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Rates, Policies, Shipping, Tax for Various Online Stores

From: Andrys' Classical Music - Europe: Searchbox Page                   Also try the North American Vendors FAQ.

Note:  Shipping policy summaries are for standard-shipping option.

Amazon-UK (Classical Music Page)
    Advanced Classical-Music-SearchPage
    New Classical Releases
    Help Desk (Menu of info on all rates/policies -- example pages below too)
    Shipping Policy (Standard)
        To U.S. -  About 5-7 working days
                       Approximately $4 per shipment
                          +  $0.63 for each CD or DVD
                          +  $2.95 for each book or VHS-video (PAL only)
    VAT (Value-Added Tax - for Britain, and info for non-UK folks
    VIDEO (VHS) Format (PAL only)
    DVD format (They sell Region 2, and any Region All)

Amazon-Germany   (Classical Music Page)     See Translation Box below.

    Advanced Classical-Music-searchbox
    Early Music
    Help Desk Menu
    Help Desk Menu *IN ENGLISH*
    Shipping Policy (Standard)
        To U.S. -  7-21 working days
                       Approximately $13 for each order + $0.87 for each CD
                            (+ $2.20 for each video or book)
                            Multi-CD sets tend to be counted as one CD
    Credit Card
    Returns Policy

CD Paradise / WHSmith Online   (This link is the Search Page.)
    Help Pages
    Postage and Parking (Changed effective 10/26/00)
        International Shipping - Yes
        To U.S. -  (Air only): 6-10 days
                       Approximately $3.60 per each order of CDs or music cassettes
                          +  $0.65 U.S. for each item
                       Approximately $4.28 per order for all other products, including books
                          +  $.2.83 for each of this type of item (non-CDs/cassettes)
                       Mixed Orders: "the higher Parcel Price will apply."
    Credit Card charges - Secure-type but no statement as to when a card is charged,
        and their disclaimer makes no guarantees. They, however, answer e-mail inquiries quickly.
    Canceling orders - Yes, before invoicing or shipment is made
    Returns Policy - 45 days, under certain conditions

Crotchet - UK (Classical Music Page)
    Classical Music Search-Box
        Searching by last name only, works best here.
    Browse recent classical music releases by record label or type of music
    Baroque and Early Music
    Bin Ends (Closeouts) - Great deals here.
    General Crotchet FAQ (Help Menu)
    Shipping Costs
        To U.S. -  5-7 days Value-AddedTax Removed
                       Approximately $3 for first item and $2.25 for subsequent ones.

JPC (Germany)   (Main Page with 5 language-options)     Also see Translation Box below.
    Classical Search-page
    Classical main-page
    Their current special offers in classical (unusually good deals, often)
    Shipping/Return Policies for Non-European Union   ( for European Union )
        To U.S. -  usually shipped within 2 weeks after the order
                       Approximately $24 U.S. flat rate per order -- best to use this for larger orders.
    Contacting them (in English)

Zweitausendeins (Germany)    (Main Page)     See Translation Box below.
    Main Page in English   German   French   Netherlands
    Search - General
        ENGLISH version of Search - General
    Browse, with option to choose "Klassik"
        ENGLISH version of Browse offerings, with option to choose "Classical period"
    For supply questions
        Reasonable shipping costs are given via e-mail when unclear on the order page.
    General Contact-Page
        For English, put " " into the Translator box below.
          But here are the English results for the Contact page, from Alta Vista.
    Alternate manual-order page - though they have the usual automated one via links.
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          But here are the English results for the Order page, from Alta Vista.
        And, in English, via AltaVista, the Policies page.

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