Approximately $3.50 per shipment for books or VHS-videos
                          +  $.99 for each item
                          +  $2.95 for each book or VHS-video
        Note: Waiting until the entire order is ready before shipping minimizes shipping cost.
                 Shipping the items ordered as they become available involves extra shipping costs.
    Returns Policy - Can return books and unopened media within 30 days
    Shopping Cart: Saved items remain for 90 days.
    Video Formats: NTSC only. DVDs are Region 1, No.America-coded.
    Special Features:  Excellent service.   Reviews and user feedback
        Their Classical Music Reviewers appear to be independent.

    I don't affiliate with them but they have excellent deals for cut-outs, etc.
    Don't miss Crotchet's Bin Ends deals though
        International Shipping, Yes
        To U.S. -  Standard: (Often several weeks)
                       $5.00 for the 1st disc, book or cassette + 10 cents for each additional disc,
                       book, or cassette
        Note 1: "Please note that a "+" at the end of a description means that those items
                       are not for export and can be sold only in the USA."
        Note 2: "...please check the price and the number of discs in the set" (shipping charges).
        Note 3: "Please specify as many alternate choices as possible or request a refund
                        if any of your choices are sold out."
    Returns Policy - They don't say, but these are low-cost, often out-of-print items.
    Special Features: You can order by phone, at 1-800-992-1200, credit cards only.

Borders  (Classical Music Page - though mainly Bocelli and Church)
    Music-Keyword Search
    New Classical Music releases
    Help Desk (Menu of info on all rates/policies -- example pages below too)
    Sales Tax: wherever Borders has operations - currently only Michigan and Tennessee
    Charges - Couldn't find statement re when cards are charged.
    Shipping options
        International shipping
        To U.S. -  3 to 7 days
                       $3.00 for each order, $0.99 for each item
        Note: On varying availability of ordered items, each is shipped separately but
                 the per-order fee is assessed only one time, with per-item fees applied as usual.
    Cancelling or changing an order
    Returns Policy - May return books or unopened music/video items within 30 days, w/ conditions.
    Special Features: Noting Out of print titles: Separate lists of titles currently unavailable

BUY.Com   The Main Page
    Classical Music Search Page
    Classical Page
    Help Desk Menu     More FAQs - answers
    Sales Tax - charged for orders shipped to California, Tennessee, Indiana and Massachusetts.
`         Credit is given government institutions upon request.
    Charges - Billed when products, including backordered or preordered items, are actually shipped.
    Shipping Policy
        International Shipping
        Ships only to U.S., but has web sites in Canada, the U.K., and Australia.
        To U.S. -  3-10 business days
                       Approximately $2 for each order + $0.95 for each CD, DVD, or Audiocassette
                       Approximately $3.25 for each order + $0.95 for each VHS-Video, game, or book
        Note: With different stock availability, "each item will ship as soon as it's ready.
                 The additional items will still be charged the 'additional items' rate
                 even if they ship separately."
    Returns Policy - 30 days refund or replacement, for unopened or defective media.
        Exception: Clearance items have a 14-day deadline and must be defective.
    Special Feature:  Low Price Guarantee - "If you buy something from, then find a
        lower price at any internet store, including ours, within 24 hours of placing your order,
        we will gladly refund the difference."  This applies to items immediately available at stores
        that are authorized to sell them and are not membership clubs/stores and where
        a special coupon is not used.   Very good pricing.

CDNow  (Classical Music Page)
    Advanced Classical-Music-Search-Box
    New Classical Music releases
    Help Desk (Menu of info on all rates/policies -- example pages below too)
    Sales Tax: Applicable taxes are charged for shipments to California, Florida, New York,
        Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as some APO and FPO addresses.
    Charges - "Your card will not be charged until your order is shipped."
        International Shipping
        To U.S. -  a few days to 2 weeks
                       $2.99 for first U.S. music title, $0.99 for each additional one.
                        Import titles are likely to cost more.
                             Also, "If your order contains only DVDs or only VHS and Laser Discs,
                         shipping and handling for the continental U.S. is $4.95,
                         no matter how many videos are included in your order. Orders that contain
                         both DVD and VHS or Laser Disc will incur an additional shipping charge,
                         since they are shipped from different warehouses."
        Note: Billing of "items in a multi-CD box set" is "based on the price of the unit.
                 Music videos, DVDs and T-shirts may count as 2 or 3 items each.
                 The total will be shown you before you confirm the purchase.
    How to cancel all or part of an order
    How to add to an existing order
    Returns Policy - "May return any unopened item, except vinyl recordings,
        within 30 days of delivery for a full refund...(minus shipping and handling charges)."
        They also offer to replace any shipment-damaged jewel box or cassette case.
    Video Formats: NTSC only. DVDs are Region 1, No.America.  FAQ included on page.
    Special Features: Fast-Forward Rewards - Credits for purchases. Coupons offered.
    Special Note: - CDNow was recently saved from financial disaster and, while its service
        gets good marks, it was having trouble getting product. Things seem improved for now.

CD Paradise is on the European page. Click on the link to get there.

Crotchet - UK (Classical Music Page) - UK company with U.S. servers
    Classical Music Search-Box
        Searching by last name only, works best here.
    Browse recent classical music releases by record label or type of music
    Baroque and Early Music
    Bin Ends (Closeouts) - Great deals here.
    General Crotchet FAQ (Help Menu)
    Shipping Costs
        To U.S. -  5-7 days Value-AddedTax Removed
                       Approximately $3 for first item and $2.25 for subsequent ones.

MyMusic, in Canada  (Classical-Music Search Page)
    This is an unusual one. To get an artist's recordings you need to put in the last name only, or
        the last name followed by a comma, a space, and then the first name ( kempf, freddy ) .
        This will avoid mixing in the kempff CDs when looking for "Kempf' without the first name.
    Help Desk Menu     Q&A - FAQ
    Sales Tax - None for U.S. residents. Canadians are charged applicable taxes
    Charges - Will not bill until they actually ship the order.
    Shipping Policy - Economy option detailed, *but the standard default is higher*.
        International Shipping
        To U.S. -  4-14 business days
                       $2.99 for one disc, $3.99 for two discs, and $4.97 for 3 or more discs
        Note: If an item is out of stock, they'll send the rest of the order without any extra
                 shipping costs above what was authorized.
    Returns Policy - 45 days exchange/return for defective media and for other reasons.
    Special Feature:  Lowest prices, with no sales tax.   Carries CDs hard to find in the U.S.
        Excellent service.   Downside:  Availability is not displayed upfront.

Tower Records  (Classical Music Page)
    Advanced Classical-Music-Search-Box
    New Classical-Music Releases
    Help Desk (Menu of info on all rates/policies -- example pages below too)
    Sales Tax: "Orders shipped to a California address will be subject to 7.75% sales tax."
    Charges - I can't find an asurance that credit cards aren't charged until items are shipped. Anyone?
        International Shipping
        To U.S. -  Standard: "several business days"
                       $2.99 for one item, $3.95 for 2-3 items, and $4.95 for 4 or more items
        Note 1: "Orders of $100.00 or more will be shipped via FedEx..."  (I assume at Tower's cost.)
        Note 2: Added orders on same day: "...all Express Checkout orders going to the same address,
                      placed within 30-minutes of each other, will be shipped as a single order."
        Note 3: Advance Orders mixed with others will hold up your order.
        Note 4: Backorders may be sent separately, at no extra cost.
    Returns Policy - Can return "any part of an order within 30 days of receipt" within reason
        U.S. online customers can return domestic titles to Tower Records retail stores.
    Video Formats: NTSC only. DVDs are Region 1, No.America-coded.
    Special Features: Liberal return and easier cancellation procedures:
        "A request to cancel all or part of an order is best submitted to us directly by phone
        during customer service business hours. Ph: 1-800-369-8693 Mon-Fri 7AM-Midnight PDT.
        For express cancellations, see Express Order Cancellation Help

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